Omega: Exercise for the 21st Century (Emilie Conrad) Video
Exercise for the 21st Century (Emilie Conrad)
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Omega: Exercise for the 21st Century (Emilie Conrad) (2000)

Episode 22
Available worldwide

Your muscles respond quite differently to the organic pull of gravity than to the mechanical linear movement you typically use at the gym. Emilie Conrad, dancer and producer of the Explore Exercise Program, believes that the gym’s machine-like movements can actually hurt the human body, training it to maintain patterns of holding which limit the fullness of your natural expression.

To truly strengthen your body, you must adapt and overcome such limiting patterns. Our muscles need to be stimulated more fluidly and fully, mirroring our natural biological movement. Using Continuum, an innovative movement technique, Emilie has created an exciting modern holistic philosophy and education program for exercise in the 21st century.

Penny Price
Emilie Conrad
Penny Price


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Poopsy, posted on June 9, 2013

I wish more people knew about it and it was more accessible and more well known.

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