Mind Shift: The New Future of Art and Science Video
The New Future of Art and Science
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Mind Shift: The New Future of Art and Science (October 2013)

Season 1, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Since time immemorial, art has the pervasive power to influence attitudes and opinions on a grand scale. In more recent times, science has come forward as the primary architect of the world we now live. John Petersen and Carter Cleveland join Daniel Pinchbeck to explain how the collusion of art and science can inspire mankind's coming of age in this interview originally webcast October 29, 2013.

John Petersen stands at the forefront of technological advancements and offers his unique foresight for the next generation of humankind. Carter Cleveland, who has always stood at the precipice of art and science, realized his vision of bringing art collections to a wider audience with his website, Artsy.net. Together, they explain how advancements in social network technology will become the most powerful tool for transformation that we have ever known.

Daniel Pinchbeck
Carter Cleveland, John Petersen
Michael Canzoniero


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yecidortega, posted on January 1, 2014

It was not clear to me how artsy.net is bringing art collection to a "wider" audience. I see it as elite art for elitist people. I do not see any connection to the communities out there, the local artists who do not have a voice. I know many artists who have wonderful pieces of art and they are just not being exposed. How is Carter Cleveland and his website address this issue? is there any support to emerging artists? or connections with galleries in developing countries? Ultimately, how is this connected to the future of arts and sciences. Thank you.

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