Zuri Goes to the Airport

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep824 mins2002

Today’s the day Zuri is shipped off to Calgary to be introduced to her new family. The four-year-old gorilla has etched a place for herself in the hearts of all the keepers who got to know her, especially Vanessa. After a teary farewell she is off to the airport. At the Airport she makes new friends among the flight crew who come to visit her on the tarmac.

Claydon Mitchell is a native elder and a member of the bear clan. Years ago his teacher told him it was his job to feed the bears and say prayers over them every spring and fall. Now he comes to the zoo twice every year to feed honey to the grizzly bears and to sing and pray with them. Today he brings his son along to learn how to perform the semi-annual rites.

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