There’s More to You Than You Think

Travel down new pathways on your journey with Gaia, the world’s largest member-supported conscious media network where truth seekers, yogis, dreamers, and believers are united by a vision to evolve global consciousness. Discover over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles featuring yoga, meditation, spiritual growth and seeking truth videos to awaken and inspire. Topics on a full spectrum of inquiry are waiting for you, which ones inspire you most?



about gaia

you’re here for a reason

Your intuition tells you there’s more to our story, something you’re not finding in your current paradigm of mainstream media. You can feel it in your bones. We are all connected, we’re part of something greater, and there is something more meaningful in this life that’s not present in our daily routines.

Your intuition is right.

Gaia is here with some intriguing perspectives as the world’s largest conscious media network to empower the evolution of consciousness.

Our aim is to create a safe space for a tribe of evolutionary thinkers to expand and awaken to their truths because we believe a conscious community has the power to collectively create a better reality for all.

We promise to ignite the spark so you can carry the light.


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