The Eleventh House: Spiritual Warriors of the Aquarian Age Video
Spiritual Warriors of the Aquarian Age
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The Eleventh House: Spiritual Warriors of the Aquarian Age (April 2014)

Season 1, Episode 18
Available worldwide

Sagittarius is typically a sign that seeks the truth in all things from daily life to philosophical ideals. Pluto reveals the foundation of each generation’s philosophy, as per the sign it is in. Thus the power of Pluto in Sagittarius calls this millennial generation, born 1995-2008, to confront the truths hidden within the depths of establishment.

Churches, governments and any other long established institutions are under the ever watchful eye of the millennials. The more this generation learns about the restrictions imposed upon them, the harder they will push back. Thus, a revolution is beginning to take place that will take down the old systems in order to build new regimes. What lies ahead for us all will only be revealed in time.

Robert Phoenix reveals what we can expect from a revolutionary generation that could become spiritual warriors or storm troopers of the Aquarian Age in this presentation originally webcast April 11, 2014.

Robert Phoenix


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Indine, posted on September 5, 2014

On so many levels .....
Thank you Gaia and Robert Phoenix

Marvick, posted on April 21, 2014

No offence here but the movie DIVERGENT opened on April 21 already under the sign of Taurus, not Aries as Robert points out. This is a detail of course but these things matter in Astrology. Otherwise I find Robert's presentations always very informative and interesting.
Sorry, my Virgo Mercury urged me to clarify this :)

mojjart, posted on April 18, 2014

…totally enjoyed this program….very informative…..excellent !!! Thank you !!!!

cgsaddle, posted on April 16, 2014

Steel trap is right. I really appreciate your abilities putting this all together. It seems pre-programming of the masses has been going on for awhile and is pervasive to say the least. I worry about this generation simply because they are being imprinted and de-sensitized at such a young age. Robert, how do you account for this coordinated effort. Can it really be the WMT or are these, in this case, authors born to do this and write these things? It seems like suddenly we are seeing these themes all over the movie and TV spectrum. Maybe you could address that in a future episode. Frankly it is time for exposure and maybe this generation can be the Spiritual Warriors in imagining and creating the New Way of Societal Being, and hopefully not the Storm Troupers...

mps901, posted on April 14, 2014

Mr. Phoenix your mind is a steel trap. How do you retain all that information. I think you are fantastic. Thank you for the great work.

docmms, posted on April 14, 2014

Just wanted to say, I love the information that you share astrologically. It is concise, easy to understand, jam packed with great stuff. Thank you so much for providing this information on Giam TV. Blessings Salo

Puptart, posted on April 14, 2014

Great program, Robert.
I'm curious as to how you see movies and focus about time travel and what impact those types can impact the psyche. I'm thinking in particular about Continuum, a group from 2077 travels to our time. The main character, a female, is a corporate enforcer called a protector in 2077. Keira is learning to look at things slightly differently with knowledge she gains from the past. Right now, this particular program is dealing with timelines that have two of the same individual in them and considering which one of the two same people should go forward in the timeline. This is an interesting way of looking at logical extension of actions and how they might impact the future. We seem to have a battle of the genre within the battle for hearts and minds.

Sagsunvirgomoon, posted on April 14, 2014

You aced this Robert! Great insight" Thanks

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