Windmills, Orangutans, Arctic Ice Cap

Green Matters
S1:Ep922 mins2007Guest: Abbe Holmes

For 6 centuries, the Dutch have used windmills to power pumps that drain the land. Showing its stuff at a Norfolk race track is the prototype of a racing car that runs on biodiesel. From household appliances to bicycles and old furniture, Taiwan’s recycling plant devours almost anything. Writer Manny Howard designed and constructed a mini-farm on his urban lot in Brooklyn, New York. The rare birth of a baby orangutan in an animal sanctuary is hardly enough to stem the tide of a rapidly declining population. An information technology corporation considers its software development center to be India’s greenest building to date. Trashy dressing took on a whole new meaning with a fashion show in Cambodia. Will a historic expedition to the North Pole to take accurate measurement of the ice cap also serve as a wake-up call to world leaders.

Featuring: Abbe Holmes
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