Your Body's FrameWork

1 hr, 17 mins2006

In Your Body’s FrameWork, Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, provides the first medically proven fitness program designed to help prevent the #1 reason for doctor visits in the U.S. – bone and joint problems. Fitness can’t be just about a healthy heart of looking good in a swimsuit. After all, low cholesterol and a flat stomach won’t get you very far if back or neck problems – or a worn out knee or shoulder – keep tripping you up. This first-of-its-kind program is designed to ensure you go the distance, with durability to match the muscle tone and conditioning we all want.

The FrameWork program teaches you how to pay attention to what your body is telling you about the exercise dosage it needs – when it needs to move, when it needs to rest, what it needs for fuel and when it is being challenged by a special problem, whether that problem is a heel spur, a bum knee, or stress on the job.

FrameWork offers a step-by-step program for healthy muscles, bones and joints which starts with the basics of how your frame works and then moves through the most common myths about exercise and fitness which cause problems throughout life.