Gaia Launches iOS App

Want to take Gaia's inspiring, motivating, and cutting-edge content with you wherever you go? Thanks to valuable input from our members, there's now an app for that.

The new Gaia iPhone app is available for download today! Stream your favorite shows, yoga & meditation practices, and original programs on the go!

Our New App Includes:

Unlimited access to our amazing streaming library with 7,000+ titles including:

  • Yoga & Meditation Practices

  • Ground-Breaking Original Programs

  • Award Winning Films & Documentaries…and so much more!

  • Take your Zen with you. On-the-go access to your Gaia Playlist

  • Stream on the big screen. Use Chromecast or Airplay on your iPhone to bring the Gaia experience to your living room.

Download the Gaia iOS app now!

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gaiamearth101, posted on December 31, 2015

Hi, I love Gaia but the last month I have not been able to view anything via the iTunes Gaia app. On my iPhone as soon as I tap to log in, it disappears and when clicking the log in on the iPad, it too disappears. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

trance, posted on December 18, 2015

just curious if there is any chance we'll see an Android app (the other 83% of the market) from Gaia? love it on the desktop, laptop, (via Chrome), but on my Nexus smartphone, Samsung tablet, it's just no fun at all, and downloading episodes to view a little cumbersomely in Purpler player ... hurts a little. no issues with Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. granted, different animals, but, i'd prefer to have easier use of Gaia content.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on December 19, 2015

Thanks for writing! Yes, we will be relaunching our app for Android in March 2016,
See our website here:

1kevindish, posted on September 17, 2015

Thank you so much for providing this ability to watch/listen to your programming. I have began to use it to stream you original programming while I am at work.
The App for iphone works but so far it is difficult to navigate to the specific shows and some of the prompt windows buttons are not accessible by flipping the
phone on its side. Besides that I am grateful for the App and understand this is probably a Beta version and needs some of the bugs worked out :).

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 18, 2015

Thank you for your comments! We appreciate your feedback on the navigation, and our team will be adding more features to the app. :)


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