Embrace the Journey Video
Embrace the Journey

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Embrace the Journey

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This meditation is Embrace the Journey. So often we are so busy, so caught up in the doing that we miss the journey. This meditation with Sarah Harrison is calming and clears the mind. Reconnect to your life's purpose with this focus meditation


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mcasaxcasa, posted on May 15, 2015

my dearest sarah
thank you from the deepest part of my heart. i watched several mediation videos this morning hoping to find the right one to "embrace my journey" i thought i was going to scream at the other teachers for talking instead of meditating. then i found you. i have been up most of the night unable to sleep, then this beautiful meditation came through and touched my heart. i feel like i had a good night sleep. thank you for being calm serene and relaxing. i have my wits about me i can move forward. your presence has moved me into my heart once again. blessings dear one, your friend, xavi

kaitpowell92, posted on April 2, 2015

Wow, just amazing, I usually have an extreme hard time visualizing but this was fantastic. I was surprised by what images came up and how overly emotional it was, it felt very much like happy tears I'm not sure how to explain this but it was a beautiful experience and thank you Sarah for helping guide me to it.

sarahharrison, posted on April 2, 2015

Hey Kait,
I'm so glad that you had a wonderful journey. It's a powerful practice to connect with yourself. Congratulations on finding that space within.
Keep listening to you and finding the teachers who you resonate with naturally. It simply means that there's something inside you that says YES!
Sending hugs!

Donovan, posted on January 31, 2015

Really liked this meditation, thank you for your soothing guidance Sarah.
Most pleasantly surprised to get a 20 minute meditation (not a 15 minute lecture followed by 5 mins meditation). Flagging this one to do again for sure.

sabineschulte, posted on July 12, 2014

Namaste, Sarah! - That was such a beautiful meditation. Your soothing voice carried me through my journey! What a wonderful experience! Thank you!!!!

matildafr, posted on March 4, 2013

loved it

bohemianliving, posted on February 28, 2013

powerful and beautiful, thank you for sharing your gift and light! Namaste

dragonflies, posted on February 21, 2013

Perfect. Thanks for the lovely journey

elm, posted on February 15, 2013

Perfect, thank you x

AdrienneMarie, posted on December 6, 2012

Dear Sarah, I really love the way you lead your meditations, so soothing and enveloping. This one alternated for me between really lovely moments and moments that puzzled me a bit - maybe because the images were unclear (for me), just a thought that you could maybe include language like " and maybe the image given to you is unclear, and that is OK too"...i.e. helping accept that there are days where this light and clarity is less accessible or easily visible? (I'm just nitpicking really, just a thought!) Anyway thank you Sarah I love your journeys.

sskova, posted on October 23, 2012

Sarah, again, a wonderful meditation. Thanks!

sskova, posted on October 14, 2012

Perfect for today. Thank you Sarah! You have a soothing, healing voice and energy.

Chabine, posted on October 4, 2012

A wonderful meditation! Exactly what I needed this morning, it was so soothing and calming, and I felt reconnected to myself again. Thank you. Namaste.

nomadicchick, posted on August 20, 2012

Sarah, I love all the meditations you bring forth. The speak to me so deeply. To the heart.

LaSunshine, posted on July 31, 2012

This is just what I needed this morning ~ thank you.

AWady, posted on July 28, 2012

thank you, you helped me back to my path today

jenniquade, posted on July 16, 2012

Thank you Sarah - a lovely meditation!

mariewickstrom, posted on July 12, 2012

Great way of leading us to the heart. :)

NCMichael, posted on July 4, 2012

Amazing, very powerful. I feel so calm.

meninacici, posted on July 2, 2012

Wow....simply beautiful...thank you...

kailynyoga, posted on June 13, 2012

Soooooo lovely. So powerful. Everything we need is already within us. Namaste!

Donovan, posted on June 12, 2012

Dear Sarah.Absolutely brilliant. Thankyou so much.. namaste

Cigana, posted on June 12, 2012

You are so gifted!

anandak108, posted on June 9, 2012

made me so relaxed and centered, thank you

tinesand, posted on June 8, 2012

Ah, devine..

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