A Year To Live (Stephen Levine & Ondrea Levine)

Omega with Penny Price
S1:Ep2023 mins1998Guest: Stephen Levine, Ondrea Levine

Take a life experiment: What if you don't wait until the last year of your life to practice living with the fullness, gratitude and surrender, the accomplishment, service and completion, that gives your life meaning? Learn the power of the open heart, and that love is the only rational act of a lifetime.

Stephen Levine, author of A Year to Live, takes us through an in-depth look at the process of living and dying. Ondrea Levine illuminates the extraordinary life changes that one embraces after knowing when one will die. Working with terminally ill patients for over twenty-five years, they saw the remarkable transformations that can happen in the last year of one's life.

Take advantage of this wisdom and bring your own heart more into this year of your life, as if it were the only one that mattered.

Instructor/Host: Penny Price
Featuring: Stephen Levine, Ondrea Levine
Video Language: English