Who Says Cheetahs Never Win?

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep124 mins2002

Concerned about lumps in her abdomen and reports of sluggishness from the world’s fastest, Dr. Graham Crawshaw decides to operate on Kay the cheetah. He and his staff discover undigested bones blocking her intestines. They remove a two-foot long section as her life hangs in the balance.

Eager to reunite gorilla baby Johari with her troop, keeper Vanessa first tests mother Josephine’s willingness to keep watch over her. Johari was removed from her mom for lack of breast milk. It’s been eight months, but until the two apes show signs of bonding, she won’t rejoin her family. And that increases the chances they won’t accept her.

Wewak has been at the Toronto Zoo for 12 years. But last year, his mate Emma died, and there’s a new female waiting for him in Seattle.

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