Zambezi – The Mighty River

Gift of the Rains: Africa’s Great Rivers
S1:Ep226 mins2001

Africa’s landscape is sculpted by some formidable rivers and the Zambezi is one of the continent’s mightiest. It is a river to which man has attributed a spirit of its own. Its course is marked by the Victoria Falls – one of the natural wonders of the world – as well as two dams, of which Kariba is as large as the country of Wales.

But the heart of this formidable river lies in the Zambezi Valley, a wild area protected from civilization by tsetse fly infestation and the creation of two national parks that stretch into two countries. Through rain and drought, from summer to winter, the animals of the Zambezi Valley find refuge along this section of the river as well as a guaranteed source of food and water. But these waters harbor dangers too. Crocodiles are always on the alert for prey and beneath the surface tigerfish, like the crocodiles, are accomplished hunters.

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