In a While, Crocodile

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep1124 mins2002

Monty the dwarf crocodile isn’t eating. No one knows exactly why, but reptile expert Andrew Lentini knows the best way to stimulate his appetite is to force feed him. In order to get a full Monty, though, Andrew and his team will have to get Monty onto a board and restrain him.

Much of a zookeeper’s job involves back-breaking labor – shoveling, lifting, and hauling. The payoff comes when you get to sit back and watch the animals play. With the orangutans, it’s a family experience, with mom, dad and siblings teaching the youngest how to enjoy the toys put out for them.

Luisa has been training Rama at a breakneck pace. Today, it’s time to find out if the training has paid off.

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