December 2015 Horoscope

Hello Everyone,

December heralds a finale for some and a chance to start anew for others. Closing out the year can be hard especially for those that feel that they have not accomplished much in 2015. If you feel unaccomplished, stop beating yourself up for what has passed and start looking into ways to progress. You have the potential to rise above anything negative. We all have our own journey in life and cannot let evil outweigh righteousness. Despite any adversity you must remain centered in faith. Finish this year off with a sense of awareness. Acknowledge that you are an important part of this earth. You are needed here at this time and place - that is one of the reasons you are reading these words. Feed your spiritual side and let go of any resentments. They cannot have any room in your being anymore. I wish everyone a lovely month that is filled with lots of healing. I also send my gratitude to each and every one of you because I know that you are part of the light of the world!

Serene Blessings, Shirley


March 21 -- April 19

Anticipate a month full of splendid energy Aries! The last quarter moon on the 3rd marks a change in image. Now would be the ideal time to tend to your hair, wardrobe and/or overall appearance. Any modification you make from now until the end of the year will guarantee a boost in personality. The new moon on the 11th brings important conversations about the future. It will be to your benefit to follow advice. The advice can be given to you in a conversation or simply by you reading something online. The last quarter moon on the 18th focuses on health. If you or a loved one is having issues then tend to them right away. Also start a spiritual routine in which you implement prayer and gratitude for your life. The full moon on the 25th brings joy. Friends and family reach out to express love. Some Aries may feel lonely around this time because they miss their loved ones or wish things were different with certain people but this soon passes. This moon also shows that those in relationships will communicate better, while single Aries have chances of connecting with someone in the workplace.

Your affirmation for this month is "I am grateful and taking life one day at a time."


April 20 -- May 20

You have different people in your atmosphere and this has produced an emergence of positivity with you, Taurus. This shows to be a good thing because others notice and are drawn to you for it. December continues to bring great conversations, laughter and romance. The new moon on the 11th pushes your boundaries in matters of the heart. Romance runs high all month long. Single Taurus's have seriously been thinking about dating or taking someone serious and now is the perfect time to follow these feelings. Those in relationships will create a bond that can last a lifetime. The last quarter moon on the 18th shifts attention to finances. Keep the gifts within a reasonable budget. Do not overspend this holiday season. Consider gifting something that exceeds monetary limits like your love, time and devotion. After the 28th make phone calls. Speak to loved ones that are not near you and catch up on how they've been doing. You may be surprised by what they reveal.

Your affirmation for this month is "I walk with confidence."


May 21 -- June 20

December greets you with the clarity you need to move forward Gemini. The last quarter moon on the 3rd brings mixed news about your finances. It's like one minute you have money and the next minute you don't. If you need help with understanding your income of financial situation then seek professional help. And if you already have legal counsel then consider looking into an alternative solution. Something may be off with some paperwork and there is nothing wrong with following up. The new moon on the 11th brings home decor. Rearrange your living space and use feng shui to help with the positive flow of energies. The last quarter moon on the 18th brings revelation for Gemini's in relationships. Don't let others interfere with your lover(s) and deal with any disputes asap. Single Gemini's have many admires. One in particular waits patiently for you to make a move. Keep your options open and consider an outing with them. The full moon on the 25th brings slight sadness for Gemini. This passes but for some reason many times you think a lot about the past. Brush it off and keep it moving.

Your affirmation for this month is "I am filled with the abundance I seek."


June 21 -- July 22

Breathe a sigh of relief, Cancer. December welcomes much needed changes. It starts with the last quarter moon on the 3rd blessing your mind. Wisdom captures your essence and this in turn helps shed peace on what's in store for your future. The new moon on the 11th notices the changes you have made within your home and continues to shift things around to accommodate blessings. This moon also highlights social activities. Friends and/or loved ones want your presence and will reach out determined to have it. You bring a quality of mystery and people like that about you so make plans with them whenever possible, you won't regret it. Pluto transit show that those employed at times find it hard to deal with co-workers but this passes almost immediately. Pluto also shows an increase in opportunity to make money but only if you are a positive Cancer. After the 17th those in relationships celebrate. This is the time to communicate what's been on your mind for quite some time. Single Cancers have increased chances of finding romance via friends. The full moon on the 25th has loving Cancer energy and this ignites feeling of gratitude. Life is good.

Your affirmation for this month is "I rejoice in knowing that all good things come to those who wait."


July 23 -- August 22

Communication is key and especially in this month of December, Leo. Get heavy feelings off your chest despite of what others may think. You have a tender soul and must move forward in life so surrender by choosing to leave resentments behind. The new moon on the 11th brings togetherness. You love family time and receive joy at gatherings so why not plan something special for the holidays. Surprise your loved ones with your cooking, creativity and/or your presence. They admire your personality even though at times they may not show it. The last quarter moon on the 18th brings health matters to attention. Listen to your body especially with those discomforts you've been denying yourself. Watch your food intake until you get the proper check up from a health care professional. The full moon on the 25th shows single Leos reaching out to past love interests. This is good but only because you may not be ready to settle down. Those in relationships have minor conflicts with schedules and/or finances. Remember the importance of communication and this month will truly be prosperous.

Your affirmation for this month is "I express my love in healthy ways."


August 23 -- September 22

December brings discipline, Virgo. The 1st quarter moon on the 3rd shows working on a tight budget. Either this is something you're doing purposely or you pretty much find yourself struggling. If you fall on the side that is struggling then you have not yet learned how to manage your finances properly. Discipline yourself as of now so that you will not finish off the year without a dime. The new moon on the 11th brings romance. Single Virgos should continue to talk and/or date potential prospects. Take your time with love. Those in relationships express love freely and will finish off the year with harmony. Virgos looking for employment and/or extra income should look into something that involves driving, hospitality and/or cleaning. Don't commit to anything that is more than a couple of hours because it will conflict with home life. And speaking about home life the new moon on the 25th shows love at home. Children, siblings or close friends appreciate you and will show love in different ways.

Your affirmation for this month is "I am willing to free myself from toxic situations."


September 23 -- October 22

Libra, when life seems hard we forget that laughter is the best medicine. The last quarter moon on the 3rd acknowledges your willingness to change and helps you with the clarity that you need to move forward. You've matured over time and your perspective about yourself has changed for the better. The new moon on the 11th shows single Libras connecting with an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and this helps set balance to emotions. Those in relationships continue on a quest for transformation. Start with telling your love bug how you really feel in comfortable and uncomfortable situations. If you want this romance to last you must open up. In other words be the change you want to see. The 1st quarter moon on the 18th brings music and different types of healing rhythms that will heal your soul. This moon also brings hobbies. If you are a weapon, hunting, fishing or animal enthusiast it will be a good time to meet up in groups to discuss the winter season. The full moon on the 25th shows lots of chatter. Talk, laugh and live your life to the fullest.

Your affirmation for this month is "I revitalize my thoughts with things that make me happy."


October 23 -- November 21

The change you've been waiting for is closer than you think, Scorpio. December embraces the power of patience and if you are a positive Scorpio you will reap its rewards. The last quarter moon on the 3rd shows single Scorpios connecting with admirers during gatherings. It may not be planned but worth remembering nonetheless. Those in relationships should notice what their partners are and aren't saying. If verbal face-to-face communication is out of your comfort zone then try using singing, writing and/or a recording. This will help boost romance. The new moon on the 11th ventures into your travel sectors. Meeting those of a different culture, location and gender will prove beneficial for your mental sector. You love a good conversation so don't be afraid to talk to people out of your norm. After the 19th, your finances change. This can be due to an unexpected expense or a windfall. Either way, make wise decisions. The full moon on the 25th can announce an addition to the immediate and/or distant family; welcome it with a smile.

Your affirmation for this month is "I wait patiently for an omen to help show my next step."


November 22 -- December 21

December pushes the need for grounding yourself, Sagittarius. Saturn energy on the 5th helps you connect with nature so that her energy can vibrate through your being and set stability. The change is subtle but many Sagittarius's will show transformation. The new moon on the 11th brings creativity. Those looking to expressing themselves will have an easier time. Musicians, artists, healers and financial planners will have great insight into how they can proceed onto a prosperous path. Single Sagittarius's continue on a quest for love. You have lover(s) that you can fall back on but what is the use if in the end, you are lonely. If you are not happy with being single then work on yourself so that you can attract the right person. Those in relationships rekindle love. Practice compromise so that you and your partner(s) can keep eternal romance alive. After the 17th Saint Lazarus acknowledges a need for help with any addiction issues. The full moon on the 25th reminds you that you are loved and appreciated.

Your affirmation for this month is "My ancestors guide me to the right people at the right time. I am truly blessed."


December 22 -- January 19

Temptation can manifest in many forms, Capricorn. Some may be good while others just lead to hurtful situations. The last quarter moon on the 3rd points out the need to respect. Show devotion for those you truly love despite what you receive. You will never regret choosing love. The new moon on the 11th with Neptune energy on the 12th creates a loving atmosphere for single Capricorns. Speak up if you are interested in someone new. Chances are they will feel attracted to your declaration of admiration for them. Those in relationships should discuss or make plans for what you would like to improve before the year ends. The last quarter moon on the 18th pushes health. It can't always be pasta, fast food or bread, Capricorn: you must add natural fruit, vitamins and greens to your personal menu. The full moon on the 25th shows stress for those employed. When you feel frustrated, breathe or just simply walk away to the bathroom for a few minutes. When you come back you will have the clarity you need to finish the task. This time also shows the need to call family members. Connect with your loved ones for the holidays.

Your affirmation for this month is "I push myself to progress in healthy ways."


January 20 -- February 18

Your month of togetherness has arrived, Aquarius. You like to have those you love close to you yet at a distance. Some understand this while others may feel resentment. Handle this by accommodating others the best you can. The last quarter moon on the 3rd brings brief drama. You've matured greatly so will handle this turbulence with ease. Others will have no alternative but to feel admiration for the new you. After the 9th review pending paperwork. Look over appointments, lawsuits, court issued documents, leases and/or contracts just to make sure everything is in order. The new moon on the 11th brings single Aquarius's a change in image. Forget about those from the past and focus on newcomers. Those in relationships should look for ways to get creative. Express your love with cooking, writing and/or pictures. Spice up that love flow. The new moon on the 25th with loving zodiac Cancer energy brings that family home life you crave. Your family has not limits and consists of neighbors, friends, pets, plants and relatives.

Your affirmation for this month is "I am a universal friend."


February 19 -- March 20

December pushes you to cleanse your atmosphere before the end of the year. This includes physical objects that hoard space within your home, Pisces. The last quarter moon on the 3rd shows images of loved ones and conversations. This can be literal for some but for others very spiritual. Take your time with everything you think, say and do because it could come off as being unnecessarily immature. The new moon on the 11th shows finances increasing then quickly decreasing. Don't overspend this holiday season. Control the urge to buy even if it is on sale. Have a percentage of your money stashed so that you won't start the year off without any dough. After the 17th make space for social time. You crave some fun and if you are single will have a chance to meet interesting people. Those in relationships enjoy each other's company and deep down know that they have a long term bond. The full moon on the 25th shows an active home life. If you are hosting loved ones have them contribute with any help you may need.

Your affirmation for this month is "I am confident that the best is yet to come and I am truly thankful in advance."

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