Wisdom Warriors: Heart Fire

Desiree Rumbaugh
HathaLevel 136 mins

Join Desiree Rumbaugh as you discover the amount of strength neccessary to open up your stiff places and strengthen the weaker ones so we can enjoy all that yoga has to offer.This sequence is very different from a typical yoga class. In fact it may not resemble yoga at all. It will, however, give you new ideas and creative techniques to strengthen your body, open your heart and prepare yourself for backbends. Especially beneficial for Wisdom Warriors, these exercises will be helpful for just about anyone's practice. Anytime we are completely mindful and present we are doing yoga. Connect with your spirit in a playful way with this group of lighthearted Wisdom Warriors.Feel free to add savasana, as there is none at the end of this practice.Featuring music by Zamir Dhanji