In the second episode we will follow some of the crop circle researchers during the summer months, and explore what’s going on out in the fields. The rolling landscape of Wiltshire makes it a very beautiful and enigmatic place to be, especially at this time of year when the colorful crop fields are maturing. In this episode, you will get to see and feel just what can happen during a crop circle season. It’s very exciting.

Today people from all around the world travel to Wiltshire to explore the crop circle mystery, but with numbers running into the thousands, this regularly causes many problems for farmers trying to work the land.

The crop circle phenomenon often coincides with some of the ancient festivals that are still celebrated in England, and we join the party. In this episode we go night watching on the eve of the summer solstice, in the hope of finding a freshly made crop circle. The next morning, at first light, we are delighted to discover a huge double Yin/Yang design that definitely wasn’t there at sundown the previous evening! Once again we are delighted to be the first few people to enter this formation and capture the electrifying atmosphere on film.

Video Language: English