Will the Hospital Cure You or Kill You? & Has the Holy Grail Been Found?

Encounters with the Unexplained
S1:Ep4044 mins2002

People are dying, by the tens of thousands every year in the one place you thought you could go to be saved - The Hospital! According to the Journal of American Medicine the death rate from medical mistakes is equivalent to 3 Jumbo Jet crashes every 2 days. A report out of Chicago, Illinois blames adverse reactions to prescription and even over-the-counter drugs, for the death of a hundred thousand Americans and injury to another 2.1 million - ANNUALLY. Why are these incidents kept secret?

In this episode we learn about the insignificant peasant's cup that sent the Knights of the Crusades charging across Europe, Britain and the Holy Land in a quest for the mystical power of the Holy Grail. Great nations, powerful religions and simple peasants have all joined the search, yet after 2000 years of searching no one has, yet, found the Holy Grail - or have they? Has the Holy Grail actually been found?

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