Rewired with Dr Joe Dispenza

Uncover the Power of Your Mind to Transform Your Health & Life.

Free & Live November 16 – 27, 2023

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13 episodes. Accelerated growth. Unlimited learning.

Join Dr Joe Dispenza as he brings together years of research into the brain and human biology to present the latest findings on what is humanly possible for creating massive transformation in our lives.

You’ll get free access to all 13 episodes of Rewired.

In each episode you’ll learn secret formulas for rewiring your brain and building coherence with your being, so that you can move from thinking, to doing, to being.

Rewired will show you how to:

  • Change your body and your world by thought alone.
  • Break out of the loop of redundant thinking, and train the body and mind into coherence.
  • Overcome the negative consequences of chronic stress on body and being.
  • Unleash the formula for reprogramming your genetic destiny.
  • Build coherence so you can connect with the quantum unified field.
  • Become a creator of reality instead of being a victim to your life.
  • Tune into your own energy, create coherence, and send healing throughout the body.

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“It’s time to think beyond the limitations and conditions of your environment.”

Joe Dispenza

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“This series has been incredibly helpful in managing my condition of ALS. My future doesn’t seem so bleak now that I have hope that heart-brain coherence can result in a healing previously believed to be impossible.”

— Donna M.

“I love Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Rewired’ series. His work healed me of a very serious illness.”

— Maria E.

“Joe Dispenza is amazing and has changed my life.”

— Valued Gaia Member

“The first hook for me was Dr Joe’s Rewired. And I was off on a journey. Dr Joe’s formula has changed my life.”

— Valued Gaia Member

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Free & Live November 16 – 27, 2023

13 Episodes
Episode 1. Introduction to Your Brain

You have the capability of becoming supernatural, which means being able to improve your well-being and your world by rewiring your brain. Dr Joe Dispenza reveals the formula for reprogramming your brain and changing your life.

Episode 2. What Is Change?

How can we move past the pain of yesterday and into the joys of a new future? By breaking the habits of the old self and creating a new self. Dr Joe Dispenza explains how we can break out of the loop of redundant thinking, as the body can get stuck in the emotions of the past.

Episode 3. Demystifying Meditation

Dr Joe Dispenza offers a new scientific view of meditation as a means for transcending the body, environment and time, to reach the sweet spot of being in the present moment. We may not be fully aware of the things we think and feel every day. But they control everything we do and experience.

Episode 4. Survival vs. Creation

It is possible to overcome the negative consequences of chronic stress. Dr Joe Dispenza gives us deeper insights into what stress really is and how its long-term effects can take its toll on the body and being.

Episode 5. Changing Your Brainwaves

Dr Joe Dispenza unleashes the formula for creating a more coherent, integrated, and synchronized brainwave state so that you can affect your ability to reprogram your genetic destiny.

Episode 6. Reprogramming Your Genes

According to Dr Joe Dispenza, people have the supernatural ability to reprogram their genes at will. Dispenza introduces us to the science of Epigenetics, which has proven that emotional states affect gene expression.

Episode 7. Healing Power of Alignment

Your nervous system can be the greatest pharmacy of all, it just needs the right prompts. Much of what we have been conditioned to believe about health is that we need something external to return our bodies to a healthy state. Dr Joe Dispenza makes use of the placebo effect to show that the mind is the most important element in the health of the body.

Episode 8. Building Quantum Coherence

Dr Joe Dispenza introduces us to the quantum reality model, where our thoughts can directly affect matter. He cautions us that we cannot interact with this world with our senses. Rather we must let go of the analytical mind and move into a state of pure consciousness, where we can connect with the quantum unified field.

Episode 9. Creating with the Field

Achieve a coherent brain and coherent heart to move beyond your existence in a physical realm, as experienced by the senses. Dr Joe Dispenza reveals the secret to transcending spacetime and move into time-space. A realm that is one long present moment that can only be perceived with consciousness.

Episode 10. Pineal Gland & the Quantum Field

A single out of body experience or mystical moment will change your worldview, forever. Dr Joe Dispenza outlines the steps we can take to explore the transcendental world that exists beyond the senses, by tapping into the power of the pineal gland.

Episode 11. Transcendence & the Pineal

We have already learned about the different states of consciousness, brain wave states, and the role of the pineal. Now, Dr Joe Dispenza explains how the work we are doing to create coherence in the brain and heart translates into reaching moments of transcendence.

Episode 12. Shifting into Time-Space

Synchronizing the heart and brain will help you be better at managing your energy. Dr Joe Dispenza explains how we can change from a narrow focus, where our attention is on the material world, where we experience separation, to a divergent focus where we can create heart and brain coherence.

Episode 13. Blessing of the Energy Centers

Dr Joe Dispenza walks us through a meditation he calls, the Blessing of the Energy Centers. It is a way we can tune into our own energy by creating coherence in each of the chakras to improve well-being. He explains that these points in the body are much more than chakras.

“This information is so important, it should start being taught at the sixth grade level through high school! What I’ve learned from this unbelievable wealth of information, in just the past year, is literally changing me, which in turn is allowing me to change my life.”

— Boomer

“Enlightening, educational and uplifting content. The Rewired series is amazing!!!!”

— Valued Gaia Member

“Very informative, tons of content to learn from. I just love the Rewired series, it is my favorite.”

— Valued Gaia Member

“Rewired changed My Life. I’m so happy I invested in Gaia.”

— Valued Gaia Member

“Love Rewired. And all your material on Dr Joe Dispenza.”

— Valued Gaia Member

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About Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza is a New York Times bestselling author, researcher, and teacher. He gained his formal education as a biochemist with a focus on Neuroscience from Rutgers University before leaving Atlanta University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr Dispenza now focuses his research on the intersection of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics, and the impact on the human body.

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When you use feelings as a barometer for change, you’ll always talk yourself out of possibility.

Joe Dispenza

Hello and welcome to Gaia…

Welcome to Gaia’s free online screening of Rewired Season 1. This online event is a global experience delving into the mind, body, and depths of ourselves.

Gaia works to bring together today’s renowned thought leaders and teachers to create the world’s largest transformational streaming platform and library of conscious-expanding media.

We’re sharing this life-changing series free and online for a limited time to help you uncover the power of your mind to transform your health and life.

In this series, Dr Joe Dispenza brings together his years of research into the brain and human biology to present the latest findings on what is humanly possible for creating massive transformation in our lives.

When you reach the end of episode 13, you’ll have the tools to reprogram your genetic destiny, break out of the loop of redundant thinking and intentionally create a new future so that you can start living the life of your dreams.

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