The Lost Secrets of Jesus: The Wand and the Ring: Temple of the Pineal Gland Video
Temple of the Pineal Gland

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The Lost Secrets of Jesus: The Wand and the Ring: Temple of the Pineal Gland (2006)

Season 1, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Pulling together the strands of his talk, William Henry discusses the many aspects of the rod-and-ring structure (aka the Spear of Destiny), including weaponization, travel through stargates and wormholes, as well as intriguing links to human anatomy.

William Henry


Jesus and the Rod and the Ring Video
Season 1, Episode 1 Jesus and the Rod and the Ring
Jesus and the Rod and the Ring (2006)
Season 1, Episode 1
, 30 minutes
William Henry introduces the concept of Osiris as a “device” linking earth and heaven, and explains how certain humans once “worked” for the gods.
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Jesus in Egypt Video
Season 1, Episode 2 Jesus in Egypt
Jesus in Egypt (2006)
Season 1, Episode 2
, 28 minutes
William Henry further develops the concept of the rod and ring, and further explores the Egyptian origins.
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Jesus and the Purifying Mysteries Video
Season 1, Episode 3 Jesus and the Purifying Mysteries
Jesus and the Purifying Mysteries (2006)
Season 1, Episode 3
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William Henry continues his explanation of the importance of the rod, and its presence throughout ancient religious traditions.
Available worldwide
Jesus and the Rainbow Body of Light Video
Season 1, Episode 4 Jesus and the Rainbow Body of Light
Jesus and the Rainbow Body of Light (2006)
Season 1, Episode 4
, 38 minutes
William Henry speaks about the light body and its role in ascension.
Available worldwide

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origstoneart, posted on March 8, 2016

I really enjoyed watching you presentation. I'm grateful you have put all this knowledge, clues, and keys together and are putting it out there. We really are living in an amazing time. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in putting all this together and sharing it., posted on February 18, 2016

Thank you for gathering all this info and putting it together so that it can finally be out there for those who have been seeking it. My prayer is that minds and hearts will be open to it. Keep up the good work. Many Blessings. ^j^

tvboogie1, posted on January 18, 2016

Hey Gaia, I Can't get enough William Henry, we need more. Time for a new show, si vous plait!!!

cedguru, posted on January 23, 2016

Hey TVBoogie1, I feel the same way. Have you visited his site? There's a lot there. I wish I could go to at least one of his presentations, and I will if he ever comes here, and I happen to have enough money. Have you checked out his and Clare's show here on Gaia, Arcanum? And one called Morph? I really like those presentations as well as these. Anyway, I do hope to see more on Gaia if possible.

j_mcdaniel, posted on January 6, 2016

I've tried numerous times and keep having to refresh the page as the video hangs up even though the audio keeps going. The content is phenomenal. I'm on Firefox if that matters. about to try it in google chrome.

tvboogie1, posted on January 18, 2016

It's your bandwidth. Try not watching it full screen, you may still have to refresh occasionally. If you are at your house using wireless, see who else is, remember, cell phones take up bandwidth too. You might need to up your internet plan.

good luck

inf36oed, posted on December 30, 2015

Thank you for all of your work, William.
I have "lit my wick" just by imagining being there with you at the Centre of those 3 Stars. I am so glad you are still here to share these mysteries with us.
Thank you for all of your hard work -- loved the Freedom's Gate video too. -- and of course all 7 of these episodes.

hemessenger, posted on December 19, 2015

Wonderful all 7 episodes and I like the humour !

leosmane1, posted on December 17, 2015

I think you did a very good job on this series although since this was shot, more information has come to light. This was put together very well.

elena.keegan, posted on December 16, 2015

extremely interesting. And no doubt true.

drow767, posted on December 16, 2015

Thank you William Henry I loved this series!! Yes your ability to gather information and connect the dots is astounding! I feel totally inspired and this offering has given me even more information and insights in connecting the dots of my own personal journey. These are great times of Awakening for Humanity and it is people like you at the helm, working tirelessly and voraciously, that are spreading the forgotten knowledge of just who we are and where we came from!! I hope to meet you someday. Thank you for all your work. Sincerely,

marwest, posted on December 15, 2015

It is always such a pleasure to get to witness W. Henry's latest research, this new series is extremely exciting. Connecting the dots of great truths in a most timeless, beautifully efficient and engaging way. Thank you William Henry, your efforts have enlightened, lifted the hearts and opened the eyes of many.

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