Open Minds: Sentient Evolution with Meg Blackburn Losey Video
Sentient Evolution with Meg Blackburn Losey
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Open Minds: Sentient Evolution with Meg Blackburn Losey (October 2015)

Season 5, Episode 49
Available worldwide

Meg Blackburn Losey, who has carefully studied many modern generations budding forth from the human genome, explains her understanding of the continuing evolution of human sentience. She conveys that the definition of what it means to be a sentient being is being redefined in each generation. From Indigo to Crystal Children and beyond, each generation of humanity enables us to better comprehend what it really means to be human. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast October 22, 2015.

Megan Blackburn Losey is passionate about consciousness, healing and the overall construct of creation, including and beyond the measurable physical world. She has spent nearly 20 years researching the possibilities of consciousness and awareness and has vast personal experiences from which to draw. Her bestselling book, The Children of Now was released in the early 2000’s and quickly became an international bestseller. Her work has literally changed social paradigms, challenged the school system, and the medical profession, as well as others who are responsible for our children.

Regina Meredith
Meg Blackburn Losey


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lisaartistberg, posted on December 4, 2015

beautiful.. thank you. More on this topic!! please. we need to empower these babies , children, and parents. noticed a comment about the new California law to vaccinate or you cant put your child in a school. I suggest a net work of parents that home school. Let it be a sign that what is going on in public school is not alright on so many levels. Life is school, is so powerful.

Oceanstar, posted on October 27, 2015

Love this episode! More please. Makes me feel connected.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 27, 2015

We're so glad you enjoyed the episode. Currently, a new episode of Open Minds is available each Thursday, so make sure to follow the series:


Alfreda Weiss, posted on October 27, 2015

This Grandmother hung on every word. Megan Blackburn Losey is doing the most important work. I have been with Regina for many years. This is cutting edge for me.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on October 26, 2015

My son was born at home last November and was born just as Megan described; quiet, wide eyed and smiling...

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on October 26, 2015

We are not in California any longer but do send our child to a WALDORF school and vaccinations are not issue cuz it is a private school...
we would also consider homeschooling...
its a tough call, and we have made difficult financial choices to put our child in a private school, It has been incredibly rewarding and enriching for our family .


art heart, posted on October 27, 2015

Good show. FYI, there was an amazing intuitive teacher in San Diego who taught about the Indigo Children ALL THE WAY BACK IN 1976 !!!! At that time she stated that there were actually 4 people on the planet who had downloaded this information about the Indigos. Her name was Nancy Ann Tappe. She transitioned in 2012. I know this because I was IN those classes and am ever grateful for Nancy's teachings. She is mentioned in Lee Carroll's first book. Nancy was somewhat of a 'well kept secret' to the masses as she never sought great notoriety / fame and was simply dedicated to teaching what she knew. ;-D

Lauras0827, posted on October 25, 2015

Very insightful! I have two star babies. They are old souls who possess a deeper awareness. Can't wait to read Megan's books!! Thank you Regina for your devotion to quality journalism. Both of you are extraordinary women who are advancing consciousness.

bvb10, posted on October 24, 2015

Regina this was a great show. Megan's talk was really exciting because I now understand ME and my Mom and son so much better. Great work. I'm always watching in awe. Thanks again. Beata

abby6, posted on October 24, 2015

this ties in with "rainbow ascension" of Tibet...a conscious integration of frequencies, become aware of each, then weave it with the other awarenesses, holding them together, in a particular symphony that then is absorbed into white. another way of looking at Jacob's Ladder.

my son did smile when he was a few hours old.

thank you for this interview which resonates with me and explains a lot. listen with your inner ears.

annie99, posted on October 23, 2015

as an adult - I find myself resonating with Dr Meg - and want to go back in time to relive my youth! I've repressed so much over time - and hope to find more from her, including help to expand back to who I really am!

Thanks for the video!

You just said something about VACCINE KIDS - I'm so against this and here in California it is now a LAW - if we want to send our kids to ANY school - they insist on making parents have their kids vaccinated - any IDEAS???

emrys1980, posted on October 23, 2015

What a wonderful topic. Thank you so much Meg and Regina for such an engaged, grounded and fascinating conversation. I have a two and a half year old son and this topic is near and dear to my heart. So much incredible information to take in. Love love love.

suppqueen, posted on October 23, 2015

What a fantastic and impactful interview!

cathy_cockey, posted on October 23, 2015

Had not heard of Megan before, so wasn't sure what to expect from this interview. It was wonderful! Absolutely loved it!

dumitru, posted on October 22, 2015

If you have Megan on again, I would like you to ask her a couple questions:
1. What does she make of the modern Russian story of Anastasia, the woman who supposedly possess incredible super-human abilities.
2. How do the alien hybrid children fit into this? There are rumors that they also posses such abilities.

shilo, posted on October 22, 2015

This interview was incredible! I greatly appreciate this discussion and all that was shared. Thank you!

lindaedwards888, posted on October 22, 2015

This is one of the best interviews I have ever seen! It explains so much of what I and many others have been through. Even up to being ALL of the named children. At different times I seem to have been each one of them at parts. Is that possible? I also know so many children that have been through this and I pray they can all be restored to the original DNA patterning they were designed to BE. Thank you so much for this program. You are such a wonderful host and interviewer. You have such a wide range of interests, knowledge and understanding you are a true gift to humanity indeed Regina. I love you and your guests. All a great blessing.

earlymorning, posted on October 22, 2015

This was wonderful to listen to. I can see the different levels of awareness and sensitivity through my children and my grandchildren as explained by Meg in this interview and it makes much more sense to me now. Thank you so much for this. I look forward to reading 'The Children of Now'.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 22, 2015

We appreciate your comments on the interview, and we're glad you found it helpful.


smpleo, posted on October 22, 2015

I love Meg. With all of the interdimensional and far out experiences she's had, she is so grounded and down to earth. It was really a treat to see her interviewed. Thanks, Regina!

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