Beyond Belief: Operation Mind Control with Nick Begich  Video
Operation Mind Control with Nick Begich
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Beyond Belief: Operation Mind Control with Nick Begich (May 2013)

Season 1, Episode 25
Available worldwide

New advancements in technology are unlocking the secrets of the brain. These innovations could open the hidden possibilities of the mind and awaken the next evolution for mankind. This same technology, if it used for dubious means, could have a dire consequences for all of humanity. Dr. Nick Begich, well known for his work and research on HAARP, reveals new technologies and techniques that can awaken the next evolution for mankind or usher in a new era of thought control in this interview with George Noory, originally webcast May 31, 2013.

Co-author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Nicholas Begich received his doctorate in traditional medicine from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. He began pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics and is now the Executive Director of The Lay Institute on Technology, Inc. as well as the publisher of Earthpulse Press Incorporated

George Noory
Nicholas Begich


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rob79, posted on December 22, 2015

i often have at least two layers of thought going on at any given time, would a mind reading only take the most forefront thoughts? if so could i bury my try intentions at a deeper level of thought while making my uppermost surface thoughts go along with the lie? fun to wonder on

bobbyndallas7, posted on July 6, 2014

If it has the least bit of potential to be used against another human being, it will be.
And one I have always hated is when someone is detailing to me via conversation the horrific manipulation which is being inflicted on myself and others, and they smile. Constantly
Why are you so happy that this is being done to me?
Are you exempt?

SkyWatcher, posted on July 27, 2013

I always enjoy hearing Interviews from Dr. Nick Begich. Regina Meredith has Interviewed this intelligent man, and Dr. Begich has answers for the many uses of the newest inventions that many don't know about yet, nor believe are being misused. Five Stars in my opinion, for Dr. Begich.

SKANYUH, posted on June 2, 2013

In my view there is no positive in an infringement of brain control in any circumstance. I vibrate with excitement at the thought of one day reaching a state of consciousness and dimensional reality that allows telepathy as a means of communication, but that is a matter of free will versus manipulative intrusion. This topic is more a matter of ethics than risks to the mind or body.

peacekeeper, posted on June 7, 2013

Greetings... I appreciate your comments and resonate with their enthusiasm, my friend. And just because we are All playing and learning on this (wonderful) website, allow me to share a possibility relating to "telepathy" that has come into my (direct) experience- link included. :)

As I mentioned in my comments to Koala, the current reliance on our 5-sense paradigm is now proven to be limited and vulnerable (in both scientific and esoteric circles) to nefarious powers such as the present example of mind-control/manipulation. In this 'psychic' limitation (our thinking), our wonderful, fear-baed minds are naturally drawn to expansive skills of possibility (telepathy as you may know is a psychic reality), but as you will see in this short, 30-min video (should you see it), the psychic corridors... where telepathy operates... have been corrupted and long-dominated by yes, nefarious beings who cannot be seen, who are invisible to the intellect- though there are other ways to discern them, i.e.breath-consciousness (another story). So, given this possibility, I would not recommend one striving to enter the bottom of this food-chain where psychic warfare has been (allegedly) mastered for billions of years... The video above shares knowledge from the Gnostics who speak of these Archons controlling our thought processes; something don Juan (in Carlos Castaneda's "The Active Side of Infinity") calls "psychic parasites" and a "foreign installation." This is largely why these esoteric worlds speak of liberating our true natures from the mental realms which have been completely subjugated. And perhaps it also reveals humanity's divine legacy that is evolving beyond the hidden enslavement long-posing as our cherished human intellects.

I know this is a bunch of possibility to process. But we are out of time... And greater realities with their surreal vastness can no longer hide in 3-d boxes. :) Blessings to All.

peacekeeper, posted on May 31, 2013

What is this 'nagging' heart-intuition that senses deception in Noory's sincerity to uncover truth? Forgive me, but I can't shake this inner-perception about hidden motivations leading a trail to the other-side... I cancelled my coast-to-coast subscription because the deception energies flowing through this brother's field were too strong to ignore. I appreciated Begich's scientific contribution that allowed him to remain within the safety confines of academia. But the scope of black-budget advancements has (exceedingly) gone beyond what Begich is professing. Too many highly-credentialed whistleblowers have stepped forth to share their involvement of ET technology relating to mind control. And what about "Nicole," the volunteer in this video that (to me) is the most aware Being participating in this trio? She places Nick's device on her cheeks and quickly... removes it... astutely sensing its nefarious designs. Her expressions and subsequent actions speak clearly to her strong intuitive nature that puts great faith in 'feelings.' Neither George nor Nick tune-in to this aspect of intuition that senses the nefarious corridors of which this device operates- and perhaps originates. I wish someone had asked what feelings Nicole experienced; she looked as if something more needed to be said. Again, in my opinion, George seemed genuinely disinterested beyond the showmanship and Begich seemed trapped in his scientific perceptions to sense that a human soul reacted to this elementary mind-control device.
There is no blame intended, for each of us is moving as we must. Overall an interesting presentation perhaps more geared for the uninitiated. Nicole's participation said it all. Blessings.

koala, posted on June 4, 2013

I think you are biased and looking far too deep into this. Simple technology by itself is not nefarious. The volunteer seemed positive and relaxed the entire time she was on stage. So far I haven't picked up anything less than positive or genuine from Noory, but of course, I'm open to the possibility and will continue to watch and analyze.

This was an interesting interview, and I appreciated Begich's insights and explanations of HAARP's capabilities.

peacekeeper, posted on June 7, 2013

Thank you for your perspective and for the honesty in sharing it. Yes, perhaps I have become "biased" in my years of spiritual discovery that has revealed a darkside at odds with human evolution. In my view there is no "simple technology..." when it comes to mind-control... especially given the dark history of its use (MK-ULTRA) with its many high-ranking whistleblowers exposing its sophistication since the fifties. The research is available for those so inclined. Koala, you offer that I may be "...looking far too deep into this." Perhaps for one solely accustomed to relying on intellect with its reasoning and rationale based on the (limited) 5-sense paradigm, 'yes,' this might be the case. But multi-consciousness in other energetic spectrums from whence the basics of intuition emanate do exist- though invisible to the intellect. Here is a brief and wild example just to stir the pot: the 'device' that was demonstrated in this interview is pure energy in the form of atoms vibrating (appearing and disappearing millions of cycles per/sec-a Quantum scan reveals this 'deeper' reality). In the world of certain spiritual adepts... these "energies" are literally conscious with personalities and a language of their own that we humans can discover- in terms of communication. And in this 'communication,' nefarious is splattered everywhere even if the 5-sense perception cannot sense it. Feelings, intuition, energetic language leading the intellect sees far deeper into the clever and insidious, hidden agenda of powers beyond a 3-D reality. Koala, where in the world do you not see darkness swallowing things whole? We who are designed to "look deeper" will soon exemplify viable options in this madness, my friend. The emperor is naked. Many Blessings.

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