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Psychedelics and Religion
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Mind Shift: Psychedelics and Religion (September 2013)

Season 1, Episode 1
Available worldwide

Many religions have used various mind altering substances to connect with a creative mind, far beyond the limits of our five senses. In modern times, the use of these substances has become illegal. However, something is about to change. Daniel Pinchbeck talks with two luminaries to discuss the historical and future role of psychedelics and religion.

Artist, Alex Grey talks about the use of LSD as a creative tool for connecting with sacred reality through the visionary mystical experience. Then, author Michael Muhammad Knight offers his view of Islam that is considered controversial to some. Even more controversial was his profound experience with ayahuasca and the divine feminine. Both agree that bringing psychedelic sacrament back into religions would initiate a reemergence of the divine feminine and bring balance to the masculine dominance found in prominent religions in this inaugural episode originally webcast September 24, 2013.

Daniel Pinchbeck
Alex Grey, Michael Muhammad Knight
Michael Canzoniero


Psychedelics and Religion Video
Season 1, Episode 1 Psychedelics and Religion
Psychedelics and Religion (September 2013)
Season 1, Episode 1
, 64 minutes
Many religions have used various mind altering substances to connect with a creative mind, far beyond the limits of our five senses. In this inaugural episode, host Daniel Pinchbeck talks with Alex Grey and Michael Muhammad ...
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experienced, posted on October 3, 2016

I can tell Mr. Pinchbeck thinks and speaks quickly. A person that speaks slowly, and says um in nearly every statement, is difficult for him.
He seemed to guide the information release in the right direction, and did so in a friendly professional manner.
I'll be watching more of these episodes, and of course, gaia.com is awesome.

justinafrica04, posted on December 10, 2015

As much as I enjoyed hearing from the guests on this show, I found Daniel Pinchbeck's interview style very disruptive to the flow of the conversation. Please give people, like Alex Grey, a chance to finish their point before cutting them off. Maybe an extra shot of humility should be added to Mr. Pinchbeck's next bowl of Yage.

earlymorning, posted on October 26, 2015

After watching 'Healing the Luminous Body' with Alberto Villoldo featuring the paintings of Alex Grey I was curious about this program on 'Mind Shift'. I found the conversation interesting and look forward to exploring the other episodes on 'Mind Shift'.

meghan.kelly7, posted on July 13, 2015

Hi there, I enjoyed this show and found the Muslim aspect fascinating to hear, especially how it relates to masculinity and just why Michael Muhammed Knight chose to drink Ayahuasca and "purge some of his masculinity". However, upon seeing the title, I thought this would be talking about working past religious limitations and mindsets, which to me is really what Ayahuasca is all about. Perhaps offering a third perspective or person who has experienced this kind of experience with Ayahuasca, which is really fundamental to the work of the medicine, would have been powerful for this episode. The unity piece and being interconnected beyond religious and religious affiliations was mentioned toward the end, which was great, and perhaps in another episode this issue is further addressed. All in all very interesting!

yecidortega, posted on December 29, 2013

I wish you have had a woman being part of this conversation in order to get her views on this issues. Overall, this was a good episode.

jeff04, posted on October 24, 2013

The show is great. Keep it up. Take the criticisms of your interview style in stride. The show is just beginning and of course there will be kinks to work out - but please keep it coming. I was actually excited to watch TV for once in a long long while! I thought it was amazing to hear this type of deep introspective conversation on psychedelics and spirituality - this is not a conversation most people can access so its great to have it available on Roku where I can get at it easily.

kaduhacissej, posted on October 15, 2013

I know this is Gaiam TV, but I think this would be better as maybe a podcast or some kind of audio format. I don't think there is anything anyone needs to actually SEE here, it's just people talking. Have you ever thought about doing podcasts and having that as part of a subscription to Gaiam TV?

rawk, posted on October 13, 2013

Good first episode, feels like there's a few kinks to work out but I feel like you're on to something with this show! We need this right now.

Lolk, posted on September 29, 2013

I enjoyed this conversation! It seemed to me more of a conversation than interview, but those are just words to describe a format and don't really matter here. The content - a difficult one to express in words in any verbal medium - super! I do hope these three do another talk. Even though I have had nowhere near the experiences of any of these three, innate understanding comes into play and I felt kinship with them. Thanks GaiamTV, Daniel, Alex, Michael.

badbarbie27, posted on September 30, 2013

I LOVE Alex Grey's art work,It would of been nice to see some of it. Daniel could also work on articulating his questions...
This is such a great topic.....

theginzopig, posted on September 28, 2013

Pinchback lacks interviewing skills. Interrupts guest's flow and wanders into unrelated asides at inoppertune moments. Rambling and unwatchable in the end. Only made it about half way.

adrianparis90, posted on September 27, 2013

First of all let me say thank you Daniel for what you are doing for the consciousness revolution, you are a important part of it but... It's a shame, Daniel Pinchbeck is more of a writer than a host for this show, he doesn't let the ideas and comments from the guests to flow, he interrupts when guests are making interesting points by asking not very good questions. It looks like he thinks his questions are more interesting than the guests remarks. This show has potential but Daniel REALLY has to improve his interviewing skills.

mickialbert, posted on October 1, 2013

I appreciate Gaiam for their innovation and courage. Everything I've watched has been powerful, insightful, repeatedly very well produced and delivered. But, I'll state up front, I guess I'm too old for this particular show. The host's way of speech was difficult to listen to, the three-way conversation wasn't really happening between these two generations, and the subject matter was not my cup of tea. I'll look into this show again, but I am not impressed at this point. Maybe it's a matter of giving the show time to gel, and for the host to get his sea legs, (and the drugs to wear off!)

Lenore, posted on September 26, 2013

Bravo! Thank you for a thought provoking conversation. I especially appreciated the three way meeting and could see there being more time given to it. I'll take the ideas into talks with people around me. Very enriching. Great potential.

cldcoffee, posted on September 26, 2013

Pinchbeck isn't a people person, the attitude breaks the rhythm of the show. Couldn't stick around for this one.

merkabaship, posted on October 15, 2013

I Love the idea of these interviews, although Pinchbeck looks like he really doesn't want to be there, looks a little drab & board.. If they replace the host with someone with a little more life energy and character it would go much better.. Some soft furniture would also help for the environment there.

Missilayda, posted on September 24, 2013

Truly special to have great minds collaborating and talking about the evolution of consciousness. It's even better have a platform to let these minds shine light in the shadows and cutting through the shackles of corporate media. Amazing set and production quality, thank you Daniel for your continued efforts and shifting my mind!! <3

rglucas, posted on September 24, 2013

It's awesome to live in the day and age where we can have access to this this conversation thanks to this thing we call the internet. If only this was something that could be broadcasted on live television to reach out to the unawakened masses and rock people's paradigms or at the very least spark a few questions. Alex Gray, you're an inspiration to creativity. Michael Muhammed Knight, you just radically changed my perception of Islam and Muslims in general. Daniel Pinchbeck, keep up the good work of searching for truth and questioning everything!

dan23, posted on September 3, 2016

My thoughts exactly.

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