The Lost Secrets of Jesus: The Wand and the Ring

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The Lost Secrets of Jesus: The Wand and the Ring (2006)


Jesus performed all of his miracles with a “magic” rod or wand that produced a “ring” or “vibration” that altered this reality. That is what the early Christian record shows. And it symbolizes a sacred science that has been covered up by the Church.

In this stunning presentation, you will see arguably the greatest collection of early Christian art ever assembled that documents and reveals the lost secrets of the wand and ring of Jesus. This is not a religious presentation. Rather, it a revelation of the metaphysical sciences used by Jesus to perform miracles.

Episode List

William Henry introduces the concept of Osiris as a “device” linking earth and heaven, and explains how certain humans once “worked” for the gods.
30 minutes
William Henry further develops the concept of the rod and ring, and further explores the Egyptian origins.
28 minutes
William Henry continues his explanation of the importance of the rod, and its presence throughout ancient religious traditions.
30 minutes
William Henry speaks about the light body and its role in ascension.
38 minutes
William Henry explores Nashville’s esoteric roots, with connections to Egypt, Greece, Rennes-le-Chateau, Paris, and more.
32 minutes
William Henry describes how a search for the Holy Grail in Asia connects it to Nashville, and he expands on the esoteric symbolism of the Bicentennial Mall near the state capital.
34 minutes
Pulling together the strands of his talk, William Henry discusses the many aspects of the rod-and-ring structure (aka the Spear of Destiny), including weaponization, travel through stargates and wormholes, as well as intriguing links to human anatomy.
41 minutes

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SAFESHIPS, posted on June 14, 2016

Amazing analysis by Mr. Henry and if he ever reads these items. thank you very much! Make me want to pack the car and go to Nashville. ( Which I will do eventually.)

tristar64, posted on March 21, 2016

Are there any plans for more seasons of this series? I certainly hope so because there are so many coincidences from where I was born to my nickname, and date of birth and even the emblem of my website and my email address are coincidentally the same as some things in these videos.

med7992, posted on April 2, 2016

William Henry has another series called [Morph] how to activate the light body. Go to metaphysical section and search. He also has a series called Arcanum

info635, posted on December 19, 2015

Fascinating! I couldn't stop watching. I 'd love to see more from William Henry.

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