The Myth of Normal

Since when did "happy" become such a bad word? In our society, we’ve been sold the myth of "normal" — the false belief that somehow being average, normal and middle-of-the-road is what we should seek.

When I left my corporate job at 23, my dad was irritated, to say the least. "You don't do what you love ‘til you retire, Andrea," was his stern response.

"But Daddy, I'm not built like that."

Even at 23, I knew the daily grind was not where I could find peace, and it certainly wasn’t the place for a soulful creature to thrive. I defied the norm and left my career, and received a fair bit of judgment in doing so. Most people did not cheer on my plan to seize happiness; rather, fear and concern washed over their faces. "What will you do?" or "How will you survive?" were the most common cries.

How to reclaim your divine birthright of joy & raise your vibration. #ascension #secretsofthegods


Normal is a facade, a false range crafted by those who wish to keep us in line, to be good ‘lil consumers and not question the status quo. And it’s worked well for quite some time.

But now we find ourselves in a society rampant with depression, and a general malaise lingers amongst us in the West. Following the prescribed path to get an education, get a job, partner up, buy a house and work until 65 (or later!) has left us devoid of meaning, satisfaction and peace of mind.

In fact, most of us feel guilty for feeling stuck, and we believe ourselves to be alone — abnormal, even — in this experience of life. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and can unequivocally say there’s a lack of joy, passion and purpose that’s more common than rare. We live in a time when the word "happy" and the earnest quest for happiness is perceived as selfish. The bottom line?

Dissatisfaction is the overwhelming result of being normal.


The good news is easily within your grasp, beloved, for it’s time to reclaim our divine birthright. Joy! Ecstasy! Bliss! They’re all yours. They’re the reward for this human toil. And it’s not something to experience in bursts; it’s a state of being we can all hold, always.

Among the ancients, there are many teachings on why joy isn’t simply a noble goal, but rather, it’s the only reason for being.

The goddess Hathor reminds us that her gift — her divine bestowment on humanity — was pleasure. We left the stars to take human form. The experience of being human, the boon of this existence itself, is in receiving pleasure. In fact, the mystery schools remind us that the way to wholeness lies in our experience of joy! Hathor brought us song, dance, poetry and all earthly delights. This was the blessing of life, not a reward granted after a life of suffering.

From another tradition, Yeshua taught that the vibration of ecstasy was the vibration of the universe. The Magdalene Version shares that the soul longs for joy. The vibration of ecstasy is the vibration of true resonance — of home, of truth — within us. The purpose of descending into this third-density vibration is to gain an intense experience of pleasure. No angels or no galactic allies get the 3-D sensation of full-throttled joy the way we do. This is why we made the trip, darlin’. Far from selfish is the quest for joy, but it may also be the true purpose of life.

Joy, my love — radiant, tingly goose-bumped pleasure — is what we’re all meant to feel.


When we can attain this vibration, it induces a kundalini-like state. It’s in this frequency that we know ourselves as gods/goddesses and co-creators of our reality. We are not merely living on this planet, but creating it with each breath. The universe is alive, the universe is love, and YOU are informing her of every part, parcel and player in it.

When we achieve these states of blissful transcendence, we believe it to be something special, something elusive which we hope to attain again. However, the truth to this key of soul mastery is that it’s available to us all the time. Yeshua teaches that the attainment of this constant state is the greatest aim of the mystery school teachings, for it’s this heightened awareness that not only brings us joy but reminds us we are God.

In a world where we have been scolded from happy, we must exercise this muscle as any other to find ways to be truly happy, high-vibrational, and ecstatic always.


Gay Hendricks wrote The Big Leap, which shares ways to expand our pleasure receptors. We must un-train our brains to trigger guilt when we have too much joy. To do this is to overcome thousands of years of programming that’s told us adversity is a constant requirement of existence. That’s a mighty shift for our current generations!

So, beloved, I welcome you back to the reckless pursuit of joy! It’s in our hands to shift our own reality, and to build a design of our own choosing.

By reclaiming joy, pursuing passion and doing so without apology, we can be a beacon for others out of the muck of normal.

The ancients knew these secrets and left us bread crumbs for us to find our way back. Be wise, be brazenly blissful, and know that you are in the best of company.

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