Where Are the POWs? & Did Jesus Walk the Earth?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep3444 mins2002

The numbers of American MIAs and POWs are staggering: 78,750 in WWII, more than 8,500 in Korea, more than 2,000 in Southeast Asia, hundreds from the Cold War. Is it possible that some of these men survive - even now? The official U.S. government policy is that there is no credible evidence of POWs still alive. Is it possible that America's armed forces deliberately left fellow servicemen behind? Why would they do this?

Jesus Christ is at the center of the worldwide Christian faith. Why is it that critics and skeptics try to demonstrate that Jesus never even existed? Is there any historical, archaeological, or scientific confirmation that Jesus did in fact live and grow to manhood in the obscure Judean village of Nazareth? The astonishing evidence for the life of Christ is explored in the light of recent discoveries.

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