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Are you looking for a paradigm shift in your life? Over the next few months, let us guide you through Path to Self, a highly curated selection of Gaia’s best films, practices, and original series that will help spark your transformation. We’ve compiled a powerful collection of content for integrating mind, body and spirit, to provide the catalyst for change you’re seeking in life. Join us, and learn from world-renowned luminaries, scientists, and authors who will share the tools you need to walk that path.


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When you create coherence in your mind, body, and spirit, life begins to show you more of its magic. Synchronicities increase, you feel better in your body, and you become more aware of a much larger reality than your five physical senses report.

Your transformational journey is personal. Yet, sometimes, it can be helpful to have a knowledgeable guide walking you step-by-step through the process of learning new practices that expand your mind, heal your body, and connect you with spirit.

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You have the ability to create the reality you desire. By tapping into your emotions and the programming of your subconscious mind, you can change the way you think, transcend old habits, and tap into your true potential. Our transformational experts will show you the science-based methods you need to achieve this. 


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Are you giving your body the loving attention it deserves? Our Path to Self curation provides simple, yet novel tips to elevate your health. These practices are accessible to anyone, no matter your body type — from cutting-edge research on the gut microbiome, to methods for achieving better sleep, this collection will give you the knowledge to boost your physical life force.


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Are you feeling disconnected from your higher self? Let us help you find a clearer channel to your inner being. Path to Self breaks down spiritual ideology from traditions around the world to help you discover the source that connects us all. Explore timeless, ancient wisdom with meditation practices and philosophies that can silence the endless chatter of the mind to access the truth within your heart.


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