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Enliven your body through the movement of yoga. Calm your mind with the stillness of meditation. Nourish your emotions with Ayurvedic practices that create ease and support in an integrated way.


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SAVES TIME & MONEY: stream content from a catalog of thousands of titles to support your whole wellbeing for less than the cost of a single studio drop-in.

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EXPANDS YOUR PRACTICE: visit our Morning Ritual page for yoga & meditation practices that help you maintain your rhythm & inspire you to keep going.

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FITS YOUR LIFE: use easy class filters to drop in quickly for five to 30 minutes of nourishing self-care anytime you need it.

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GETS YOU PRACTICING: easily create a customized playlist of practices to craft your own ritualized morning with energy, stillness, or Ayurvedic self-care.


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Lauren Lewis

Lauren’s teachings weave a fabric full of challenging flows, invitations to evolve with kindness, and an understanding that vulnerability is the path to connection. Her approachable and challenging teaching style invites practitioners to discern their unique edge and to move towards it with compassion. Lauren embraces the idea that the more we can show up and love ourselves, the more we can shape the world around us positively.

Morning Ritual On Gaia Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee

Taking his first yoga class in 1980, Rodney Yee is considered a pioneer of yoga in the USA. Rodney practices and teaches yoga to bring philosophy into action and to unveil the natural beauty of our spirits. Rodney has been curious about the mind and body for as long as he can remember.

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Tiffany Bush

A walking embodiment of gratitude, Tiffany’s classes are rooted in grace and strength. Expect to hear a “y’all” or two in Tiffany’s classes intertwined with heart-forward, passionate teachings based in love and creativity. Tiffany loves teaching to underserved populations, athletes, and those interested in redefining their health. She teaches flowing yoga asana (movement) and heartfelt meditation to remind practitioners of the core of yoga: oneness.

About Gaia

Gaia is an online streaming video service with 8,000+ titles for alternative health, personal transformation, seekers of truth, and higher consciousness. Our vision is to empower the evolution of consciousness, and our mission is to create a transformational network that empowers a global conscious community. 



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Gaia helps you achieve your highest potential at your convenience. Stream our unique programming on the screen of your choice. Currently available on the new Apple TV, Roku, IOS, Chromecast, and on the web.

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