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Join Gaia’s Free Channeling Watch Party!

With special guests from our groundbreaking new series.

January 17, 2023, 4:00 PM MST



Discover How Channelers Connect With Higher Consciousness


Join us to watch the first episode of Gaia’s new original series, Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond, to demystify the timeless phenomenon of connecting with higher consciousness. 

You’ll get to meet the producer and a few of our experts from the series. Stay online with us after the screening of episode one, Demystifying Channeling, for a special roundtable and Q&A moderated by Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America. The roundtable will feature:

  • Jason Liggett, Producer, Channeling
  • Laura Alden Kamm, medical intuitive and author of Intuitive Wellness
  • Dr. Helané Wabheh, Director of Research, IONS and author of The Science of Channeling
  • Matías De Stefano, channeler and host of Initiation

There are only 500 online seats available so be sure to register now!



January 17, 2023 @ 4PM MST


Watch episode one, “Demistifying Channeling” with us and then meet the Channeling experts in a special roundtable with the chance to ask your questions about this eye-opening series and the intriguing phenomenon of connecting with higher consciousness. 


  • Mitch Horowitz, Moderator
  • Guests: Jason Ligget (producer), Matías De Stefano (series guest and channeler), Laura Kamm (series guest and intuitive healer), Halené Wahbeh (series guest and author)
  • First episode streaming at 4:00pm MST
  • Round table and Q&A with guests at 4:40pm MST


Explore How to Channel Higher Consciousness


Watch Gaia Original series, Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond, to learn how you can connect with higher knowledge through the art and science of channeling, including

  • Cutting edge research on what channeling is and how it happens.
  • The science behind the phenomenon.
  • Are channelers, shamans, oracles, and medical intuitives accessing the same field of higher consciousness?
  • How do spirits get lost in realms beyond the veil?
  • Are channelers connecting with aspects of their higher selves?
  • Tools people use for connecting to higher consciousness.
  • How you can begin hearing these messages yourself, plus so much more!



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About Gaia


Gaia is an online streaming video service for seekers of truth, higher consciousness, and personal transformation. Our vision is to empower the evolution of consciousness and our mission is to create a transformational network that empowers a global conscious community.



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Live Guest Attendees


Cs3469 Marketing Channeling Lp Headshots Mitch Horowitz 2

Mitch Horowitz

Moderator & Author of Occult America

Mitch Horowitz is an award-winning writer, publisher, and experienced lecturer with a lifelong interest in man’s search for meaning. A historian of alternative spirituality and one of today’s most literate voices of esoterica, mysticism, and the occult, Horowitz illuminates outsider history, explains its relevance to contemporary life, and reveals the longstanding quest to bring empowerment and agency to the human condition. A former vice-president and editor-in-chief at Tarcher/Penguin in New York, Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, lecturer-in-residence at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. He is a PEN Award-Winning author of books, including Occult America; One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; The Miracle Club; and his latest, The Miracle Habits

Cs3469 Marketing Channeling Lp Headshots Helane Wahbeh 2

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

Director of Research at IONS & Author of The Science of Channeling

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, is the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University. She completed her undergraduate degree at University of California Berkeley in anthropology and pre-medicine, obtained her clinical doctorate at the National University of Natural Medicine. She earned her Master of Clinical Research from Oregon Health & Science University, where she has been on faculty in the department of neurology since 2006.

Cs3469 Marketing Channeling Lp Headshots Matias De Stefano 2

Matías De Stefano

Channeler & Host of Initiation

At the age of 21, Matías De Stefano began to transmit his particular vision of understanding reality, helping thousands of people to have a different perspective of our environment and ourselves. His philosophical worldview can be translated as “Heaven on Earth,” a concept that explains how we are creators of our own reality and provides us the tools to transcend it. Matías is a channel for higher consciousness, spiritual guide, reader of the Akashic Records, and host of the Gaia Original, Initiation. He is currently developing new materials to help us understand the world and our role within it.

Cs3469 Marketing Channeling Lp Headshots Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm

Medical Intuitive & Author of Intuitive Wellness

Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally respected teacher and author, with over 40 years of experience teaching structure, science, and practical applications of intuition, medical intuition and energy medicine. Twenty years ago, Kamm recovered from a near-death experience with the new ability to telepathically scan the structure of a person’s body and see inner disturbances in intricate detail. She also has the ability to see Kirlian fields, the electromagnetic energies that pulse around all organic matter. Kamm has since created educational programs to train others to use heightened intuition to prevent or reverse disease. 

Cs3469 Marketing Channeling Lp Headshots Jason Liggett

Jason Liggett


Jason Liggett is a screenwriter, director, and producer with a passion for spiritual cinema and the esoteric. Originally from Tennessee, Liggett made his way to Hollywood where he began a burgeoning career as a commercial and film actor in high-budget studio productions, before finding his love for the other side of the camera. After nearly two decades in L.A. as a writer, producer, and award-winning director, Liggett doubled down on his love for the mystical and metaphysical, and joined forces with Gaia. He has produced groundbreaking series, including Initiation, The Journey of Remembering, Open Minds, Missing Links, Ancient Civilizations, and Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond.