Which Mountain Is the Real Mt. Sinai? & How Old Is the Human Race?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep3344 mins2002

On September 19, 1992, two German mountain hikers saw part of a human corpse sticking up out of the icy snow. Little did they know they had discovered the body of a stone age man who, 5000 years after his death, would rewrite history. Who was this ancient Ice Man? How has the discovery of his body affected the search for answers to the age old questions; how old is the human race? Ice Man tells us more in his well-preserved death than all the fossilized bones of early man in museums around the world.

Two of the world's great religions, Christianity and Judaism, base many of their most important beliefs on declarations to Moses atop Mt. Sinai. Why is it then that nobody seems to know exactly where Mt. Sinai is located? Is there an actual mountain that holds the secrets of God's direct interaction with man? And why has the Saudi Arabian government erected a guard house manned by armed guards, a chain-link fence and closed down all geological and archaeological studies of a mountain in the ancient land of Midian called Jabel Al Lawz? Is this the real Mt. Sinai?

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