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Origin of Money
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Hidden Origins: Origin of Money (April 2016)

Season 1, Episode 14
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Right now, things seems to be getting worse in the world with images of war and abject poverty dominating mainstream media. Michael Tellinger explains that this is the narrative which the banking elite want you to believe, because they know they are starting to lose control. To finally break free from the banking system, we to understand the origin of money, the extent of its control over us, and how we can establish a new banking system that benefits all. This presentation was originally webcast April 4, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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johnod1, posted on September 14, 2016

that was so interesting i Lerner a lot more today about money .before i woke up i used to believe that Libia was bad and so were all the other middle eastern countries we invaded how wrong i was i was brainwashed by the media But not any more

Individual from Australia, posted on June 13, 2016

Fractional Reserve Banking is a GIANT CON JOB!
Crims are in charge and control of the banking system.
Their vices a dark and pure evil!
All head hochos are men and they hate humanity and the environment.
They need to be exposed!

cgrav, posted on May 13, 2016


daniel.durba, posted on May 2, 2016

It's disgusting that we're so dumb that we proudly lend our children to this war machine for the banks. Our children are falsely led to believe there's nobility in these conflicts. Iraq, yes absolutely that SOB Saddam was a murderous rapist who used biochemical warfare on his people, but WE SOLD HIM the WEAPONS. The government sells arms, and then invades to take over the banking industries.
So are our children's lives worth feeding to the ravenous Military Industrial Complex?

daniel.durba, posted on May 1, 2016

Reference the book

Those Who Walked Away from Omelas

The whole of the Earth is Omelas.

daniel.durba, posted on May 1, 2016

of course no one ever says they're 100% happy with their lives. Not everything always turns out so you win every time. that's nature.

daniel.durba, posted on May 1, 2016

Suppose they allow these UBUNTU colonies to grow from the electoral process. And they sit back and watch the societies grow and gain migrant members... Well that's one heavily concentrated area of opposition where they can be sure 100% of the people pose a threat to their power. What do governments do to places like that? They, to use it as a verb, WACO,TX them out of existence. That so-called compound where all these lies about sexual misconduct and slavery were generated was really just a group of people just like yourselves, fed up with the way the world was forcing them to live, so they banded together. They made the mistake of trying to be self-governed and sovereign from the US. Kind of like the Freemen Bureau to a small degree. Well we saw what happened there. Rumors and misinformation were fed into the media until there was a very deliberate public picture being painted of these people. Then the duped made a public outcry, and no one (at first) questioned what happened next. The reality of it was the most sinister act ever to occur before 9/11. They locked them all in and torched them to death: men, women, children...

My suggestion: Use your first community project to secretly develop force-field or dome-like technology and protect your inhabitants.

moniqueglibert, posted on May 1, 2016

he coined with gold stolen from the Gauls, and mine the Gauls mine for Rome!! he was a thief, too!

daniel.durba, posted on April 26, 2016

Michael Tellinger (MT)

MT your mind

vlmanos, posted on April 26, 2016

Thank you Michael your show gives us so much information about the world around us.

wm, posted on April 17, 2016

It's interesting to note there are Libertarians on the right & Socialists (or Democratic Socialists being the preferred term today, as in expanding democracy into the economic & financial sectors) that both call for taking control of & even abolishing the Federal Reserve. We the People of Earth must find ways to establish what really has not ever been done before: establish public ownership AND control of the money powers similar to civilian control of the military powers.

Yes, Tellinger is correct, we do not need any form of usury, no interest and no taxation. That means removing having your money work for you with compound interest. Because one doesn't then need it. All financial institutions must be transparent & auditable. Distinctions must be arrived at to distinguish privacy (acceptable) from secrecy (unacceptable). Moving beyond this is establishing cooperative networks of democratic local, regional, & global councils/congress/legislatures of some type where people may deliberate over and for and against to determine how we may all live together. The Vote World Parliament organization out of Canada and their stand for some kind of democratic world parliament has some great proposals. Learn about them here and vote in their global referendum, too, at http://voteworldparliament.org.

What I have problems with is I can't figure how we are going to move beyond not having jobs. I feel it is dangerous and unwise to assume technology will solve everything, & we as a species much exercise caution around becoming overly dependent upon machines, robots, computers, A.I., and not just to avoid what happened to humanity in the animated movie,"WALL-E," (scarier than "The Matrix" in some ways), but to avoid the A.I. menace disclosed by Corey Goode to David Wilcock. As much as I want to liberate ourselves from money, I know I'd rather pay someone to do a certain range of jobs, many of them either I've done before and don't wish to do again, or am physically or mentally or educationally able to perform. Any machine-based Utopia will find its machines and the systems arising from such machinery must be maintained, repaired, replaced, and updated. DUMITRU below makes a number of good points for what's primary, and that is it's really all about control. We have choices, now and later and again, and always we will have choices over what entity and what individuals control whom and what. Whether it's transition with jobs & money or Utopia-arrived with 0 jobs & money, there will always be the issues of who and what decides ... and enforces.

Thanks for another riveting episode! We must determine what steps to take forward into the field where there are no paths.


lisaartistberg, posted on April 14, 2016

Some will rant, (GMAXUM) and fight for limitations, its so much easier to be a blind follower., but Michael on the other hand is offering here a brave new world.. Brilliant amazingly simple. Yet present to people highly narrow minded , full of fear for the potential retaliation of the Holding sytem and they will call it fantasy. Far from fantasy, it is often the visionaries that are much more brave then the little sheep that follow in fear. Bravo..! this is real, it is happening first a divine notion, then through divine action. So be it*

gmaxum, posted on April 12, 2016

A lot of wishful thinking and just plain ranting here. This new consciousness that is sweeping the globe - I have not seen it or sensed it.... at all. All the history he references is irrelevant. People like their money. It allows them to live luxurious lives and gives them life options and ,if you have enough $$, freedom. Money is power and the people and corporations that possess it are powerful. Whom is going to wrest this power away ?? And how??

mymagicwanda, posted on April 11, 2016

humanityparty.com is saying the very same things as Ubuntu ideas. However it does have the solutions, it has the remedy. The two guys need to get together

bpinto, posted on April 11, 2016

I love the way you spoke about the Money, which is very true. India surely uses the temples as banks. I know that for fact. But what is the remedy for all this. How do you stop it. It is easy to talk, but what we really need is remedy. How to get rid of this foolishness of MONEY.

nicole.lafleurdunil, posted on April 10, 2016

Appreciate so much your input into this whole revived ancient system. I definitely will be involved and promote it as much as I can. I have already been putting some of the practises you mentioned into use for some time. Thank you Michael for your honesty, the sharing of your knowledge, your enthusiasm in what you do. We are all one big family!

taovag, posted on April 9, 2016

Thank you for demystifying the subject of money. I'm so grateful for the work you are doing and I support it completely. Signed up for the upcoming webinar and looking forward to making Ubuntu a reality near me. I foresee a coming renaissance the likes of which the world has never seen.

palivingston, posted on April 9, 2016

Another excellent show Michael! Thanks again!

feliciecdh, posted on April 8, 2016

How will the boring jobs be done? Who would want to "express their natural talents" in cleaning toilets?

ebogita, posted on April 10, 2016

In the Ubuntu book, it says that every community member will volunteer a few hours each week to work on community needs. Cleaning toilets, and other boring jobs would likely fall into this category.

anthony.farrow, posted on April 10, 2016

Jobs like that would cease to exist. either by implementing a solution through technology. Or each person cleans up their own mess. I a halls of residence or even a workplace. If there was no janitor eventually everyone would be like. "ok guys we all need to clean this up, its a mess" After that happened a few times I bet you everyone would start to clean up as they go rather than spend a whole day cleaning up month old dirt and grime.

feliciecdh, posted on April 10, 2016

My life experience tells me that relying on people's "conscientiousness" never works in the long run. The only thing that works is trusting people's desire of expansion. You can trust people when they naturally follow what's interesting, exciting, fun, and enjoyable. This is how discoveries happen and culture evolves. I believe that in the course of evolution and expansion of consciousness, people's individual vibrational setpoints will rise. Eventually, no one will be a "match" to being a janitor, and then technology will jump to the next level, and it will not be necessary to have human janitors. (Perhaps we will learn to break down garbage with our thoughts :)). If we look back at history, this is exactly how things have been advancing and changing.

Money originated as a type of financial technology when it became cumbersome to continue with barter. It is becoming more and more "virtual" in the way it is handled. It will disappear eventually when it is no longer useful. In this case, it will happen naturally. We cannot force change before its time because we are not a match for the enrgies and forces of the universe. As Victor Hugo said: "nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Anyway, this is my view of how the universe works, supported by life experience and experimentation with my consciousness and emotions. I am just not on the same page with fear mongering. I am very interested in what this guy has to say about the stone circles in South Africa. Apparently, there are huge white spots in our knowledge of ancient history. I can't wait for us to find out more about these cultures. But the other stuff he says doesn't resonate with me.

feliciecdh, posted on April 8, 2016

Royal families are marrying commoners right and left. I find it hard to believe that there is special blood flowing in their veins.

palivingston, posted on April 9, 2016

Are you sure that these 'commoners' aren't really part of the bloodline?

feliciecdh, posted on April 9, 2016

The wife of the English prince, Kate Middleton, the husband of the Swedish princess, Daniel Westling, the wife of the Swedish prince, Sofia Hellqvist - as far as I know, these are all commoners. Their genealogy has been well researched. They even have peasants as their ancestors. Sofia Hellqvist modeled for a nudie magazine and used to be a reality star. Moreover, the Swedish king himself comes from the line of one of Napolean's generals because the Swedish royal line died out. I just find this conspiracy theory about a special bloodline very implausible. Even if some of these spouses came from the alien bloodline many generations ago, it must have become so diluted so as to become irrelevant. In this case, we all share some of this blood line because we have mixed with each other for so many generations.

chandira2012, posted on April 8, 2016

thank you

sherryjblair, posted on April 8, 2016

I see evidence we are going through a global awakening around money. The Bernie Sanders campaign in the US is part of it. The UN and Pope Francis talk about income inequality. It's not just income redistribution, but new light on the money matrix and the consequent changes in thinking.

mike217, posted on April 7, 2016

Michael Tellinger ,

Thank you so much for all your knowledge and inspiring messages as you continue to wake up humanity.

mkeller, posted on April 7, 2016

Michael, you are a great speaker with a profound message. I am always amazed at your delivery... and you don't even seem to take a breath. Thanks for the fire!

art heart, posted on April 7, 2016

Michael, with all due respect I have to ask WHY
If the Ubuntu concept is "MONEY - FREE", If there can be a thriving society WITHOUT MONEY.
then W-H-Y are you talking about establishing BANKS ???
(unless this would be only a preliminary step) ????????????????????????????????????????
Am I missing something here ?

anthony.farrow, posted on April 10, 2016

I think your are right in saying its a preliminary step and i'm sure Michael covered this or will cover it as we go on. We will create these people banks as to readjust the system without too much confusion or devastation to put it bluntly. :) Because money can be given to anyone to work on things for the community it can be exchanged and used just as money was in the private bank system, or rather similarly. Once we had built an infrastructure and had provided everyone with what they need etc etc. Eventually we would realise that the money doesn't mean anything. what does mean something are essentials for life. as we move past these material things we would seek knowledge from communal libraries etc etc. and it goes on

bvb10, posted on April 7, 2016

You are so inspiring. Thanks again for giving me new ideas about the future !!!
Beata www.tinfoilhatlady.com

artistsuzette, posted on April 7, 2016

This is good news and I believe it can happen ~ I already know what I would contribute to the community ~ ~ ~ I feel very good about this episode and it's message to us ~ ~ ~ Thank you Michael Tellinger ~ ~ ~

jojo_gough, posted on April 6, 2016

Excelent!!!! One day it will be a reality. Thank you.

jodychurch2013, posted on April 6, 2016

Where, how do I find out more about joining one of these communities?

hemessenger, posted on April 6, 2016

It is very hard to get people interested in this subject I get very excited by the idea of no money but if they have good jobs and children they are loath to change.For me it is the only way forward I love this series thank you

summersol, posted on April 6, 2016

Thank you!!!

whelcheljd, posted on April 6, 2016

This is an amazing synopsis of the problem. How can we share this with EVERYONE?

dumitru, posted on April 5, 2016

Michael, Your representation of Thomas Jefferson as rebelling against the power money is false, and you know it. Jefferson was urging Americans to keep their power by keeping control over their money, and I agree with him. I do not agree with your plan to take away the people’s money and thereby taking away their power.

Your story that money originated in Mesopotamia is interesting, but it offers no evidence of your claim that it was invented to enslave us.

In the second half of your video, you made my point for me: Money is Not the problem. The problem is criminal control of our money by the banksters. One of the countries you left out that broke away from the central banking slavery system was the United States of America. The original colonies broke free by printing their own script for money. That use of money facilitated a great expansion of wealth and production for the colonists. In other words, Michael, the money was good. It was helpful. It brought about a (relatively) free and prosperous society. It was King George’s decision to force the colonies to stop using their own script for money that pushed the colonists to rebel. It wasn’t a tax on tea. Look it up.

The way to regain our freedom is to regain our control over money. Money is power. People having our own power over our own lives is good. If you take power away from the people, you leave them vulnerable to tyranny. The only way for us to get our power back is to take it back. A government for, of and by the People means you have to actually take action. Let’s get busy!

thequestess, posted on April 6, 2016

The problem with money is that people are corruptible and money provides a great draw for those people. Money is just asking to be used to exploit people. It's something that can be hoarded, controlled, and used as a tool against those who have less. It's a great way to hoard resources and create scarcity for others, and to make them work for those resources they so desperately need.
You're completely right when you say that "money is power." But money is actually just paper, it's just a concept. So we have this concept that takes our own, god-given power away from us, and assigns it to paper that can be taken away and used against us.

If money is so great, why do we _have_ to have a "job" so we can survive? Why can't we just up and decide to follow our passion (one that gives to the community)?
You can't start your own business without taking a loan from someone else. And then you are enslaved to pay back that money. In fact, you have to work harder than if you had just been able to start your business on your own, so that you can pay back the interest/dividends on the loan.

When we're working in a job that is taking advantage of us (not paying a living wage, overworking us regularly, treating us like we're not human, etc), we can't just decide to up and stop working at that job. No, because then we'd have no money.
We have to go find another job before we can quit the first one, and we have to hope that it won't have the same problems as the first job.

In fact, you can't even decide to become completely self-sustainable and grow your own food and make your own goods, because you still have to pay money for your home, your land, and your taxes. And unless you have a water supply on your own land, you'll have to pay someone for water too. (Did you know it's illegal to collect rain water for drinking?)
And, you can't sell your goods or your food, because then you'd be dealing with money.

We have all developed Stockholm Syndrome with money. We love it and we worship it. We can't imagine being without it, and that prospect scares the crap out of us.
Some of us are even under the impression that money will bring us happiness!

Maybe money was actually invented specifically to exploit and control people, or maybe it just developed that way and Michael is wrong about its origins. I can see how the barter system can also be used in this way: Whoever possesses all of the things can get whatever they want out of the people who need those things. But regardless, money is most definitely being used to manipulate and control - held over the heads of those who don't have the money by those who do have it.

If money does not ensalve us, I challenge you to explain how we can exist in the world as it currently is without it.
Michael Tellinger, and others, have convinced me. Can you convince us otherwise?

dumitru, posted on April 6, 2016

I agree with you that money is a tool. It's a tool like a screw-driver is a tool. If you put them on a table, they don't do anything. They just sit there. They are not good or evil. The problem is Not with the tools. Taking away tools just disempowers people. Micheal's whole premise for Ubuntu is that people are so inherently good that if we just got rid of that evil "money" thing, then everyone would be all loving and taking care of eachother. That's nonsense, because, by your own admission, people are corruptible, and That is the problem. There have been plenty of pre-agrarian tribes with no money whose cultures were steeped in fear, black magic, abuse of women, lust for power and so on. Those who don't know this just haven't studied enough cultural anthropology. Taking away money does nothing to solve the problems of the human heart.

As for the problems in our society that you ascribe to money, please educate yourself. Our modern society doesn't use money. It uses debt-based currency, which is Not money. Just because they call it "money" doesn't mean it is. Look it up. Debt-based currency is the tool that the banksters are using to control us, and That should be abolished.

As for having jobs, there is no shame in working for a living. In a free society where people are not enslaved by debt-based currency and a corrupt government, money is just a very efficient medium of exchange. In that way it empowers people to choose what they want to do that contributes to society in a way that other people value enough to pay for it. It also empowers people to choose to spend it on whatever they value enough to spend it on. Again, check out how well it worked in Colonial America.

As for worshiping money, speak for yourself. I don't worship money any more than I worship my screw driver, but I'm not throwing my screw driver away any time soon.

As for your challenge to explain how we can exist in the world as it currently is without money, again, that is exactly what we are doing. We have No money. We are enslaved by debt-based currency, and that is what is causing the problems you and Michael are attributing to money. But we have no money. If we could get our money back and keep it under our own control, that would solve a lot of problems.

Thank you for asking! We need to keep talking to eachother.

thequestess, posted on April 7, 2016

I see money as more like a gun. Yes, just sitting on a table, it does nothing. But when a corruptible person gets their hands on a gun, they can do a lot more damage and wield a lot more power than they can with a screwdriver.

I disagree that taking away money disempowers people. Instead it returns the power to the individual, instead of having it assigned to a piece of paper that can be taken away from them. Removing money quickly takes our power back from the super rich.

You say that money worked in colonial America, but look how long that lasted. Americans came here to escape the corrupt rich, and within 100 years, American money was just as corrupted. Banks popped up very quickly after the US formed.

In Michael's case, I believe he is using "money" to mean "debt-based currency," and I think I am too, since that's what it is today. At the same time, Michael is also proposing to get rid of trade, because trade can still be used to hoard goods and therefore exploit others (especially those who don't produce goods and services). Instead, it's about contributing to the community... very much like the Star Trek world. When people stop living for the "me" and start living for the "we," they are much more loving. Yes, there will always be the one bad apple here and there, but a community of people would easily stand against them instead of cowering in the fear of isolation and disconnection.

You're right, there is absolutely no shame in working for a living. People inherently want to work, doing what is their passion and creating and contributing to the world. It's in our nature at birth. Michael's system is set up to allow people to do that - to follow their passions - instead of being trapped into doing a job they hate for a boss or corporation they hate, all because they are dependent upon the income it provides.

And being able to see a doctor (or therapist) when they're sick and unable to work to earn money to pay for the doctor. And being able to eat when they're too weak to work to earn money to pay for food.
Then they can get better and become contributing members of society again. And the plight that our poor find themselves in would be gone and they would have more energy and hope and so much of the problems associated with the "lower class" would be gone (with time and healing of course).

dumitru, posted on April 7, 2016

Yes, guns are also tools, and also very valuable for self defense. It is because people are not all good that we need to have effective self defense.

The super rich are the ones who have removed money from the society. That isn't semantics. The reason I point out that we now have a debt-based currency is because it is fundamentally different from money. They are not the same. Money is a representation of our work energy. Energy is a form of power. Therefore money is power. So you can say that taking away money doesn't disempower people, but you can see all around you that having our money taken away from us and replaced with a debt-based currency that the super-rich control, has, in fact, been very disempowering for the people.

Yes, we lost the battle in America to keep our money. That isn't a good reason to completely surrender.

First you don't want people to have money because they are too corruptible to be trusted with it. Then you claim that people are so good that they will naturally create this wonderful "Star Trek" world, if we could just take away this one powerful tool. First of all, you can't have it both ways. Either people are naturally so bad we can't let them have powerful tools, or they are so good that they will naturally create a wonderful society. Secondly, watch Star Trek again, and you will notice that they have much more powerful tools that can be used for evil than our society does today. So that argument doesn't hold up. Having or not having powerful tools does not solve the problem of good and evil. They exist regardless of the tools we have. Thirdly, Star Trek is a fantasy. Again, study Cultural Anthropology and you will see that you see that, in the real world, money isn't needed to create controlling and fear-based societies. You and Micheal are just saying things as if saying them make them so. The actual evidence is against you. The logic of your arguments fall apart upon examination. By ignoring what I pointed out about culture, you are just ignoring facts.

Michael proclaims that people will just be able to do whatever they want, and not be trapped by a job. But he has yet to answer my previous posts in this series asking how this will actually work. Who will decide who gets to live where if one million people all like a particular lake shore property? How will you get your flying car if the few people who feel like actually making them have already given them away to someone else? What if they get bored of making flying cars and decide to do something else? The same goes for growing food, manufacturing of all sorts, cleaning, and caregiving for the sick & elderly. Sure there will be some people who want to do these things day in and day out, but the Communist societies which were based on the motto: "To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability" , those societies fell apart, because people didn't actually feel like working for the benefit of society. If you listen to all of Michael's presentations, you will hear that he doesn't actually want to get rid of "jobs". His model requires people work as set amount of hours each week for "the community". He just doesn't want to have to pay these people for their work. He says you won't need to pay them because everything will be provided for free. By whom? How are you going to provide the goods and services people want if they happen to be the sorts of things nobody feels like doing? His answer: slave labor. The "Community" will "require" people work. There's your "job" and your loss of freedom. The "community" who ever "they" are, will decide what work you do without pay.

Well, I don't have time to repeat all of what I said in previous posts. If you're actually interested in examining this on a practical level, you can go back to his previous videos in this series and search for my name in the comments section.

thequestess, posted on April 11, 2016

Absolutely "good and evil" exist regardless of what tools we do or don't have. It's just, money is a tool that is very easy for the few evil ones to use against all the rest of us. I believe that the majority of people are inherently good (especially when they don't have money keeping them from getting the basics they need for survival and good mental well-being). So while there would still be evil people in a world without money, they would be more self-contained and could be dealt with one at a time, instead of wielding incredible power over everyone and therefore not having to pay the price for their crimes.

Far more places than just America have lost the battle of money. When it keeps happening again and again, some people would see that as a sign that the system is majorly flawed (just like people have seen how communism is flawed, and the system Michael talks about is not communism).

Of course Star Trek is a fantasy. But when someone says "Star Trek society," everyone knows exactly what they're talking about. Those sorts of societies are not fantasies and are what many benevolent extra terrestrial societies are based on. (And, also, what our old tribal communities used to be based on.)

If money weren't an issue, we could give food and technology to "poor" nations and they would be able to get the basic resources they need and then be able to work to better their own communities. And we wouldn't mind giving it away, because we have removed the profit from it.
If we take away money, we can stop having people withholding great technologies and medicines because they won't make enough money. Instead of having 5 groups invent the same wheel in competition, we could have those 5 groups all work together and produce things at 5 times the rate of today.
Competition creates the illusion of limited resources and encourages groups to hoard for themselves. Collaboration, on the other hand, encourages everyone to pool their strengths and make advancements at a much quicker rate. In the end, there is far more "wealth" in collaboration.

When you have coveted or high-demand resources, you share them. That lake property? It gets shared between several families and they take turns having their time there. People stop having multiple homes just for themselves (because it means resources are hoarded and wasted when the family is not using them).

And yes, I know Michael's thing doesn't want to get rid of jobs. But people wouldn't be a slave to their jobs anymore because they would only be working a few hours at a time. This is the way ET societies do it too. (Or for some jobs where you have to work all the time, like on a ship, you just work for a few months and then have a very long time "off.") But it also means, if you hate your job, you can get a new one. And if you want to do your own thing to contribute to the community, then you can, as long as it actually contributes.
Everything is provided because people make more than they need for themselves, so it's available for others too, and what they made is available, and so forth.

The trouble is just that it's a complete change in the way of thinking - we are so brainwashed into money, competition, and scarcity. And that's why we can't make the transition overnight.

dumitru, posted on April 14, 2016

You're falling for the propaganda that "the few bad people" will be like the thief who breaks into your house. The fact is, the worst evil is committed by those who gravitate to the top of the social hierarchy, because they like to control other people. So in the Ubuntu society, these would be the "elders" Michael spoke of, who manage the system of who does what work "for the community", who lives where, and so on.
Money is not wealth. It's just a medium of exchange. Real wealth are things like human work, control of property and control of the means of production. In Ubuntu, who would control the property and who would control the means of production? Obviously a factory that builds your flying cars isn't something that one person can just do on the days he feels like it between going fishing and composing music. It takes organization, access to raw materials, transportation, and on and on. In Ubuntu, those few people who would control the means of production would control the wealth, and the "bad" people would be making sure they were the ones in control. Without money, you would still have huge differentials in power, just as we do now in the world of debt-based currency.

I agree the system is flawed. The system that is flawed is the system of debt based currency.

Most of the rest of what you wrote is still ascribing the problems of a debt based currency to money.
The rest of it is address in my comment on his next video in this series.

thequestess, posted on April 15, 2016

Elders were elected in tribal societies without being overrun with corruption. They were selected based on their competency and wisdom. They were selected by a small community who actually knew who they were as people, instead of by a huge mass who's just won over by advertising, the media, and false claims/promises.

"Corporations" now can be owned by the public, or even by the employees. They don't _have_ to be owned by just one person. "Ownership" is a part of the problem. Also, you can't exploit the people under you if they're truly free to leave (not trapped by the need for money).

Yes, many people crave power and power corrupts, but I believe there are ways to set up the system so that people who crave power don't have it, and that no single or few people have all of the power. You have to keep the power and ownership distributed amongst everyone, and that's what I see Ubuntu doing.
People are so much more invested in something when they feel a sense of ownership.
Also, if we can help to heal people's psyches, we can help quell their desire for power and to dominate and exploit others. Getting everyone free access to mental healthcare and alternative healing methods, and the resources their families need while they're children, will help a lot. Building a community instead of a society of man-vs-man will help a lot.

I personally don't see a difference between debt based currency and money. Other than that money is one form of debt based currency. Also, I believe Ubuntu is talking about "debt based currency," but "money" is the more accessible term.

I have always felt that money was a huge, corrupting, isolating, controlling problem - long before I heard about Ubuntu. And I still see the innate goodness in most people, and believe that many of those in power would become better people once that power was taken away from them. (Sure, there other are others who are pretty much just "pure evil" and it wouldn't help in their lifetime, but I think there are more that would become better people without that temptation.)

webwriter25, posted on April 5, 2016

What a great exposition on a topic that needs to become public knowledge to awaken the sleeping masses from their dogmatic slumbers.

akamai9999, posted on April 5, 2016

Today ..I just recently saw the latest " Voice of god" cosmic disclosure with the very brilliant and brave Corey Goode and David Wilcock ..Though ...the voice of god episode
is very revealing and mind boggling and extremely important to be aware of, as being the foundation of most false flag psy ops and political assassinations,ect,ect,
But...Money......aka private central banking warfare model ,,,,babylon magic money slavery system, Federal Reserve, and on and on this goes.. is the ultimate form of mind control that rules every aspect of our lives....Thank you ..Michael Tellinger...for making me aware of this deep hypnotic plague of the group mass mind of 8 billion of us on this abundant beautiful planet...Michael is offering us the solution to turn this around ( 180 degrees ) through our co creative powers that we have to take back from the cabal....This criminal elite is using our co creative powers to enslave and destroy us...

andrehaugaard, posted on April 5, 2016

The ultimate control system we've encountered yet

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