On the Road with Lilou: Accessing the Akashic Records with Gabrielle Orr Video
Accessing the Akashic Records with Gabrielle Orr
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On the Road with Lilou: Accessing the Akashic Records with Gabrielle Orr (April 2014)

Season 3, Episode 14
Available worldwide

When you are aligned with your purpose, it will show in everything that you do. Yet, many of us do not lead a fulfilled life as we are not realizing our purpose in life. This is when learning to connect with the Akashic Records becomes an invaluable experience. Gabrielle Orr explains how you can use the Akashic Records to live in harmony with who you came to be in this interview with Lilou Macé originally webcast April 4, 2014.

Gabrielle Orr worked for several years with mentally disadvantaged children and coma patients, after earning a degree in Social Work in Germany. She helped to provide guidance as a life counselor for her clients and their families. As a certified Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant, she has been teaching Akashic Record classes since 2002.

Lilou Macé
Gabrielle Orr


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aafrw2a, posted on August 27, 2016

Thank you for sharing this Lilou, now I know that these records will be easier to go to. This show was a true eye opener. Thank you.

gypsygranny, posted on January 20, 2016

Synchronicity that I found this interview - the next logical step as Abraham (Hicks) says. . . I loved the interview and learning more about the Akashic records. I bought your book and am so excited to learn more. I also love the idea of leaving the 'rules' behind - something I have been doing intuitively lately. Thank you both for sharing these ideas!

nitarosselli, posted on June 5, 2015

I just got a book by Kathy Karlandnder. At the same time I am writing a book. I have heard the one of the first things we do after death is to review our lives and feel the experience, actually for more than that. I wanted to get a head start with improving my experience in this time and space. I am a real novas, but I am working at. Thanks for your program. Nita Rosselli

marniebelle73, posted on April 9, 2014

I'm so glad I came across this!!. Gabrielle's great spiritual sincerity and intelligence was refreshing and endearing. I didn't even skip a beat to pull up her website while the interview was still going on and bookmark her page and buy and download her book! I can't wait to start reading it. Thank you Lilou for bringing such a wonderful interview to us, keep walking the way of the warrior and being you! :)

Profoundgrace, posted on April 26, 2014

Thank you Marnie Belle,
so kind of you. :-)

tkczit, posted on April 6, 2014

I felt this interview really epitomized Spiritual Intelligence and the Akashic Records were merely the primary tool that Gabrielle uses to demonstrate her adept Spiritual Intelligence. I thought it was fabulous.

Seems to me, whether the "thing" (the object, or entity) is the Akashic Records, Jesus, Angels, a Collective entity or beings from other dimensions/densities -- they are ALL part of the One...just like we are -- and all are emanations of the Source Field/Quantum Field/God/Universal Consciousness, et al... It manifests to each of us in unique ways that we personally need It to so that we can break through the veil. However it is we do that, or whatever tool it is that we use -- if breaking through the veil is the ultimate outcome -- I don't think it really matters that much which tool it is that we use to get there. Let's just get there! LOL!

The fact that Gabrielle happens to use the Akashic Records as her primary source seemed less important to me than her great ability to articulate how we can interact personally with The Field. Her wisdom is deep...her energy inspiring and her message empowering.

Thank you, Lilou and Gabrielle -- great job!

P.S. -- I also agree with Gabrielle, Lilou: you are a rule breaker. And I am so glad. You can't help but do what you do and I thank the universe for that fact. You GO girl! Never stop! You inspire me to find my own path of passionate purpose. 'Passionate' being the operative word.

Profoundgrace, posted on April 9, 2014

Thank you Dear,
your comment brought a big smile on my face.
May you be blessed.

smcbryde, posted on April 6, 2014

Came across this episode on Gaiam while searching for something else and had to watch... blessed synchronicity... to show me a path to take. Loved Gabrielle's sincerity and knowledge, and for making it all sound so easy, and our birthrite! Thank you Lilou and thank you Gabrielle.

Profoundgrace, posted on April 9, 2014

Thank you so much, I appreciate your wonderful comment.
Love, Gabrielle

sherrianwitt, posted on April 6, 2014

I know this probably sounds odd, but I wish Gabrielle would have talked more about the Akashic Records. I guess I was expecting her to
say something about how it all works, names of the beings she talks to about it, and maybe have shared a little about what they
had to say about Lilou..LOL

Profoundgrace, posted on April 9, 2014

Hi Dear,
I have more information about the Akashic Records on my web-site. :-)
You can also send me an email if you like.
Wishing you well,

Sunrise0827, posted on April 5, 2014

I actually learned something from this interview. I love how sincere and caring Gabrielle is. Will by her book and take her classes.

Profoundgrace, posted on April 9, 2014

Thank you Sunrise,
It was nice to talk to you.

dragonwchimes, posted on April 4, 2014

This is the second interview I've watched with you and Gabrielle, she is amazing! Thank-you!

Profoundgrace, posted on April 9, 2014

Thank you so much! :-)
I had a wonderful time with Lilou and will be forever grateful to her.

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