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He provides insights to creation that expand our conscious everyday experiences.”
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We Are Here to Remember, to Recall, and to Put Together Again the Memories We Have Forgotten.

Matias De Stefano gathers together the pieces of the cosmic puzzle, filling in the gaps between sacred geometry, science, and spirituality. He lifts the veil to bring us a deeper understanding of reality and how we can learn to shape it.

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Coming Up On Initiation Season 3

In Season 3 of Initiation, Matias describes Atlantean technology, how people of this mysterious civilization became gods and goddesses on Earth, and the misused sacred knowledge that led to the destruction of the Atlantean Empire. He takes us on a journey to the origin of Egyptian and Greek deities and the powerful path of initiation that brought us to higher states of being.

Watch season 3 of this metamorphic series to learn more about:

  • Atlantean pyramids, obelisks, ankhs, and djeds, the powers they held, and the purpose for these advanced technologies
  • Atlantean ideals that inspired the lineage of gods in ancient Egypt
  • Story of Atlantean wise man Djehute, who became known as Thoth
  • Why Khem was one of the mother civilizations of the planet
  • Sacred sites along the Nile that mirror powerful energy systems within the human body, and the tests these temples presented for students on the Initiatic path
  • An Atlantean quest for supremacy that led to the destruction of this empire through abusing their own technology

On Previous Seasons:

  • Our true origins and what our ultimate goal is as divine beings
  • How information is stored and retrieved for evolving consciousness
  • Interdimensional travel and extraterrestrial influence on humanity
  • The purpose of space, time, and dimensions and how to access them
  • The power of Atlantean people and what they sought to achieve
  • Connecting the wisdom found through ancient mystery traditions and modern scientific exploration

Previous Seasons

About Matias De Stefano

Matias De Stefano shares his own crystal-clear memories from past lives to help us all remember where we come from and why we’re here.

Matias is waking people around the planet, reminding us of our co-creative role within the cosmos so that we can collectively break through to powerful new experiences and build a new world. Matias has a worldwide following and has organized major events for the awakening of consciousness.

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