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What if This Is Evidence of Humanoids Living Among Us?


Around 2016, a group of mummies were found near Nazca, Peru. These rare finds have sent the scientific community ablaze because of the anomalous characteristics of the ancient bodies — some with three fingers and elongated heads, some with advanced metal technology inside their chests. Investigative journalist Jaime Maussán recently showcased two of these bodies, presenting scientific test results (DNA, carbon dating, cat scan, and x-ray) that show the mummies are non-human. Doubters have attempted to discredit the evidence without physically analyzing the mummies themselves.

Is the mainstream calling the mummies a hoax because the discovery would require that people question established narratives and begin to believe the unbelievable?

We may never know the whole story behind these intriguing mummies. Still, we are now pondering the questions: Why were these bodies found in Nazca burial grounds similar to the ancient Peruvians in the area, and did these beings live alongside humanity’s ancestors in the distant past?

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About Jaime Maussán

Jaime Maussán is an acclaimed investigative journalist whose research over the last 50 years has focused on paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena. Based in Mexico, Maussán travels all over the world to interview famed UAP hunters and contactees. Jaime is the host of the popular show Tercer Milenio in Mexico. He is also the host of Gaia’s Unearthing Nazca, The Expedition, and Nuevo.

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