Beyond Belief: Shadow People and the Secret War with Heidi Hollis Video
Shadow People and the Secret War with Heidi Hollis
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Beyond Belief: Shadow People and the Secret War with Heidi Hollis (April 2014)

Season 3, Episode 35
Available worldwide

In the quiet serenity of night, shadows delicately drape across the room. A movement catches your eye as one of the shadows takes the shape of a person and the tranquility is broken. Was it your imagination or is something sinister lurking in the darkness? Heidi Hollis, who has studied many personal accounts of similar disquieting encounters, explains who these shadow people are and why they are here in this interview with George Noory originally webcast April 30, 2014.

Heidi Hollis is a foremost expert, lecturer and author of the Shadow People and Hat Man phenomena. In her book The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People, she details what the Shadow People are, what they are linked to and how to stop them. This book has just been re-released (Oct 2013) with more background and info on Shadow People with detailed illustrations.

George Noory
Heidi Hollis


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sandychri, posted on September 27, 2014

I saw one in the middle of the day when I was 18 yrs old. Then started seeing the rodent type things flittly over my head for a period of time in late 1984 at night when they'd wake me up. Didn't see anything again until 1999-2003 (also at night) -- I finally figured out that these things do appear during periods of fear and that is what they feed on. All those times when I'd seen them were times when I was becoming deeply entrenched in Christianity (the fundamentalist variety) which has always stirred up intense fearful emotions for me. When I totally deconverted from Christianity I never saw one again and I know I won't see one again. Most of the population here in the US is Christian so it seems logical to me that lots of people would be seeing them. I don't think that Christianity is a good religion, I don't think it offers a human being "protection" of any kind, just the opposite, it pulls these things to you because it is a dark fearful religion.

I didn't tell anyone for years about what I was seeing, but finally I told my husband in 2002, largely because I'd started hearing stories about other people seeing them and by then they had a name "shadow people" so I knew it wasn't just me, so I wasn't crazy (schizophrenic). Hubby said I was having a bad dream. A couple of months after that he woke up with sleep paralysis and saw it too and it scared the living shit out of him (I saw it then too, when he did). The next time it came around only hubby saw it and that time hubby was not afraid, he was pissed and he screamed at it (in his mind) get out of here and don't come back! He said at that point he could sense it's fear of him and it took off. I kept seeing it/them after that but as my deconconverion/debrainwashing progressed I saw them less and less. The last time I saw one I wasn't scared either, I felt contempt for the thing and did not get sleep paralysis, I said to it in a normal speaking voice, "go away" and it just dissipated and that was it. I slept like a baby the rest of the night. That's been 11 yrs ago.

jcking76, posted on May 4, 2014

Never experience and glad I have not.

dragonwchimes, posted on May 1, 2014

my daughter first told me about the shadow people when she was just four years old. She is now 17 and whenever I mention them, she gets so outraged at me. She will not listen to any shows or whatever having to do with the shadow people. She said that they scare the heck out of her and wants nothing to do with them. She will not talk about them anymore to me. I've never seen them, but she would tell me that the primary school she went to was full of them, she saw them everywhere, especially when alone in the bathroom, they would flit by and sometimes solidify enough for her to make out arms and legs. She would tell me that the way to see them was to not look directly at them, but sideways. They would take off if she looked directly at them. She also told me that during thunder storms they would actually refuge in the school as if afraid of the electrical energy. The school was next to a war memorial park where many soldiers had died during the French-English and American-Loyalists wars here on the Quebec-Vermont border. She would also see what she called a tall man dressed in black with a tall black tophat, long coat tails and he would appear on the balcony outside the patio door and stare at her. She didn't like him either. She was about 11-12 when this would happen, she was alone at her dad's and when he appeared, the front door knob would rattle and shake. When she went to look, no one was there. Since her grandmother died not too long after that, she said her grandmother protects her now from the shadow people. When I take pictures of her, she is surrounded by beautiful orbs all the time.

loveislight8, posted on May 1, 2014

Heidi should look into the grey alien thing more....lots of ppl don't remember being abducted because of the experience being so traumatic. Nigel keener talks about the soul harvest. I also heard that abductees/contacties are being visited by there future self's. I just read today that it is a sign of possession when a person starts speaking a language fluently that is not native to them. Also if Heidi says her fried just new things that were impossible to know is another sign. Maybe check into getting entity removal & some healing work. Or @ least search for questions like why its happening, & just the over all connection these entity's have to her. My suggestion would be to see Sonja Grace or Deborah King. They both of them have been featured on Gaiam tv & interviewed by George! Interesting show....Yes Jesus is a wonderful ascended master and very is a shame that his original teaching have been distorted & used to manipulate humanity ! The question is who's running religion?
Keep spreading the light Mr.Noory
x x

holbrooks2013, posted on April 30, 2014

I saw one when I was a kid. Nobody else saw it or believed me. I got a real strange feeling when I saw it and I even got out of bed to see if someone was around, but no one was there. I have never forgot about it all these years.

starchburner, posted on April 30, 2014

I see these spiders all the time. Last night as a matter of fact, I saw one very vividly, and said "Oh sh*t!!" It Quickly disappeared. They always hover over my head at night, and as soon as I open my eyes and see them, they quickly float away, and slip back into their "dimension." I feel shocked when I see them, but not scared. I can go to sleep quite comfortably after seeing one. You have to be in a state between sleep, and waking consciousness. I only see them when I fall asleep, and wake up shortly after, maybe in the early stages of REM sleep.

Are they evil? This is a question I've been asking for awhile. I think people automatically label them evil, because they have a fear of spiders in general. I don't know what they do to me in my sleep, but Im not going to blame my problems on these entities. In some culture spiders are good luck!! Sometimes I'll wake up and I'll see intricate lines of energy, like a web, over my bed. Is this a sort of dream catcher?

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