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Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Expose 20 Years of Evidence

Gaia gives secret space program insiders a safe place to finally come forward about suppressed technology, hidden history, and secret government and military operations on Earth and beyond. Stream 19 seasons of Cosmic Disclosure, only on Gaia.

Watch Interviews About:

  • The Secret Space Program
  • Off-Planet Civilizations
  • Whistleblower Testimonies
  • Extraterrestrial Species
  • Suppressed Technology
  • E.T. Guidance of Human Ascension

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Cosmic Disclosure

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Ancient Civilizations

We’re Here To Ask, What If?

In our mission to serve as a catalyst for evolutionary thinking, Gaia offers over 8,000 ad-free films, documentaries, and original series that explore our human and cosmic stories. Join us on the journey.

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