The Yin-Side of Letting Go

Bernie Clark
YinAll Levels-1, 21 hr

Bernie Clark offers an insightful yin yoga practice that provides space and time to let go of tension: physically, emotionally and psychologically. By relaxing into these yin poses for several minutes at a time, this class brings to light the value in finding stillness, in the body as well as the mind. Suited for all levels, this practice will leave you feeling open in your hips, side body, and more important, peaceful in your mind. The real beauty in this practice lies in Bernie's delivery of poignant, metaphorical stories, weaved into the sequence.

Contraindications: Students with lower back disorders should check with their doctors to make sure that they will be able to do flexion, twists and extension of the spine. Students with hip replacements should make sure that they do not adduct the legs or internally rotate the hips (avoid the Twisted Roots pose).

Props: Sitting cushion and block or bolster