Nico Luce

Nico Luce?s journey to find the meaning of life and his part within it took him to many corners of the world.

Now, Luce teaches Vinyasa, Pilates and Core, emphasizing on body alignment, breath work and cultivating a powerful, meditative practice. Inspired by his past experiences, his passion lies in challenging students to discover who they really are.

At the beginning of Nico Luce?s journey, he explored acting and writing, as well as backpacking, but even after all the exploring the answer to his questions could only be found inside of himself. He discovered the greatest tool to connect to his body and soul when he stepped into his yoga mat. Luce was more interested in the silence than the instruction and excitedly took his first teacher training in 2002. Today, Luce not only learns from teachers but also from his students and his children, who are constantly reminding him who he is and of his life?s purpose to serve others.


    Learning to Dance Video
    Season 4, Episode 15
    Learning to Dance (September 2016)Yoga Every Day
    Season 4, Episode 15
    , 18 minutes
    In today’s practice with Nichole we get into our peak pose for this week, Natarajasana - dancer’s pose with an invitation to move and be moved by it. Don’t walk, Don’t run…Dance!
    Available worldwide
    Connecting to Courage Through Surya Video
    Connecting to Courage Through Surya (September 2016)
    52 minutes
    Join Nico for a dynamic advanced asana practice focused on conquering fear through handstands at the wall and building courage with inverted backbends.
    Available worldwide
    Short Power Flow Video
    Short Power Flow (January 2010)
    26 minutes
    Explore warmth and flow with this vinyasa sequence taught by Nico Luce. Extra connection is offered with the engagement of bandhas (energy locks) in several poses. This shorter flow is also ideal for those introducing ...
    Available worldwide
    Carpe Diem Video
    Carpe Diem (October 2014)
    46 minutes
    In this beginner class with Nico Luce, “less is more and slow is better” in order to awaken the body to a bright new day full of possibilities.
    Available worldwide
    Short Pilates Class Video
    Short Pilates Class (January 2010)
    15 minutes
    This Pilates quickie with Nico Luce is a fast-paced, rhythmic sequence of movements that strengthens your body from the inside out.
    Available worldwide
    Accept Video
    Episode 1
    Accept (January 2015)The Power of Choice
    Episode 1
    , 44 minutes
    In part-one of our Power of Choice series, Nico Luce speaks of the importance of becoming more in-tune to what currently is. Nico emphasizes presence, breath, and balance as we move through this insightful vinyasa practice ...
    Available worldwide
    Ashtanga Yoga Flow Video
    Ashtanga Yoga Flow (January 2010)
    62 minutes
    Build strength and focus in this class taught by Nico Luce. Learn to unite body, mind, and breath with this Ashtanga-inspired Yoga class that draws from the primary series. This practice is recommended for experienced ...
    Available worldwide
    Change Video
    Episode 2
    Change (January 2015)The Power of Choice
    Episode 2
    , 37 minutes
    Nico Luce takes us on a journey with the aim to change the things in our lives that we cannot, and do not want to, accept. A deep, strong, and stable backbending practice, part-two of our Power of Choice series ties vinyasa ...
    Available worldwide
    Ganesha the Gatekeeper Video
    Ganesha the Gatekeeper (February 2013)
    35 minutes
    Nico Luce guides you through an invigorating and hip opening class structure around the Hindu god Ganesha. Before entering a hindu temple, a statue of a chubby boy with an elephant head beckons you in. Ganesha, the elephant ...
    Available worldwide
    Winds of Change Video
    Winds of Change (September 2014)
    31 minutes
    In this practice, use pranayama techniques to extend the life force inherent in every one of us and use the breath as a tool to revitalize the body, clear the mind and awaken the heart’s sensitivity.
    Available worldwide
    Walk Away Video
    Episode 3
    Walk Away (January 2015)The Power of Choice
    Episode 3
    , 45 minutes
    This practice is a moving dharma talk about letting go, infused with a core focused vinyasa sequence. Nico’s creative flow, deep wisdom, and soothing voice serve as a calm reminder that we have the power to choose our reality.
    Available worldwide
    Man on the Moon Video
    Man on the Moon (November 2014)
    43 minutes
    Nico begins with a guided meditation before moving into a series of yin poses. Each pose is held 3-5 minutes. Get ready to take it down and chill.
    Available worldwide

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    bank.lights, posted on November 30, 2014

    Soooo inspired by your mindfully energetic vibes. I've quitted my IT job and be a 20something yoga teacher now. Still learning with you and other digital teachers here. Hope I can join your class one day:')

    ternahead, posted on August 31, 2014

    Very mindful practice. I am influenced by Nico as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Thank you

    nicoluce, posted on September 6, 2014

    My pleasure, Ternahead!

    ElaineC@GTV, posted on September 2, 2014

    Thank you! So happy you are inspired :)

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