Who Really Killed President Lincoln? & Did the Jericho Walls Tumble Down?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep3241 mins2002

Most Americans agree that John Wilkes Booth fired the bullet that killed President Abraham Lincoln during a play at Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865. But that is where the agreement ends. For years historians have been troubled by the facts surrounding Lincoln's assassination. New evidence suggests the wrong people were put on trial and hanged for this murderous act. Learn who was really behind the Lincoln assassination.

There was a walled city located in a vast grove of palm trees in ancient Canaan. It was also the city that blocked the Israelites' conquest of Canaan. But before they could get to the city of Jericho, they had to find a way to cross the Jordan River. Did the Jordan River really stop flowing at the approach of the Israelite army? And if it did, how could a rag tag army of farmers, shepherds, and vagabonds conquer the greatest fortress city of its time? Is it possible that a mighty blast of trumpets brought down 15-foot thick brick walls? The Bible tells a story of intrigue and unwavering faith. But what is the story told by archaeological investigations?

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