Open Minds: Bio-Hacking your Health with Jack Kruse Video
Bio-Hacking your Health with Jack Kruse

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Open Minds: Bio-Hacking your Health with Jack Kruse (February 2016)

Season 6, Episode 9
Available worldwide

Everything we know about our wellbeing may be backwards. Dr. Jack Kruse offers a complete paradigm change for the medical model of health, healing and weight loss. We have been taught that diet and exercise are the hallmarks of a vital existence. But he has found that consciously creating the right environment of light, water and magnetism may dramatically increase health and healing in the body. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast February 18, 2016.

Regina Meredith
Jack Kruse


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trmoran, posted on July 10, 2016

Why? Fukushima?
Has Meredith covered Fukushima? Why not?
Was Jack Kruse told not to mention Fukushima? Why?

nriley881, posted on March 30, 2016

I stopped watching when he stated that vegans "have a big problem" because they don't eat meat or dairy and therefore, cannot get a sufficient amount of protein. Now I can't believe a word that comes out of his miracle cure-promising mouth.

atle, posted on August 23, 2016

I guess you will be back again to see the rest of the interview when your redox hits bottom.

jared.dumba, posted on March 12, 2016

Fake light causes your mitochondria ECT to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling….…..when it slows you up regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. All this from the change in frequency of light. The brain can not tell sunlight from blue light.......and ancestral health is unaware of this. You no longer can afford to be. Read the blog, because this is not a food story. Our environment of light determines the local geometry of our respiratory proteins in mitochondria to give us our diseases. Changes there precede the genetic change medicine focuses in on. It is time to apply the knowledge. The vegans in these comments really need to starve their distractions and feed the focus of light water, and magnetism.

What does pseudohypoxia (low NAD+) mean to our hormone panel? The cost of a high aerobic capacity is low fertility. This is why the pregnenolone steal syndrome exists and why males suffer low testosterone and females have an upside down PG/E2 ratio. It is not what the anti-aging docs think. Cortisol over sex steroid production is due to the use of oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in human mitochondria in a really bad light environment. Lack of catalase (H2O2) and AM UV light fuel this low fertility. Artificial light makes fertility doctors rich and busy. It must stop.

With time it will be proven surface chemistry of the skin and gut is more important than biochemistry for humans because of how light interacts with our atomic lattice.

Medicine applies technical solutions to adaptive challenges today and this is why it is failing.

You don't invoke moderation in a transformation. You can't be neutral on a moving train with a destination. This isn’t anger in convictions. Don’t back off, lean in. That is what Jack told me. Now I am sharing it with you. When you know better, you do better.

rabruni24, posted on March 9, 2016

Whey protein is not vegan and a person who isn't a strict vegan is a vegetarian.

davelimacher, posted on March 9, 2016

I was turned on to Jack's work in the fall of 2014 and decided to give it a shot and dive head first into the protocols to see what would happen. In 2008 I saw the film 'Food Matters' and was convinced that I had reached the Holy Grail of health, yet I could consume copious amounts of superfoods and still get sick and still have fluctuations in body comp.

Jack's work struck a cord cause it was different and he was saying the food mattered but not as much I thought it had. It was more about the environment that I put myself into. From 2008 until 2015 I worked in an oil refinery and was running a small business. In my oil job I was working shift work under blue light, a tremendous amount of EMF, and carcinogens. Even though I was "into health" I could never really get that "healthy" and it was Jack who opened my mind and eyes to this fact.

The first idea of his I started with was eating more fish, more DHA laden fish and began to block blue light and EMF as much as I could from my environment. The effects were immediate so I decided to stick with it.

I began playing around with cold thermogenesis that winter and noticed it was altering my body comp. Cold thermogenesis was easy to do here in Saskatchewan and I had a protocol of shovelling shirtless in my backyard and on my driveway. I could kill two birds with one stone...outside with no sunglasses looking at the sun and getting cold. I was even featured on Canada's national radio station CBC regarding this practice.

In January of 2015 I traveled to Vancouver to see Jack speak and to get a chance to sit and talk with him face to face. It was a very eye opening experience and it changed the course of my life and my business.

As of writing this, even more has changed as I have followed and adopted most of his protocols and put them into practice. I always wear blue blocking glasses at night, I sleep on a magnetic pad (Magnetico Sleep Pad 20 gauss), I sungaze every morning and evening, I've stopped wearing sunglasses, and I eat a diet rich in seafood, seaweed, fat, and green vegetables.

Needless to say I do not feel my age (36 on March 13th) and I have more energy than I can every remember having in my adult life. I have since quit my job at an oil refinery and that has allowed me to sleep when it's dark and get out under the sun as much as I can when it's light.

My supplement budget has been dramatically reduced and the amount I spend on superfoods is much less. Food is definitely not number one in terms of health.

In winter, since I live so far north 50 north latitude, I do tan indoors three times a week but my skin does not burn and my vitamin D levels are higher than my doc has ever seen for someone who has not traveled south in the winter.

For anyone skeptical or wary of this info, I encourage you to spend some time on the website and the forums. There is a gold mine of information on there and it is not to overwhelm you.

Thanks Regina again for a great interview!

friend101, posted on July 11, 2016

Thank you for sharing your findings with us; excellent comments. I too live in Canada and was intrigued by your insights. I'm going to try putting some of our Canadian winters to work for me, optimizing health. It makes sense!

chiyuhealingarts, posted on March 6, 2016

Some of the stuff I can understand... maybe... but when he talks about how he slept over night in an ice bath? He's a Doctor and perhaps he knows what he's doing. My worry is some one else might try to do this and do some real damage to themselves. There's also many different approaches to weight loss, all that seem to work. Including Juice fasting, etc. This man just seems very extreme.

iamhamsa, posted on March 4, 2016

I've been following Dr Kruse for awhile and I think he's waaay ahead of the curve compared to his medical colleagues, who could benefit from a good shake up! I admire his deep curiosity and drive to explore the edges, and he's not afraid to offend. I can appreciate his teachings related to his awareness we are light, electrical energy, and frequency based, not merely biochemical processes (unlike say 90%? of doctors these days?!) "Just thoughts can change your DNA". Right on, and this truth applies to all sorts of learning systems. Glad he expounds on EMF's adverse effects, epigenetics, blue light, circadian rhythms, effect of light, leptins, and more.
He's one of those guys who provoke controversy. He's not well informed about vegan diets though (eg- whey reference); and not many people may opt for ice immersion/cold thermogenesis, but I look forward to further developments and practical applications in the future. As with any such figure, I glean from him what I find useful, and leave the rest.

GERIW, posted on March 2, 2016

Well, I have two nominations: Dave Asprey for his tireless work on Bulletproof and now Jack Kruse! Thank you! I will certainly watch this again. Robert Becker work got me started on my own cure of a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis by changing my thinking, but no one seems to care. Gaia is a wonderful forum for forward thinking progressives, and I am so glad to add you to the midst Dr. Kruse.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 2, 2016

Thank you for writing! We're glad you enjoyed the interview--and you can follow Dr. Kruse's recommendations and his work at this website here:

All the best,

zenventurous, posted on March 2, 2016

This was an excellent interview Regina, further validating what Wim Hof "The Iceman" has been proving to skeptics everywhere. I would LOVE to see you interview Wim! I just wrote an article about him after consuming many documentaries and podcasts. He's Fun to watch! I think you would really enjoy his passionate energy and huge heart. I know you two could explore his upgraded belief system to a much more expansive understanding than what all the other interviewers have done. Thanks for your great work Regina., posted on March 2, 2016

"f.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better." - flux homepage

lindaedwards888, posted on February 26, 2016

Couldn't you just get a good quality DHA and add it to your green drink of choice. Is there a healthy vegetarian DHA?

suppqueen, posted on February 24, 2016

Will definitely have to watch again! Ordered the book too so that will help immensely.

liinaidu, posted on February 23, 2016

I live in Australia and I know for a fact that we can buy amazing good quality wild caught sardines in most supermarkets and fish mongers. My husband is of portugese heritage and we eat a lot of sardines ( plus we take fish oil made from sardines and anchovies ) and in most places across Australia its is possible to buy wild sardines, so I don't agree with his statement that in Australia one has to buy farmed fish. I did enjoy the info .

msjaninebeck, posted on March 2, 2016

I'd say it's true on the Salmon front. I also think that Tasmanian farmed (from the Huon anyway), is fed soy meal :(

Jimirod, posted on February 23, 2016

Bring him back - I've got to watch this over several more times. Next, hit the blogs.

fridley, posted on February 22, 2016

This is great information. Thank you Meridith for bringing Jack. Thank Gaia for all your programming.

eyeinorange, posted on February 22, 2016

Hi, are you familiar with the work of Wim Hof, aka the Iceman? His method correlates highly with what you told us in the interview about the ice bathts!

luccaflorenzanoranoya, posted on February 22, 2016

absolutely brilliant, great job jack kruse, thank you very much

jomccaghren, posted on February 21, 2016

I would like to know if Mr. Wilcock eats steaks and seafood too.

jomccaghren, posted on February 21, 2016

I'd like to see some proof that vegan algae based dha epa is insufficient compared to oysters and sardines. Poor things. Don't eat them.

phoenixhansen, posted on February 21, 2016

Another great interview. This is a lot to absorb. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kudos to Dr. Kruse for sharing what he's discovered which can help us to improve our own health. For all the naysayers out there, don't throw the baby out with the bath water. He's done his homework and is sharing it with us. I may not sit in a bathtub full of ice, but I appreciate what he has to say about it, and what he's learned from all his research. His website is a lot to delve into. It's like falling down a rabbit hole, and certainly full of good information.

jjmusicla2, posted on February 21, 2016

He made some interesting points but he is basically recommending a low carb/High Protein diet. Anyone can lose weight if you cut cabs in your diet. Plus He was over 300 lbs so of course any lifestyle change he did would make him lose weight.

kalman.lesage, posted on February 21, 2016


threebirdsdream, posted on February 21, 2016


contact85, posted on February 20, 2016

Thank you!

bvb_05, posted on February 20, 2016

While I understand what he is presenting here, and that he is obviously highly intelligent, most of what he is describing here does not apply to me and would make me sick. Also, looking at his skin and overall facial features, I want to say, with all due respect for his research and life work, that I do not see signs of radiant health in him.

I find some of his points highly valuable, especially about it is important for our retina to be in contact with unfiltered natural light, and how those biorhythms must be synchronized. However, I lost interested when he started taking about diet and how eating bacon in the morning would be profitable.

As someone who want to be healthy before being right, I tried many different things, including heavy meat, vegetarianism, and veganism, and, without a doubt, raw veganism works for me. However, it does not work for a friend of mine who, like Regina, was low-energy after being vegetarian for a long time.

As far as cravings go, recent Harvard studies show that they will go away simply by changing your diet. Cravings are ways your body talks to you saying it needs something, and the body remembers what product of food you ate that contained this. If you start eating healthy, you will eventually re-program you brain and you will start craving healthy products because those are the words your body will use to speak to you.

There is diversity in nature. What worked for him, as far as diet goes, would be horribly sickening for me. What works for me might not work for you either. Take what you want from this, try different things, and find the right thing for you. We are all different, and so our needs in terms of diet as well.

rmeredith, posted on February 20, 2016

I appreciate all the comments on this interview. Having spanned every type of eating program throughout my life, I can appreciate all viewpoints. As a 20-year vegetarian who educated the public via my cooking show Regina's Vegetarian Table and cookbooks, I understand the passion one has for the right-to-life of the animal kingdom. As a woman who became physically degraded from a lack of animal proteins, I understand the reality that no two people are alike bio-chemically, and that a large percentage of the population still needs animal proteins. The point is that we need to be respectful of what those who have different physical needs and views they hold dear - without judgment. I too was pious as a vegetarian, but was knocked off my pedestal due to ill health, forcing me back into eating animal protein. I am now much more alert and healthy than I was as a vegetarian. But, I see others thrive on an all plant diet - particularly those who are under 40. The body's ability to breakdown and digest plant based proteins diminishes with age. That's why so many shiny faced vegans here in Sedona thrive on a raw, plant based diet. Let's take a look at again in 20 or 30 years. Llife, our bodies and our knowledge changes over time, and it humbles even the most pious of us :-).

iamhamsa, posted on March 4, 2016

Hi Regina,
First of all - Thanks for all your stellar interviews.
I think your personal experience of improved health eating animal protein is not that uncommon for many former vegetarians.
I have lots of Q's -- !
You title your comment "Beliefs". Could you be projecting a belief onto humanity when saying that a large % of the population still 'needs' to eat animal protein? Is it truly a 'need' or are we taught to need it through conditioning and/or sheer habit, as that's the collective belief system and indoctrination imprint maintaining corrupt food systems?
Or could we possibly create a world where we're healthy without eating animals; and yes, break down and digest plant based proteins, no matter what our age is?
Is meat production as it exists, a sustainable practice for our planet?

How do we live from the energetic perspective of promoting understanding and compassion for all life?

I wish you and I (as I currently eat eggs and cheese) could track the life and death cycle of each animal/animal product we consume, from prebirth through to their death, that is sacrificed (and often abused, even though we may ask all the right questions about the farmers, type of feed, cage size, humane death, etc) for the sake of our nutritional needs and corporate profit.
Then with eyes and hearts wide open, we could revisit this topic together with a more grounded awareness, and our part in it all...

Whatever is our personal nutritional approach, it still remains true each year billions of sentient beings are being born, live and die in suffering, and there is something terribly upside down and messed up about our priorities here. As the 'reining' species on earth, it is one of our defining issues of this century.

Thank you for staying thru this long comment! I hope for future programs you'll include as well as paleos, guest speakers who are vegans, animal rights activists, indigenous centered hunter gatherers, and especially interspecies communicators, such as Anna Breytenbach or Leslie Temple Thurston. I'd especially love to hear what the animals think and feel about us!

MyGreenAge, posted on February 20, 2016

Appreciate this interview - Dr Kruse is obviously a man of high caliber intellect, with integrity - who has "walked" his talk. So many fascinating details, all of which intuitively resonate with me. Looking forward to devouring his website. Sad the "troll" like comments below from ideological vegans ... insulting and would be best removed. They add nothing to the conversation but stupidity. Looking forward to the next interview with Dr Kruse. Truly one of the most game-changing interviews from Gaia I have watched in the last couple of years. Thanks !

lightweaver515, posted on February 19, 2016

This truly is a large bite of info , wich seems worth "digesting" further even if one point seems unavoury to some. its always worth remembering that the oppurtunity to gain from others insights in general need not be thrown out if one aspect is counter to our pattern.** Very much worth noting also is as many guests speak here on gaiam programs the rate of a miss qoute is pretty decent . no one normally calls them out in comment as its likely seen as a verbal mix up while being on camera. I noticed that in same spot where he mentioned eggs and whey in relation to this , ( something about ) the folks he knew doing that were not strick vegan. simply offering these as side options from discord.

bvb10, posted on February 19, 2016

Pen and paper needed. This man speaks quickly and his words are full of meaning. INTELLIGENCE is oozing from him. So fabulous. Can't wait to finish. Having to pause to write. Then pause to digest. WHEW love it. My Medical Lab Tech inner Tinfoil Hat Lady gets this big time. Rivals Cosmic Disclosure for revelation ! Great back to it.... xoxooxxoox

lynn19, posted on February 21, 2016

I, too, think it rivals cosmic disclosure in depth etc. etc.

lightweaver515, posted on February 19, 2016

thank you great great interview !! Wow ha ha my Moms been doing much of this for years without knowing it. Each morning she goes out within a limited time from waking into the sun to greet the sun , the day and nature. (In all weather except that wich is unsafe) Even in our central Pa winter out she goes , and in again to a protien rich breakfast . All of our family do feel compelled to be sure to get those protiens in early in the am , or we feel off. Many other things this fine gentleman mentioned mom has always stressed as just important . Have to chuckle, guess this makes sense as she is a product of german, irish and native americans wich only 1-3 generation back were tied closesly to land or sea and the old ways of health with nature . I would cringe at the stories of people being told to go lay in the snow , or plunging into a fridged stream .... very interesting correlations. ( not meaning any ethnicity is more or less in tune as such , rather there's always some in every group that stay close to the old ways .

rmeredith, posted on February 20, 2016

Thanks for the comment. It sounds as though your mother never lost touch of the "old ways" and you and your family were the beneficiaries of her wisdom. Lucky you!

canfielderic, posted on February 19, 2016

Firstly I would like to point out to all viewers and readers that simply because one man looked at some facts, and found one LINK between waking and eating protein, DOES NOT add any evidence or controversy to the FACT that EATING ANIMALS is also LINKED with DISEASE. If you watch the other shows here on GAIA about Longevity, they say that anti oxidants are very important to reversing the "aging problem". Guess what is in animal foods folks? Oxidants.
A better approach might be to include in uptake that which can only include benefit, no detriments or side effects(oxidation). Here you can make your own link. I will be following mine, doing more research on Jack Kruze and his findings, as well as looking at advances from the leading researchers on optimal eating, as this has been foremost in my personal studies and passions.
I also know that where there is a will, there is a way. I will find the best way to do what Jack is outlining, without impinging on the free will of others, others who might not choose to be our food. What about advances in vegetable studies, saying that plants do actively communicate? Why not ask the plant kingdom(research) to see which plants do wish to be our food, and which ones can make nourishment for us in the forms we need?
What I love about Jack's findings presented here, are advances from second density dualistic approach of what is good and bad for us, into a higher 3rd density perspective towards how to create a wonderful tri based enhancing personal environment, backed by solid researching. Even more exciting is the potential of a 4th level approach! What are our energies truly capable of once we master our WELL BEING.
I will try to revisit this thread with more findings. Thank you GAIA, Jack, and Regina, for your being and all that you do.

moi5, posted on February 19, 2016

U do NOT need to be a meat eater !!!!! what is western health compared with eastern WISDOM !!!!! VEGAN is SPIRITUAL-----steak and protein is NOT,NEVER EVER-----Thou Shalt NOT Kill !!!! 'nuff said

cadoia, posted on February 19, 2016

would like to see him more on the show.
also for the Vegans: please read THE VEGETARIAN MYTH.
anyways........ did my sun this morning. plus sunbathing at mid day sun. im in the Equator. just collected my sardines and preparing my 1 hour Ice bath while writing this. time for some breathing exercises before the "dive".
Jack is on to something....... really.

franzklein, posted on February 19, 2016

you may need meat protein, but I do not since I am a new evolved human being.

michaelamariejoan, posted on February 19, 2016

he seems well read, but he is super misinformed about the vegan diet. he doesn't even know that whey protien isn't vegan. animal protien is the leading cause of environmental degradation, and can be attributed to most leading diseases.
this man needs to take a nutrition class.

josh5, posted on February 18, 2016

I saw him the first time when he was on Bulletproof Radio a little while back, such an inspiration. Thanks for having him on! Great interview. :)

jamiecolombo, posted on February 18, 2016

Fantastic interview! Not only was the information incredible, but the passion you can clearly see emanating from Jack was enjoyable as well.

kathen.cowan, posted on February 18, 2016

This was amazing! I have done every diet known to man and the only two times any have worked well is protein based. Add to this that I am a morning person and bingo! Now I understand why. Doctor you are a true blessing. I love your engineering self and how you can so wonderfully bring us from point a to z is just breath taking. And thanks to Regina for helping to bring us mere earthlings into the sequence. How this information could NOT be true is beyond me.... it most certainly IS TRUE! so off I go to get off the computer at 9:19pm and take some DHA before I go to bed. Will check out the sun first thing in the morning.... thanks so much!

sal9, posted on February 18, 2016

awesome :)

starseed123, posted on February 18, 2016

How can you align yourself with nature and yet still consume meat? When in fact the meat and dairy industry is the NUMBER 1 cause of environmental destruction. I would love to be able to believe this interview, but with such hypocrisy it seems extremely out of touch with the Gaia community.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 19, 2016

Thanks for posting your thoughts on this. We understand that there are many philosophies about these questions, so we ask that all commenters remain respectful of our presenters, and viewers here.

As a reminder to the community, our posting guidelines can be found here:

All the best,

michaelamariejoan, posted on February 19, 2016

thank you

starseed123, posted on February 18, 2016

This guy's poor understanding of vegan protein makes him hard to take seriously.

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