Waking Up to Higher Consciousness

Writer Maria Thomas interviews Belsebuub co-founder Angela Pritchard about some of the questions people have regarding consciousness, the vortex, and waking up to higher perspectives.

What is the difference between a synchronicity and a coincidence?

There are infinite numbers of interactions and events occurring around us continuously. From the minute crawling of an ant in the lawn, to the thoughts about others we’re transmitting and receiving telepathically and unknowingly, right up to the passing of our sun around the centre of the galaxy and beyond. Some of these events randomly coincide, like if you pull the lever of a poker machine enough you eventually line up the same images. It’s a matter of odds, and in a universe whose fabric is dictated by mathematics and geometrical patterns, coincidences are mathematically and statistically inevitable.

But our universe is far more than a machine of probability — it has a profound beauty and intelligence impossible to put down to chance. We’ve all had times where we’ve felt an unseen hand guiding us through our lives, like when we’ve had a pressing question about life and days later a friend, or even passing stranger, happens to mention something which leads us to an answer.

These synchronistic events have quite a different flavour as they offer us a glimpse of the handiwork of unseen spiritual intelligences that continuously affect our lives, and who work in higher dimensions of causation where the seeds of events are planted before they crystalize and eventually take shape here. That’s why dreams have been a source of premonitions all over the world for thousands of years, as they take place in the astral plane — a dimension higher than this one, and can therefore sometimes reveal life events giving us that slow-mo sense of déjà vu, where we say "hang on a minute, I’ve done this before…"

Both synchronicity and coincidence then give us valuable insights into the universal causes and mechanisms that affect our lives.

How do we wake people up?

When we talk about "waking people up" we need to firstly recognize that there are two types of sleep. The first is the sleep of information. When we are in this sleep, we are unaware of the truth behind the real workings of politics, the economic system, historical events etc.—and are living out our own little Truman false reality show. Waking people out of this illusion simply requires pulling back the curtain and getting the right kind of information out (i.e., the truth).

Then we have to confront the second type of sleep. Just look at all the ego between people awake in information—why haven’t we united and created a better world when there is already so many of us? The answer lies in the sleep of consciousness.

Now that we’ve seen the darkness, we need the one thing that can truly combat it — the light. And that light of consciousness is within each one of us smothered by our own inner darkness, subconscious, and ego.

We have the power to grow, develop, and transform this consciousness that our egos keep put down and suppressed. The next and most critical step, then, is waking up to the ego as the secret cause of what is holding us back, and providing the authentic and timeless tools for transcending consciousness — the awakening of consciousness. If we can’t break from the bondage of darkness within ourselves, we will never break the chains of dark bondage that have been thrown over us as a humanity.

What is "the vortex?"

Vortexes are one of the fundamental patterns of creation, but the popularized version of "the vortex" introduces the concept, put simply, of an energetic funnel linking us to our higher selves, which we step into when we feel good, and out of when we feel bad. However, there is something worth considering when reflecting on it.

Some of the times we’ve learnt the most in our lives — those defining moments, when we had to confront our fears, to overcome our anger, and to suffer humiliation — actually required us to endure the storm, rather than retreat from it, allowing us to extract the pearl of wisdom and the diamond of virtue that we don’t get when stay within the comfort zone of what makes us feel good.

If we’re just looking to feel good, then we’ll have a tendency to avoid the things that make us feel uneasy, ashamed, uncomfortable, and afraid, and they may be precisely the situations that have come to teach us. Additionally, what makes an unethical person feel good, can sometimes require making another person feel bad!

Instead, learning from our difficulties as the whole of nature has been designed for, requires stepping into quite a different vortex. It was called The Churning of the Milky Ocean by the ancient Hindu mystics. In this famous parable, the forces of light and darkness are pitted against one another in an epic tug of war of cosmic proportions — both in an effort to churn the ocean of existence and stir from its depths firstly the poison of the ego, next the spiritual treasures of consciousness, and finally the elixir of immortality.

The great vortex of churning swishes one way and then the other, symbolizing the struggle between light and darkness within. Just like in the story, it is the difficult events of life we confront daily that churn up our egos so that we can see, understand, and remove them to then get to the real treasures within like courage, wisdom, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness — those qualities we earn through meeting the sufferings of life and which belong to the spiritual.

As some of the greatest sages throughout history have taught, it’s through building these qualities of consciousness within that gradually puts us closer and closer in touch with our true Being each day.

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SunnyBay, posted on November 3, 2015

I've had this happen to me - when I needed an answer to a question about my health, and a co-worker out of the blue gave me the guidance that I needed, by relating to me a story that was pretty much exactly what I had been going through. There was no way of that person knowing what I had been thinking, but she said that she felt she really had to tell me that story... I was stunned because days earlier I had been praying for an answer on how to heal myself. It was definitely not a coincidence! And it really felt that this came directly from Above.

I've had dreams as well that contained everyday premonitions, which showed me how real the connection to the metaphysical world is..

So great to see an article about all of this tied together because it makes a lot of sense to me. Looking forward to more.

anitalago2, posted on August 22, 2015

Thanks Maria, for this great article. Belsebuub's profound spiritual teachings on awaking consciousness, astral projection, alchemy, etc., are very easy to understand and life transforming. It's great to see Angela and Mark Pritchard's work featured on Gaiam TV.

Also, I really enjoyed watching some of the programs that are linked to this article - thanks Gaiam TV!

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