Traveling Yogi: Finding Awe on the Road

Finding Awe, Resort Style

Tranquilizing waves and exquisite views describe the incredible experience of standing upon the early morning beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As a habitual practitioner of yoga, a four day, three night, free vacation provided by my dear boyfriend’s company was unquestionably welcomed; but also brought on the incriminating thought of four days and three nights with no structured yoga class!

A home practice is something that most of us strive to undertake, but with the bottomless laundry baskets, ringing phones, and animated children, the living room is not always an ideal practice environment.  Now add unlimited food, drinks, and friends at the pool, to the scene, and sacred practice time dissipates like a receding wave. To keep mind, body, and soul in tact, I resorted to taking advantage of the natural beauty that was surrounding me in the wee hours, between darkness and the blistering Mexican rays.

The result was some of the most breathtaking feelings experienced in my yoga history. The sight of a whale jumping in the distance, the pastel hues of the sunrise sky, and the waves gliding softly onto the beach brought an awareness and appreciation to my practice that I had yet to experience. Every time I inhaled my body up to tadasana, I had another sight or feeling to be grateful for.  The uneven surface of the dynamic sand forced my drishti (focus), and centered breathing to deepen to a point of full engrossment.

The original angst felt for a week of no practice resulted in the most awe-inspiring, astonishing and agreeable flow I have experienced. Traveling near and far, I am always trying new styles, classes and videos, but attending the yogaless resort was the best lesson yet, trusting myself.

Brookelynn is a new resident of Minneapolis, MN where she owns a beautiful studio, Girasole Yoga On Central. She is a lifelong student of yoga and guides Hyp-Yoga classes, a vinyasa and hypnotic meditation mix that positively influences mind, body and soul. Her mission is to fall in love with life everyday and she aims to share that view with all of her students and contacts. She believes that a transformation on the mat can transform the world.

For more info, questions or bookings, follow her on Twitter at @girasoleyoga or check out her website:

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Danahelios, posted on March 26, 2013

Thank you for sharing. I just recently had a very similar experience. I travel often w a private yacht as the massage therapist. It's a pleasant easy life but when I work its hard and I have to take care of myself as well. Luckily I have plenty of free time such as now. But I have many restrictions. So I started waking up at 5 using the elliptical machine shower then start my yoga on the bow. I watched the sun rise ten till 7 prettiest thing ever! The following day I slept in and the different feelings of the days were horrible. Now I know what to do! Oh and I saw whales as well for the first time! Wow! Namaste lovey

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