The Wings of the Sea

Sea Legends
S1:Ep525 minsGuest: Allan Wenger

In an arid region of southwestern Madagascar lies the village of Tsiandam. It is home to the people known as the Vez who have a special relationship with the sharks of their lagoon. An ancient legend binds them to respect the balance of the shark population with the needs of the people. The sharks must not be eliminated if the village is to survive.

Today, we join Jean-Louis, one of the village’s best fishermen, as he undertakes a two-day travel to a fishing camp. This camp faces an opening in the coral reef where he can spread his nets in hopes of catching a shark. It is a perilous task, facing the dangers of high waves that can destroy his boat, or strong currents that can steal his net. With a storm approaching, Jean-Louis must quickly be successful in his endeavor if he is to feed his village.

Featuring: Allan Wenger
Video Language: English