Wolves on the Howl

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2224 mins2002

This morning has brought bad news for the zoo’s biggest bat lover, Dianne Devison: a fruit bat with a broken wing. Fixing it is a long shot. It’s painstaking work, with a very difficult recovery to follow. But vet resident Rolf Arne is going to try and improvise a complicated splint for this tiny flying mammal.

The wolves have been separated overnight. The females are still licking their wounds from yesterday’s spaying. It’s time to reunite the pack, but the dynamics are tricky. Will Alvar, the dominant male, accept the females after such a long separation?

Jabba the mandrill is the first animal Ali Vella has trained at the zoo. She’s trying to teach him to put his head against the cage for examination.

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