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Alternatives to Garlic
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The Herbal Pharmacist: Alternatives to Garlic

Episode 155

Today on the Herbal Pharmacist, a caller wants to find a food-based alternative to garlic for blood pressure. Other questions come in about fibromyalgia, programs for people who want to be a naturopathic doctor, issues with the thyroid, cleanse ingredients cilium and cascara, periodontal disease, Crohn’s disease, circulatory issues and blocked arteries, cleanses and lifestyle changes on a budget and natural approaches to treat lyme disease.

Dave Foreman


Episode 1 Four Pillars of Health
Four Pillars of Health (3/12/07)
Episode 1
Dave Foreman introduces four pillars of health and discuses the benefits of dietary supplements.
Episode 2 Supplements for Vertigo
Supplements for Vertigo (3/13/07)
Episode 2
Dave Foreman talks with an allopathic physician about supplements for vertigo
Episode 3 How to Boost Your Energy
How to Boost Your Energy (3/14/7)
Episode 3
Dave’s Hot Health Tip today: how to boost your energy and keep it up.
Episode 4 The Importance of The ELISA Test
The Importance of The ELISA Test (3/15/7)
Episode 4
Dave foreman explains that allergies are specific sensitivities and that by using the ELISA test doctors can determine what foods are affecting the immune system.

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