Hidden Origins: Introduction to the Ubuntu Movement Video
Introduction to the Ubuntu Movement
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Hidden Origins: Introduction to the Ubuntu Movement (May 2016)

Season 2, Episode 1
Available worldwide

Ask anyone and you will get little debate that something is wrong with our economy. But you will find little consensus on what we can do about it. Filmed before a live studio audience, Michael Tellinger sets the stage for implementing an entirely new economic system; one that develops a unity consciousness and abundance for all. He explains that the way forward is not about fighting the global elite. Rather we are to create a way to bypass the current economic system and liberate us from the global tyranny of money. This workshop was originally webcast May 2, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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ireneivo, posted on August 30, 2016

I agree with Crystal Warrior. Why not make these videos more available to the public, like on FB so that more people can have access to such information? In many cases people won't buy a $10/month membership for many reasons, either can't afford it, too lazy, don't want to bother....Those were my thoughts before I signed up with Gaia and I'm someone who is really into this stuff. Imagine those for whom this info. is new and there may not be enough impetus for them to pay to view these videos. It should be mass-available I think.

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 14, 2016

I suggest that you offer the First Episode free, that way people can post it on their Facebook sites and the word about Ubuntu will spread like wild fire.
The short clip just doesn't do it for me, it won't be going on my personal Facebook Page, unfortunately.

dreadfullygorgeous, posted on June 21, 2016

We have a very exciting announcement!!! We have an opportunity to purchase a large parcel of land to start the first Ubuntu community, conference center & headquarters in the USA! Please donate what you can. We are doing this Bernie Sanders style and the first Ubuntu community will be 15 minutes away from his hometown. OUR TIME IS NOW! Watch the video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJMCadbqgKY donate here: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/ubuntu-vermont <3

Individual from Australia, posted on June 18, 2016

Its not just money that is the problem - but domineering men!
50% of those who manage, control, lead and instruct etc etc, need to be women!
No more hogging and dominating by men!

bernhard.staschik, posted on August 15, 2016

That may be so that 50 % of those maniging and controling should be women. Please do remember that this still is linked into the old system. People need to do what they are best equipped to do. Women are great managers and leaders and there is no reason why they couldn't be above the 50 % mark. The real problem I see is seeing the services rendered being seen as something of equal value.
I always remember the Christian saying that for want of a pin the whole cosmos collapse. So truly all work is equal. In an real Ubuntu society people should be allowed to do wuat they are best equipped to do and what they are passionate about. That's my take on it.

bvb10, posted on June 6, 2016

A new blog inspired by this series.
Beata aka TFHL

bvb10, posted on June 6, 2016

I loved the comment at the end from the lady who said we don't have to 'have it all solved right now'. The beautiful part of a Contributing Community is the natural self organizing that will grow as people create new ways to relate to each other through the recognition of each others talents and abilities to contribute. . The old way tells us Structure must come before Essence, that all potential problems must be thought of and solved before any action can occur. Essence first thinking knows that the best Structure is revealed from the Actions taken in Essence. In this style the form of Ubuntu will be revealed in each contributing community of the future.
xo Beata https://tinfoilhatlady.com/2016/06/06/living-ubuntu-life/

bernhard.staschik, posted on August 15, 2016

I love your explanation.

bernhard.staschik, posted on May 18, 2016

An interesting statement of Steve Jobs before his death was that money once achieved just becomes a fact of life. It does not contribute any of value to life.

dragonflyfla, posted on May 9, 2016

I watch your video since I am always interested in a better way. But, you have A LOT more thinking to do and shouldn't even be presenting this until you have it worked out. You say there isn't an ism to call your way of thinking and no one else has thought of it... but you are wrong - there is it is called utopianism. And you are not the first to attempt this to create this society. They have all failed and there is even an video on Gaia of a failed utopian. American Commune - everyone should watch this video and research why other utopians have failed. They all wanted to do away with money. You should also look into the game theory on Tragedy of the Commons, if you haven't already http://www.gametheorystrategies.com/2011/06/01/tragedy-of-the-commons/

And as a side note to the person who says the current house speaker, whom I am assuming he is referring to the US house speaker - Paul Ryan, that he is from Ayn Rand teachings - couldn't be further from his philosophy/idealism. Paul Ryan is a globalist and the reason he doesn't believe in Trump ideals on the direction this country should be going. If anyone is close to Ayn Rands teaching it would be Trump.

Please go back to the drawing board and good luck to you.

holly.webb, posted on May 9, 2016

"The definition of a utopian colony, according to Robert V. Hine, author of California's Utopian Colonies, "consists of a group of people who are attempting to establish a new social pattern based upon a vision of the ideal society and who have withdrawn themselves from the community at large to embody that vision in experimental form.""

It is not a group of individuals who have withdrawn from 'conventional' society but the whole planet and quite often they have been religious in nature which this is not either.

Quite possibly the whole planet could be a utopia but only as a by product of us working collectively for the greatest benefit of the community.

retroville, posted on May 19, 2016

believing it is possible creates the possibility in reality.
don't let fear stop you before you allow something you deem inconceivable into your reality.
human beings are love. we act in ways outside of love when we are struggling to survive. ubuntu is about eliminating that struggle.
allow the possibility in. there is no reason not to, unless you fear that it will fail, in which case it's failed before it's even allowed the potential to succeed.

dragonflyfla, posted on May 10, 2016

hmmm - http://www.dictionary.com/browse/utopian

of, relating to, or resembling Utopia, an idealized imaginary island described in Sir Thomas More's Utopia (1516).
(usually lowercase) founded upon or involving idealized perfection.
(usually lowercase) given to impractical or unrealistic schemes of such perfection.
an inhabitant of Utopia.
(usually lowercase) an ardent but impractical political or social reformer; visionary; idealist.

Synonyms Expand
See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
3. visionary, idealistic; impracticable.

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 14, 2016

Thanks for so pointedly pointing out the massive flaws in your argument

LeftField, posted on May 12, 2016

Guess we should all just hang up our overalls, sit on our Rses and do jack then. Tea anyone?

claudia.world.events, posted on May 8, 2016

I am interested if you have another workshop. Claudia.world.events@gmail.com Also do you coaborate with the Gambles of Thrive.com? Looking forward to your next broadcast.

Tony Z, posted on May 6, 2016

Michael, you are talking about ending Capitalism as we know it in the USA? Good luck with this! Especially in a country filled with greed, pompous self indulgence, arrogance, self righteousness, this isn't going to happen without a major event such as an economic meltdown or WWIII. I know, I worked for these people for a big part of my life. You can't fix stupid greed. Look at our country, falling in behind the billionaires, wanting to conquer the world, kill anyone in their paths. To them it's all about survival of the fittest and to hell with the losers! If you have the $$ your considered much more "fit" than everyone else. Just ask Mit Romney, he will tell you. Our current speaker of the house is guided by the teachings of Ayn Rand, a sick model for civilization. Capitalism is based on a model of infinite supply of all resources. I tend to differ with this and your assumption. On a small scale, fill a glass with water, drink half of it an see if it fills up by itself. Capitalism will eventually fail because there is not an infinite supply of resources. The world leaders realize this behind closed doors, that's why they want to greatly reduce the population of the world. If you don't believe this, search online for the Georgia Guide Stones. You simply are not going to create little civilizations all over this country and expect not to use money paying taxes, etc. When your child is sick with the Zika virus of the day, your not going to pay your doctor with eggs. Automation, is greatly reducing the need for workers and the exploitation of third world country slaves is greatly reducing jobs in the USA as well. All the leaders want are soldiers to police their actions. They don't want happy people! You want to start a movement, start the Ubuntu political party in this country, teach people to stop joining the military for the benefit of the wealthy, bypass this ridiculous educational system and teach people how to survive, grow food etc. I am telling you the only way their will be a major change in consciousness in this country/world is going to include great pain as it always has. People will not be allowed to set up "charter communities" and do their own thing as you are talking about. If there is not a profit in it for someone, it will be squashed very quickly. I appreciate you and your efforts, I just don't want to see a bunch of people waste their time dreaming of a Utopian community to live in and end up very hurt and devastated more then they already are.

scottc89, posted on May 6, 2016

Hello Tony;

I thought so much of what you are saying is true, but much of it is caused my the "greed of money" and it's a dis -ease on our planet, you take that away and more than half, will begin to have a weight lifted off their shoulders. I would recommend if by chance you have not seen it. It's call"Cosmic Disclosure",the answers that you seek.

Once the majority of American learn that how they have been deceived, and the behind closed doors - They will opened up, you might see something happen to the people, for the better. Even if things seen bleak, I know that people can surprise you. American people will band together, and have tribunals for the syndicate/illuminate and they will face justice, for their crimes, their is no escape now for them!
It's people like you and me, who more than ever want this change, begin to visualize this change, and you may be surprise what Will happen! Read The Power by Rhonda Byrne!

timscharmedlife, posted on May 6, 2016

All those people whom have received any level of promotion have kept the underlings in place for rear of upstarts and apple cart turners. It will be hard for them to drop the system that holds them high and provides their inflated income, but if they think it is set in stone they should beware and take time out to awaken. These people obviously do not care for a fairer and abundant lifestyle for all. How they think that people at the bottom can continue to eat s**t and keep their head up is beyond me. I would like to hear about how the police and armed forces are going to be convinced that it is the rank and file are to be protected not abused. Lastly how would this affect the Indian caste system, for sure the lessers would think they were dreaming, but the high castes would be appalled.

elena.keegan, posted on May 5, 2016

I am going to start this summer by giving away squash (that I grow in my back yard) to as many people as I am able to. I am very excited about living without money and knowing that we are the ones We have been waiting for. I hope to give Michael's message to as many people as possible.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 6, 2016

Elena, thank you for sharing your inspiration!

All the best,

taovag, posted on May 4, 2016

Ubuntu doesn't work without the how to's. I feel like we need another Ubuntu book Michael (a short supplemental) with a clear HOW TO implement the first steps. I feel like I have already internalized the message but I am still at a loss as to HOW TO begin implementing it here where I stand. I understand organizing a local meet-up to discuss and generate comprehension of Ubuntu but is there a clear path to action that can be recommended? I'm willing to do a lot of work, I just am not sure where to start. I have created a youtube channel (UbunTube) that I plan to create informational content and interviews on regarding the subject. I am ready to begin, perhaps I can interview you?

lesliesfarm, posted on May 15, 2016

I am not an expert yet, but from what I have learned so far, the beginning is a group of people who want to give it a try. Next, that group needs to figure out what they have to give to people for free. Michael's ideal is free energy. But, there are other things that are easier offer. If you look at the explosion of CSA's (community supported agriculture) you will see that many value the regular supply of fresh vegetables enough to pay money in advance and, in some cases will contribute their labor on the farm, as well.

I am an experienced gardener, and I can guarantee that with three hours of labor from five or six people, I could produce plenty of food for the whole group, and their families. No problem! And I'm talking about beautiful food, fresh living vegetables, fruit fresh off the tree, dripping with juice, all raised organically. And, as our little green friends deliver their bounty, we have big preservation parties - canning, dehydrating and freezing our bounty for the Winter. This is joyful work that feeds the human soul - the direct opposite of laboring alone in a cubicle, under fluorescent light.

When Michael speaks of the abundance of the Earth, many write that off as his extreme optimism. But, I have experienced the shocking bounty of a simple food plot and the pure joy of freely sharing that with others. As food prices climb to breath-taking heights and organically grown food is at a shortage, FREE sounds mighty good.

taovag, posted on May 26, 2016

Thank you for the positive response. I used to be a member of a coop and am realizing I should support that community again. Thank you.

dragoons, posted on May 3, 2016

how much crime that has been committed has been based around money? just a question...

xuedreams, posted on May 3, 2016

Someone needs to reach out to the America First Nations people. They are already off the grid. They could use this message of hope.

chiangmaideli, posted on May 3, 2016

I think the same for a long time...

QW47DSW, posted on May 3, 2016

Probably some sort of caste system will be inroduced very soon this way because in big communities not everyone gifted equally, I believe some people enjoy strong physical work (stronger 2nd energy center) and the others like to write philosophical books or create art (stronger 6th or 7th energy centers), the others are good entrepreneurs and they're good in making decisions and managing others (3rd energy center). What if you're not satisfied with a three room apartment and you want a mansion ? Where and how much you should contribute to build one ? Who will build it and will they build it just because they're happy to build it for you ?

holly.webb, posted on May 3, 2016

Absolutely everybody is gifted equally! Some people haven't had a chance to realise what their gift is yet as they have been focussed outwardly rather than on discovering themselves. If you truly knew who you were and how you could contribute to your community in a positive way would you truly need the emptiness of 10 bedrooms and a swimming pool? You would get so much more in return!

QW47DSW, posted on May 4, 2016

This is the thing if you got enlightened at the age of 40 that you have to find your true gift you're already 35 years less gifted than someone who was a bright musician or mathematician at the age of 5 and getting more enlightened rather feels like getting outward (expanding) as opposition to being inward (in your head, busy with your thoughts). The laws of karma are still there, possibly you have to spend your life as a beggar so you could use this experience in your next to move one step forward. And why the mansion has to be empty you can populate it with your family and possibly some friends.

Crystal Warrior, posted on July 14, 2016

I believe the answer will be, if everyone is well fed and happy, building big houses will be no problem at all :)

janegrbovik, posted on May 3, 2016

So good to see you back on Giai, I was getting withdrawal symptoms. I have great faith in what you are doing, I truly believe that you are one of the people who is going to help shift this World from abuse to compassion, I hope I am too, I will certainly do my best. It can't come soon enough, compassion, that is, we are being sprayed on heavily this morning in Cornwall. They haven't sprayed for several days, to me it is so obvious, I can't understand why more people don't see what's going on.
Thank you for all that you are doing, I know you can't help it, you have to do it.

des.susko, posted on May 2, 2016

I'm really enjoying the change in format of the show. Its nice to hear feed back from the audience. It will be nice to watch these next episodes unfold and witness these interactions take place between Michael and those in attendance.

In my observations about money, I've noticed people are so used to measuring, weighing and worrying about things being "equal" that this way of thinking tends to spill over onto other things like Love and Friendship which are abundant if we choose. I find this to be the case when I hear friends or family members complain about other friends or family members. So many problems can be solved coming from a perspective where we see everything is in abundance and we don't need money to have abundance. We just need to choose to see it. When Michael commented he said hello to someone who just looked at him and didn't say anything, I know exactly what he's talking about. This happens to me sometimes as I go about places. People are sometimes taken aback by friendliness. They aren't expecting it for some reason. And I know its the system and money is the root of that system. Like a weed, it must be pulled out and thrown in the composting bin. Grassroot efforts are where it will begin. Like gardeners we can sow the seeds of Ubuntu contributionism village by village, town by town and with enough care it will grow so big the current system will get choked out. I'm really looking forward to making my contributions to this change.

In Peace and Love,

ekalauba, posted on May 2, 2016

We are a parent group that decided to invent our own products and give our children the opportunity to be wholesale distributors of our products. Creating top jobs for our children. Now we want to join Ubuntu movement because it will solve the poverty problem that we want to solve in our community.

Please tell us how to join the movement. ?

akamai9999, posted on May 4, 2016

www.ubuntuparty.org.za also Michael Tellinger has innumerable free video clips on youtube.com ..I still highly recommend keep watching the Hidden Orgins
on Gaia.com Because ,"Hidden Orgins is a fantastic distillation or cream of the crop ..of Michael's youtube video clips
If time is an issue...keep watching ..Hidden Orgins ....when you are able to internalize ...Michaels lectures..then spread the word to friends and family..and practically apply..Michael's vision in small towns and communities ...

des.susko, posted on May 2, 2016

chelum.vezie21, posted on May 2, 2016

I hope it all comes together

Alchemist, posted on May 2, 2016

Duplicate entry - due to delay in connection. My apologies.

Alchemist, posted on May 2, 2016

I understand the concept (I think) the vision (def. indeed), integration (not so much)... I've been watching your series, enjoyable and have followed D. Wilcock for 10+ years (you guest starred on his show). Enjoy your ideas and solutions. How can we do this, what is the first step, 2nd, 3rd, etc....time frame? I encourage this philosophy however, transition seems long and painful unless everyone is on board....and if not on board, such as those Banking Institutions, Government, etc.....We would all be imprisoned/jailed for going against "society" and non-conformity. Just as a simple example, in my county (state/USA), there is a LAW against using rain barrels to capture rain water or run off water to irrigate my gardens....! That's insane and that's the insanity we are up against.
Just a few questions that occur instantly
I have a mortgage.... where will I live, where will my family live? The bank would take away our home and we would be left to live on the street? I have property and I would love to use this property to further produce foods.
Are we expected to be inconvenienced to live "with" other's in our own space, therefore throwing out our family unity and our privacy and personal space?
I have a j-o-b, which brings an income, so I can pay for the home, food, etc.... When is that snipped? I Quit? What kind of message am I sending to my children,
that we are renegades and living off the grid, they have already been indoctrinated to high level technology and manipulated in so many thousands of other
Where will my children go to school, as I pay taxes so they can attend the local "public" school (which is highly rated btw, according to what, i dunno)
I own my car, but utilize petro to utilize this vehicle, for transportation....which requires $$USD/plastic/funds - how else can I go visit my other family members,
horse and carriage, which is not even legal on highways,....how can I transport anything from point A to B.

These are just a few examples.
I appreciate your introduction of the thought and ideas because that is exactly how anything starts....but according to you, other peoples, civilizations, etc, have utilized this practice, and should therefore be in existence in the akashic record, this has been done before, and is totally available out there for any/all of us to pull from. This makes me wonder and I can only imagine that since this planet is well over 2.2+++Billion years old, this situation has occurred before and yet if this philosophy was in existence before, all we need to do is pull the akashic record and implement? Unite and gather the Akashic Record to assist?
Just questions that come up first and more thought provoking.
Any responses, appreciated!

lesliesfarm, posted on May 15, 2016

Yes, and dogs have not always lived in the homes of humans. They have lived in packs, which is true to their nature. Unlike our canine friends, we cannot transition to our nature without some help. All of our ancestors have lived Ubuntu. The indigenous peoples of North America call this "The Old Way". The indigenous people of the British Isles fought for their old ways for 1000 years. The indigenous tribes of Australia are still striving to keep their culture. These ways are the natural ways of human beings. This is what was taken from the human family.

Alchemist, from what you have written, you are a hard-working adult, living in the system. Ubuntu is a newborn baby. It needs mothering and good milk right now. Even with all your responsibilities, you could find THREE HOURS A WEEK. Before you know it, that baby will be holding it's head up and soon you will be chasing the little sweetie all over. And, after nurturing that spark of life, you will soon see a powerful young man or a passionate young woman, full of energy and new ideas.

So, don't underestimate the joy of spending three hours a week with other people who are flexing the muscle of human generosity. You won't want to go home after just three hours.

Millerbd87, posted on May 3, 2016

We should collectively have a "Stop paying bills from here on out" day, or just a Transition Day. I haven't thought that one through haha.

hemessenger, posted on May 2, 2016

As usual superb I do wish you well in the elections I think it is the ONLY answer

daniel.durba, posted on May 2, 2016

"Agreed" is the only form of Greed us Humans need concern ourselves with.

(M)ichael (T)ellinger (MT) MT your minds...

-Bruce Lee's original quote: "Empty your mind..."

privateidaho49, posted on May 2, 2016

On a technical note, any chance Gaia will be adding Amazon Fire Stick to devices? Today my IP has slowed down so much that I can't watch the rest of the video without freeze ups and skips.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 2, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write! We don't currently have an app for Amazon Fire Stick.
You can find our currently supported apps and devices listed here:
If you have any questions, email us at info@gaia.com.


peterfarthing, posted on May 2, 2016

I was at the presentation in London April 2016 which had such a great feeling of hope and faith in our ability to tap into our creativity and ancient contributionist heritage. Thanks for making that presentation available on Gaia as well.

Michael - if you read this, it was great to meet you in person in London. I keep wondering if you've contacted Johnny Clegg - he seems to be so closely aligned with the spirit of Ubuntu in his heart - he even mentioned the old tribal democratic ways that are no more and the challenge for the new generations in a concert I saw on DVD. With the South African elections coming up, his support could have a big impact - perhaps he could do an Ubuntu benefit gig to add to his 2016 South African dates or even write an Ubuntu campaign song!


guac77, posted on May 2, 2016

I Think UBUNTU will easily work and a lot of people will like it. Only after the Illuminati are executed and imprisoned. They control the creation of money and are so evil, they will assassinate or military invade anyone, that is a threat to their money, power and control. The reason you M Tellinger haven' t been killed already is because you are a one of the highest skilled Wanderers (http://www.icheckyoursoul.com/?page_id=490 is a list of other high skilled Wanderers with a website to help Humanity) that God protects, God simply will not create the reality of you being killed by the bad guys, and you might not have done enough damage yet. I'm strongly told that God will soon create the reality of the Illuminati being executed and imprisoned.

lesliesfarm, posted on May 15, 2016

Yes, we are walking a tightrope today. But, the key to success is to look up, not down. The reason "they" are trying to kill us off is that they are losing control of us. The more we take care of ourselves and others, the sooner they fade away. How many people are still using an old-fashioned typewriter? Nobody had to smash the old typewriters. They simply collected dust until they landed in the trash. Ubuntu is the computer keyboard of our time.

janegrbovik, posted on May 4, 2016

I do not want to be part of a compassionate movement that execute, I feel strongly that it will lower the energy to their level. I do think they should be locked up in a compassionate prison. I believe that if people are treated with compassion they want to free themselves of their burden by disclosing, this will fuel the compassion to grow stronger. It's the truth that will set us free, pro life.

knodell.mickey, posted on September 21, 2016


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