Hidden Origins: We are the Ones We have been waiting For Video
We are the Ones We have been waiting For
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Hidden Origins: We are the Ones We have been waiting For (March 2016)

Season 1, Episode 12
Available worldwide

Michael Tellinger reveals that there is a way out of the ancient web of lies that has ensnared humanity. The tale, so far, tells of a world bound by an insurmountable power determined to maintain its grip over the populace. We have come to believe that we are an inextricable part of a vast and complex system which was designed to break the will of even the most determined of rebel. But salvation will not come from any external source. The most dangerous secret is that we are the ones that we have been waiting for. This presentation was originally webcast March 21, 2016.

Michael Tellinger


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ewvdgriendt, posted on June 7, 2016

I don't like the 'They' and 'We' in your talks Micheal.

alice_a_henderson, posted on June 9, 2016


devondunkley7, posted on April 2, 2016

is what ive been calling it it, when it has to be named but in the end the name means nothing as long as the sound the name creates resonates with the goal(way)

gramig, posted on March 29, 2016

Looking forward to hearing more. One question though, why are you talking about electricity, why are you limited on one type of energy? Why not free energy?

cathy89, posted on March 28, 2016

In an Ubuntu system money would be wiped away, meaning all debt and interest on debit would go away. Taxes would go away and jobs that are just busy work would go away. Another thing that would go away would bet throw away consumer goods. Clothes would be made to last years instead of one season. By changing the way we lived we would have time to stay home and care for our garden, cook food and commune with our children. We would not waste time working, we go where our skills and talents are needed. Our communities would be integrated whole, connected and supportive. Perhaps we work a few hours a day instead of many many hours
We don't realize how much of our life and energy is being sucked away from us from the capitalist competitive system. The idea is out there now, I think it's worth a try.

jbboshoff, posted on April 2, 2016

Clothes would not necessarily be made to last long. Clothes could still be made the same way, except they wouldn't lie to you about it. People would still get tired of wearing the same thing all the time. Things might change less than you think. Only the motive would really change. People will do things because they care, instead of lying to you so that they can charge more. Money really is in your head if you think about it, a trick of the imagination, a farcical value system that doesn't instill value at all. The only real reason for inflation is that money is slowly but surely approaching its true value.

lewisint, posted on March 25, 2016


theideapool, posted on March 25, 2016

Isn't Utopia something to be strived for and not something to be attained? I believe that the new world we need is beyond the Utopia of old.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 24, 2016

yes, it has gone viral. It is time.

elizabetharnold, posted on March 24, 2016

Dear Mr. Tellinger,
Thanks again for sharing your message with all of us. I look forward to each new episode all week.
I'm happy to report that some of your ideas have been explored - on a small scale at least - already, even without Ubuntu. Some of us have discovered the magic that occurs within gift circles - each participant offering what he/she is comfortable sharing, and each asking for just what is needed, and exchanges being made at every gathering. The connections that are made go way beyond each "transaction" unlike when we deal with money as an intermediary. Your series hasn't gotten to education yet, but one form of free/democratic education exists in "Sudbury" schools. Here's our local one - www.fairhavenschool.com. Can't wait to learn about your take on free electricity.
Best regards,

webwriter25, posted on March 24, 2016

Another fantastic episode. I can't wait for next week.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on March 25, 2016

Thank you for commenting! The next upcoming episode of the series is "Transitioning to Abundance". Watch for it on Monday, 3/28.

All the best,

zentzel, posted on March 23, 2016

I like this idea. I think it's great. But I have a question: If there is a no money system, how will people travel? How will they be able to go on vacations, take flights to their destinations etc.. doing normal things... And or go out to dinner and a movie, things like that? How would all that work out in this program of the "no money system?" Just wondering.

bvb10, posted on March 23, 2016

I suggest incorporation of Ubuntu philosophy would eliminate mental health issues. When people are contributing and being part in owning and caring for their community they are validated and valued. This love of humanity is a net strengthening us all. This net has been cut apart by money, setting humanity against itself. Through concepts such as competition OVER cooperation and 'survival of the fittest' we've eroded our network. Let's build it back. We will never know the depth of of our collective human creativity unless we all love, we all care, then finally value ourselves not objects and work together as the family we are.

rayracine, posted on March 23, 2016

I believe in this system and we will do it together! Let's show our power and create the biggest tsunami the world as seen!

sunseri.associates, posted on March 22, 2016

I would like to thank the thousands of people that have supported my activities in the USA since 2010. Your support has laid the foundation for a strong USA UBUNTU movement that is being born.

It has taken 6 consecutive years of travelling and touring in the USA – doing over 120 presentations and workshops, meeting the most amazing and beautiful people imaginable, and planting the seeds of a new world of unity and abundance, to reach this stage. The message of UBUNTU and Contributionism was always received with great enthusiasm and many people across the USA have already started activating this simple philosophy in their own ways in their own areas.

But as quickly as people get excited and inspired, they get caught up in the daily trials and tribulations of life in the capitalistic world, and have to do what it takes to survive. This is how the system has been created – to slowly erode our energy, until we submit completely to the slavery system that we are born in to.

So – it has taken 7 years to reach a critical mass in the USA – to find one person that put his hand up to say – “I will drive this philosophy in the USA – I will be the custodian of UBUNTU in all its forms – and ensure its continued growth by creating a core group of people that carry the message of unity and abundance with me.”

Finally I have found this individual in Michael Sunseri – from Oregon. He has taken on the role of National Coordinator UBUNTU USA. (GoToGuy)

From the first discussion we had, it felt like I was talking to a long lost older brother in consciousness. Michael has taken it upon himself to become the driving energy behind UBUNTU USA and the UBUNTU Party USA. Within 2 weeks, he has already assembled the makings of a core team that is working on many levels, which includes setting up a physical office. Lisa Hays was the first one to join Michael with her legal background to ensure that we do things smartly. She is investigating requirements for registering a political party and a non profit company for UBUNTU Planet USA.

Other activities going on right now is creating a new UBUNTU USA website – and assembling a strong core team to grow the movement rapidly – this team will consist of IT support, design, events management, office admin, legal, fund raising, PR, social media activation and many more functions. If you want to be part of the UBUNTU USA core management team and have special skills that will enhance our activity – please contact Michael Sunseri at: ubuntu.planet.usa@gmail.com

I encourage the more than 400 people in the USA that signed up to be candidates or representative of the UBUNTU Party USA to contact Michael Sunseri and become involved from the start in whatever way you can. We are considering the feasibility – just like in Australia – to encourage as many people to participate in the upcoming USA elections, and stand as independents – united as a collective by the UBUNTU philosophy and plan of action to win the majority in just ONE SMALL TOWN – or county or state. Michael and the USA team will have more information on this plan ASAP.

We are planning our first annual UBUNTU USA conference for the Fall 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana – more information will be released about this as soon as final arrangements have been made. We expect the website (www.ubuntuusa.org) to be ready within 2 weeks. Thank you for reaching out to me Michael – I honour you for your commitment.

Go UBUNTU USA – the giant has awakened.

In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger

jacobson.j, posted on March 22, 2016

Dear Michael Tellinger,

I am wondering, as one of your growing fan and follower, is Ubuntu the same as the Alliance (the same Alliance David Wilcock and Corey Goode speak of)?

With Unconditional Love,
Joel Jacobson

LeftField, posted on April 30, 2016

The Alliance alludes to some members of different Secret Space Programs (I don't know numbers or percentages) that have formed an alliance based on mutual common interest (resistance/changing the status quo on Earth). The Inner Earth Alliance refers to a similar relationship formed between different factions and races that live in the inner Earth. Ubuntu is a political philosophy (with political parties springing up globally, now apparently in the US) which, in practical application, is a massive paradigm shift, a game changer on all social strata. Check out the Ubuntu website (Zimbabwe based I believe) to read up and download, it's all been made available for free however if you purchase the book your contribution will go to the cause. The Ubuntu movement has a political dimension through necessity but the emphasis is also liberation from the domination matrix. It's something we can implement here and now while we continue with our inner/spiritual work - people on the ground are always asking what can we do? Well start with Ubuntu, personally, or get a group together, start taking action(s), small, even tiny steps first like discussing with friends etc, and build up to tweaking the bigger stuff, or get politically educated and run for office, local or beyond... Hope this helps Jacobson.

digitaltablet, posted on March 22, 2016

: I have always been a favor of a money-less-society. : Michael your plan is great, but one major problem; grammar. : Correct-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-treaties, contracts, oaths, barters, trades are with the claim of a factual-now-time-claim with the certification by the frontwards and: backwards-math-function. : The effect of the monetary society is a direct result of the MODIFICATION of language to fit an ADVERB-VERB-SYNTAX of no-contract-speech and: writings. : Meaning all the words I write here and everyone else's-words are fictional and: say nothing because the [PRE]-POSITIONAL-PHRASE are missing. : I showed a correct-sentence earlier:

: Correct-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-treaties, contracts, oaths, barters, trades are with the claim of a factual-now-time-claim with the certification by the frontwards and: backwards-math-function.

: = For the.

: Since this Ubuntu will still be based in adverb-verb-grammar-modification and: by law in all countries its PERJURY to modify-grammar. : When you fail to use a POSITIONAL-PHRASE in all of your sentence-structures you are therefore in perjury. : Since people dont comprehend what a fact is, such a s positional-phrase, me speaking in those terms as I showed will confuse and: give you a headache, because people, since ~8500-years, have been forced into an adverb-verb-dialect of disqualification. : Michael you touched on this in an earlier-episode, dealing with the Aborigenees. : Lets go back to ~second-grade-english.

: Mike you stated that the Aboriginees where ORIGINAL-PEOPLE of the land. : So, through a forceful-performance the ORGINAL-PEOPLE become a "no" through the addition of the prefix "Ab". : "Ab"= NO, VOID-NATURAL-FORM. SAMPLES: Ab-stract, Ab-normal, Ab-omination. : So by adding " Ab" in front of ORIGINEE you get NO-ORIGINAL-PEOPLE, thats called PARSE, when you parse-words into their factual-meaning.

: Aborginee= NO-CONTRACT-PEOPLE=DEAD AND: [RE]MOVE FROM THE LAND. : Look at how those people have been treated and then look at the ORIGINAL-PEOPLES-FORCE-NAME.


: Ubuntu= "No"-buntu. : The word is Buntu. : When you place a vowel in front of consonants it need to be followed by another vowel for it to be a contract-factual-word. : These are world-wide-grammar-rules, I dont want to hear about etymology and: all that, know that, and: it has no bearing here. : SAMPLES of factual vowel-words: Au-thentic, Au-thor, Au-dible.

: Uubuntu= CONTRACT

: Wars and: petty-disputes will still be a problem unless the grammar is changed to a mathematical-base for communications. : NO ONE EVER WENT TO WAR OVER A MATH-PROBLEM IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. : That's a fact. : Because the world uses adverb-verb-communication, every treaty, contract, constitution, charter, decree, book, article, all fiction because by the grammar-rules, ADVERBS are modifiers and since GRAMMAR controls CONTRACT then your order of operations must began as a math-problem-would with the AUTHORITY frontwards and: backwards.


: Thats a correct-sentence-claim. : Here is how ~98% of the people on Earth are captured by a ~second-grade-comprehension-level. Did you know that 'The United States of America' is a fragmented-sentence? : Its fiction.

~1= Adverb, ~2= Verb, ~3=Adjective, ~4=Pronoun

The United States of America | The(1) United(3) States(4) of(1) America(2)

: What is America? : Its a NOUN. : But through MODIFICATION of GRAMMAR or the ADVERB, America is being modified as a VERB. : Go search the America-verb in your dictionary. : Did you find it? : Of course not, because its a NOUN. : Thats perjury under Titles: ~18: ~1001 and: ~1002: Fictional-communication, ~Title: ~15: False and: Misleading-Statements and: under ~Title: ~15ff: ~$25,000,000,000-fine. : THATS IN ALL COUNTRIES.

: So unless the grammar-contracts are switched to NOW-TIME-CLOSURES then you are wasting-time. : Sorry to be so blunt. : Knowledge is what it is.

LeftField, posted on March 28, 2016

Greetings DT, I hope you might clarify and explain by example, the terms you use : "Factual now time claim" and "frontwards and backwards math function" since they are meaningless without context to provide support/understanding - if we are to pin any merit on your assertions. For example, the assertion that the addition of a vowel to a traditional verbal word 'Ubuntu' (with introduced/imposed English spelling - the meaning may have been corrupted as per examples offered previously, but we can't see how or why the addition of a vowel matters/ how the meaning or word has been corrupted without the justification for this being 'spelled out'. With common knowledge, the corruption of Original to Aboriginal is an easy example to understand, simple explanations would be helpful. Thanks, hope you can reply as it looks like an important contribution.

axolotlgirl, posted on March 23, 2016

I would love to understand what you are trying to communicate. This makes not much sense. WTF?

deanandwally, posted on March 22, 2016

I love what I'm hearing in this series but I must admit that I am feeling terribly excited and a bit lost....all at once. It's so difficult to comprehend how we will break out of "the way it's always been" and become truly free. I've purchased the eBook and a T-Shirt from http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za and I intend to take it one little step at a time. After all, this is how great things are accomplished. Thank you Gaia! Thank you Michael Tellinger!

joanpoet, posted on March 22, 2016

For once I have to give credit to Face book and of course Gaia. If it had not been for the ad on Face book, I would never have learned about this. I guess there is something good on there after all. When I first signed up for Gaia, I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching all of the episodes that I missed. Now, I have trouble containing myself until the next episode. Where do I find your book?

Thank you Michael Tellinger.

rayracine, posted on March 23, 2016

there is a Shop button here where you can download the eBook: http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/

and if you are feeling generous as I am, there is also a donate button on the site ...!

ebogita, posted on March 22, 2016

First, a thank you to Gaia TV for bringing this show to us. Thank you so much for your easy to follow explanations, Michael. I have read your book, but it is even more inspiring to hear your message every Tuesday after a long day in the crazy working world. Your words and energy create hope and enthusiasm. I'm so glad you and UBUNTU are growing your presence around the world. Love and light to you and to all of us that are joining in manifesting this vision.

marystavrou, posted on March 22, 2016

I have been following Michael's journey of Ubuntu for a while and I am totally on-board....where do I join, sign up, support, contribute...

sunseri.associates, posted on March 22, 2016

If you want to be part of the UBUNTU USA core management team and have special skills that will enhance our activity – please contact Michael Sunseri at: Ubuntu.Planet.Usa@Gmail.Com

- See more at: http://www.gaia.com/video/we-are-ones-we-have-been-waiting#comment-562971
Read more at http://www.gaia.com/video/we-are-ones-we-have-been-waiting#v6dWDlRp8WGU5...

scottecrabtree, posted on March 21, 2016

Great Work as always!! I am trying to get my head around No Money or Exchange, look forward to more on this movement. Thanks Again.

elena.keegan, posted on March 21, 2016

I think a world without money sounds just wonderful. I think what you are telling us is wonderful. Yoganada said he always gave everything that come to him away. Sadhguru says that going into a work for money instead of doing something you really enjoy is not a good thing.

opi, posted on March 21, 2016

i truly love your work and it sinks in well with my core beliefs . i have never fit well with our corporate money controlled world and have never paid much attention to people who think there famous or important. we are all in this together as part of something greater and thinking you're more than the poor guy next door does nothing for anything but ego. i have noticed that well adjusted people can be happy in life and move forward even better than those with billions. the connection to gaia and others is much greater when the expensive gadgets are not in the way plus being older i find my best memories are off the farm with no power and water pumped by hand . thank you for exposing some of the more valuable things we have forgot in this fast paced world and showing us how to take the best parts and use them again .

stevenfchapman, posted on March 21, 2016

I think I.ve watched everything you've done on Gaiam TV and have been following you for years. My name is Melissa I watch Gaiam under my boyfriends membership in Florida. I just signed up today to be an Ubuntu member. I find the whole concept fascinating.
I was wondering how this all works out with paying back the government student loans. This is a very big deal for so many of Americans. During the recession the government said go back to school, so many people did at a great expense. Then there weren't many jobs as you know how the story goes. There are NO breaks for us. I have so very much to contribute like farming live stock, gardening, making maple syrup, canning, I have a degree in sculpture, work in illustration, I'm an author, mother, cook, bartista, hair stylist, mystic, meditation You name it. My parents were real talented for fixing things and taught me a lot of trade. But!! All this said and there you go... what do I do about the loans so I can contribute to Ubuntu community ….if I have no money for the government.Do I still pay them? I would love to get old and know my community loves and respects me. BUT! If I don't pay back my loans there goes my social security. Well thats if theres any left by then anyway.
This is a real pull for me to help. I saw a Blue Orb Being in my sleep months ago. I keep asking them what I should do. I always hear "Unbuntu" in my head. This must be very important.
My heart is trusting that this is really a new beginning for the world. I just feel it
So many questions my friend.
You are doing an excellent job. This reminds me of "V for Vendetta". One of my favorite movies.
I have yet to read your book on the community… I will
You've come so far… Thank you

mikespieker, posted on March 21, 2016

If it's not good for everyone, it's not good for anyone. < I like that.

caryngayfield, posted on March 21, 2016

I am a member of the Bahai Faith who believes in unity of the whole planet, equality for everyone, and environmental justice. I am currently finishing an online course through the Wilmette Institute on Native American Religion and Spirituality and I have mentioned you and the Ubuntu movement in the forums to the others enrolled in this course. Certain aspects of Ubuntu seem in tune with Bahai teachings. You are an inspiration and I thank God for you! My experience from working in community as a volunteer while trying to build alliances in grassroots groups and to help people to have a voice is that unity is the most important thing. Bahai teachings say long ago there existed a global civilization on our Earth and that many are the worlds of God and our Earth is but one. We are in the beginning of a new global age and unity is the destiny of our Earth and its citizens.

marjolene, posted on March 21, 2016

I think the biggest obstacle to implementing this admirable plan is the fear instilled in most people, who don't understand we live in a benevolent universe.

cedguru, posted on March 21, 2016

I hope to live to see ubuntu take hold. When we look at our fellow humans as reflections of ourselves, he or she is me in other words, then how can we possibly go on as we have been? Just knowing there are people living in poverty and squalor is intolerable. Not to mention all the abuse and torment that happens out of greed, animals included. This is all a process of of our ascension. We have gotten to the point of realizing our salvation. Ubuntu!!

maia, posted on March 21, 2016

Thank you Michael for being so inspirational and determand! To the writer above: huh, yes, when I see all people around me as me.....I'd say, I have a lot of homework to do!!!!
I guess I am switching from one dimension into another, and back again!- Is faceing all those greedy, lying people, faceing my own hidden shadows?? So how do I change all that? And get rid of the imprints of my ancesters, there belives?
I allready figuered somewhat out, that the subconcious really gives me a hard time! That it is of effect, what kind of things I surround myself with, or what music I listen to, or what hangs on my wall, and so forth. Had key insights when learning some fengshui...Sadly got lazy with it at the moment..
Yet, how to 'protect' myself form all negative influence that I come across, when being out, is really something I have to learn. Maybe I just have to bless those that do not know better???? Sometimes hard, when being ridiculed and disgraced by controllers that do not even care about suffering of others. -I wish I'd be much smarter and healthier and richer...to be of more use to the world!
I really do appreciate this show and wish I'd know more of such utopian dreamers in real life!!!
yet to know, that somewhere, there are dreamers and initiates like Michael and all the gaia-fans, gives me hope to keep going and wishing to learn and do more : ) and do my homework as good as I can!
Thanks for the hope and the fire! It is like fuel to my soul. I do feel like someone understands my longing.. and even knows more aobout solutions!

wm, posted on March 21, 2016

Thank you, Michael Tellinger. I've wanted to gather friends together who are not Gaia.com subscribers and could care less about UFOs & SSPs & ETs, for such things would be a distraction in a limited time frame from Ubuntu Contributionism, and show them those two episodes you did with Corey Goode & David Wilcock on Cosmic Disclosure. But something was missing. A concise, brief, point by point intro into Ubuntu Contributionism without bringing the SSPs & ETs & Ascension & all that. Yes, I find those issues valuable, those topic do connect, and they're distractions when sharing with the general public because someone will be more interesting in arguing how ya gonna "prove" Corey Goode's narrative, for example, even if one believes his narrative is more or less accurate.

Keep going.


drow767, posted on March 21, 2016

Wow this is one Inspirational Video!! Thank you!!!! You are spot on Michael, when this awareness and "philosophy starts to resonate in your heart - there is No Stopping it!" There is a fire in my belly and a passion in my soul that is ignited beyond what I ever thought possible! I love the manner in which you stream the information. For those who have "poo-pooed" me regarding "money talk", LOL, I will suggest that they watch your video!! I will end with a quote that I have saved on my phone... from someone?! "May my Heart be Kind, my Mind Fierce, and my Spirit Brave." March on Michael!! Blessings, Dawn

dalent, posted on March 21, 2016

Oh, Michael...you are getting into it, now! I've been watching/listening to you and your philosophy for about a decade now, since you were first interviewed by Kerry Cassidy...and knew back then that you were on to something BIG...And now, here you are, with a worldwide audience, which you so richly deserve! No one could doubt your ferocious sincerity, dedication and intelligence, and your fearless devotion to a cause. To be the harbinger of such a NEW IDEA, and to bring it into the awareness of thousands and then millions of people, at the end of a Great Age, is truly a daunting task, but you are stepping up to the plate, and putting out a "blockbuster" of your own...and doing so in such a kind, compassionate, and loving way, that it can be heard by everyone. My admiration for you is boundless, and I send you my most enthusiastic blessings of energy, and strength...keep it up! Much love and appreciation...Lia
P.S. Going to buy your Ubuntu book now...and read and share it with others...hope everyone who sees this talk will do the same...

Linda S, posted on March 21, 2016

You're so watchable Michael and although I have the book (not read it all yet) I just know I'm going to get the full message by watching you explain it in these episodes. Your style of delivery and your enthusiasm and joy for this new/old material is infectious. Great, and thanks again for an excellent series.

sita, posted on March 21, 2016

Thank you Michael for your clarity and your courage! You are beyond inspirational! One Love!

BRETTT1, posted on March 21, 2016

Exciting stuff, thankyou Michael.

louise.campbell62, posted on March 21, 2016

Very interesting ! I am looking forward with optimism to viewing this comprehensive series.
Bless you and thanks Michael

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