Sarah Harrison

All about the relaxation response, Sarah Harrison is a sleep coach and deep relaxation yoga teacher.

Firmly believing in retraining the relaxation response to provide deeper sleep, Harrison developed ReST (Restorative Sleep Therapy), a proven system that helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake rested. ReST uses sleep-science and ancient yoga techniques to release sleep-anxiety and reset your sleep system gently and effectively.

Working internationally as a sleep coach, Sarah Harrison uses mediation to soften into authentic experience of Self, creating a state of deep balance so students can sleep deeply at night and wake happy to meet the day as they really are.

As a graduate of UBC and Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 certified, Sarah Harrison is the author of the DVD ?Gentle Yoga for Better Digestion.? Working mainly with private clients with insomnia, Sarah Harrison owned and operated a boutique yoga studio in downtown Vancouver, produced a specialized yoga DVD, and later loved her role creating 200hr/ 500hr trainings as a director at the Vancouver School of Yoga.


    Sweet Dreams Video
    Sweet Dreams (November 2013)
    48 minutes
    This gentle variation of yin from Sarah Harrison is a practice that will open you up to your body’s natural healing wisdom. Take time to slow down and release tension from the areas that commonly cause sleeplessness, ...
    Available worldwide
    Melt into Love Video
    Melt into Love (February 2012)
    30 minutes
    The perfect end to any day, and a great way to prepare your body to rest and repair. Sarah Harrison will lead you through a warm sleep-focused restorative practice, soothing your nervous system before a deep night’s ...
    Available worldwide
    Glitter in the Wind Video
    Glitter in the Wind (December 2012)
    18 minutes
    Open your gaze and see the brilliant vibrancy of your life with this guided meditation. Watch the world shine as Sarah Harrison guides you deeper into your own consciousness with beautiful background music and wonderful ...
    Available worldwide
    Breathe Into Now Video
    Breathe Into Now (October 2013)
    55 minutes
    Meditation meets yin in this deliciously spacious yoga practice from Sarah Harrison. With a special introduction to the practice of tonglen meditation, follow Sarah as she guides you through a graceful yin practice ...
    Available worldwide
    Flow into your Light Video
    Flow into your Light (February 2012)
    46 minutes
    Experience a gentle yet deeply connected class with Sarah Harrison that will link breath with movement and end in blissful stillness allowing you to experience your own light within. Great for stress, gentle opening and sleep.
    Available worldwide
    Live Your Truth Video
    Live Your Truth (July 2013)
    41 minutes
    Listen deeply to your heart in this tension-melting yin practice with Sarah Harrison. Each pose offers an opportunity to breathe, release, and connect into the truth your heart is speaking. Perfect for transitioning from a ...
    Available worldwide
    Journey into Love Video
    Journey into Love (December 2011)
    20 minutes
    This 20 minute guided meditation with Sarah Harrison will show you how to cultivate love and joy in your life.
    Available worldwide
    Embrace the Journey Video
    Embrace the Journey (June 2012)
    22 minutes
    This meditation is Embrace the Journey. So often we are so busy, so caught up in the doing that we miss the journey. This meditation with Sarah Harrison is calming and clears the mind. Reconnect to your life's purpose with ...
    Available worldwide
    Release into Self Video
    Release into Self (August 2012)
    29 minutes
    Open your hips and release into the moment in this yin practice with Sarah Harrison. In this beautiful still practice Sarah will guide you into gently opening your body, mind, and spirit playing between softness and focus. ...
    Available worldwide
    See Possibilities Video
    See Possibilities (February 2013)
    16 minutes
    Feeling stuck? Explore your options and take steps towards clarity with this beautiful guided meditation with Sarah Harrison to help you see the possibilities that exist for your bliss.
    Available worldwide
    Sweet Space Within Video
    Sweet Space Within (December 2013)
    42 minutes
    This slow, sweet, and spacious hatha practice from Sarah Harrison invites you to come home within yourself. Ground into present, open your heart, and fill yourself with joy.
    Available worldwide
    You Are Love Video
    You Are Love (February 2014)
    57 minutes
    This practice with Sarah Harrison will open you to your nature... love. Sweet heart opening and backbends meet slow flowing movement. be prepared to love yourself deeper, more vulnerably, and more honestly just as you are. ...
    Available worldwide

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