Mind Shift: Toltec Shamanic Prophecies Video
Toltec Shamanic Prophecies

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Mind Shift: Toltec Shamanic Prophecies (November 2013)

Season 1, Episode 10
Available worldwide

The transition of the Mayan calendar was not meant to herald the end of the world. We have entered into a new period of slow transformation and awakening. Daniel Pinchbeck discusses Toltec traditions and the Mayan calendar after 2012 with Sergio Magaña, Dharma Padron Daly and Salvador Bolivar Madera, the implications of the Mayan calendar after 2012 in this explorative interview was originally webcast November 19, 2013.

Sergio Magaña explains how the Mayan calendar works and what it means to be entering into the time of the 6th sun. It is in this period where spirituality shifts from an external focus to an internal. This is why dreams are more important and old religious practices may not work for many people. Next he joins with Dharma Padron Daly and Salvador Bolivar Madera to discuss how elements of Toltec tradition apply to our current period of transition.

Daniel Pinchbeck
Sergio Magaña, Dharma Padron Daly, Salvador Bolivar Madera
Michael Canzoniero


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fixitdee, posted on April 20, 2016

Love the set and the set up that provides good communication between host and guest.

I enjoyed very much the information on the Mayan culture and spirit.

joxyjules, posted on June 28, 2015

Just found this series, very enlightening on topics I've not known about before. Especially liked the first few highlighting people with vision who are bringing ways to enhance our lives and communities with their businesses and projects.

Gemini3x, posted on April 21, 2014

Great, great show. I'll be back for this one several times, I'm sure.

zekewheelie, posted on February 10, 2014

We have met this gentleman and his wife three or four times now and he claims to have been with another person by name of Otis T. Carr who built UFO as Otis had worked with Tesla. Tapping into such things as consciousness may be the ultimate frontier. The new technologies where skin grafts are does in days with spray ons. Really we are onto a new time......thanks Daniel

andrew.demirdjian, posted on December 20, 2013

Thank You.

nathanblaz, posted on December 8, 2013

Kudos to Daniel, the show's team, and Gaiam TV for this stimulating show. Daniel's questions are insightful, nuanced, and precisely framed. Excellent work, I am so happy I subscribed.

specialtyler, posted on December 2, 2013

This was a great episode. I love Sergio's energy and insights. Keep it up. :)

walkerparrish75, posted on November 22, 2013

Has anyone found anything online on the exact practices of the mirror technique. I have tried it the last three nights and met some beautiful healing, but am curious about doing things more in line with the wisdom tradition. Thank you Sergio Magaña for sharing this with the world! I AM LOVE

sal9, posted on February 10, 2016

Hello, the first time I hear about the mirror, practice I am Completely Novice, with any Desipline , could you share some insight how you mingled with the mirror, My entourage Definitely will Give me The Insanity certificate if I try to brainstorm, about these subject's thank you.

Edward.k, posted on November 19, 2013

I love MindShift, I have been watching it since its premier and every episode has been fantastic. This particular episode I think is my favorite so far. Thank you Daniel Pinchbeck, thank you to your great guests and Gaiam TV for bringing such a wonderful show into manifestation.

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