Wrestling with Reindeer

Zoo Diaries
S4:Ep2324 mins2002

It’s time to find out why Punda the zebra stallion is on the limp. The vets’ fear ligament damage or the onset of arthritis. Their hope is that it's just a small stone stuck in his hoof. But they won’t know until they knock him out with a powerful anesthetic.

Shalia, the zoo’s youngest gorilla, has a cough that’s making her lose sleep. Heidi, one of the gorilla keepers, has been up nights, too, trying to figure out a way for the eight-month-old ape to take her medicine. Today, she’ll sneak the cough syrup into a banana, then try to sneak the banana past Shalia’s hungry mother, Sam.

The vets need to check a sore on Cupe the reindeer’s back. It’s not worth anesthetizing her, so that leaves keeper Steve Unwin to catch and hold the reindeer. It’s a lot more delicate than it looks.

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