Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Backbends

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Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals: Backbends

Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman

The hardest part of doing backbends? Overcoming fear. Explore how to evenly engage each vertebrae along the spine to push up into an exhilarating backbend.

The Gaiam Yoga Fundamentals series features unmatched online yoga instruction from world-renowned instructors Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.


Introduction to Backbends Video
Episode 1 Introduction to Backbends
Introduction to Backbends (2008)
Episode 1
, 8 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Learn how to open the three key parts of the body necessary for backbends: your shoulders, spine and hip flexors.
Available worldwide
Sun Salutation Warm Up Video
Episode 2 Sun Salutation Warm Up
Sun Salutation Warm Up (2008)
Episode 2
, 5 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Warm up your entire body to prepare for backbends.
Available worldwide
Triangle Pose/Trikonasana Video
Episode 3 Triangle Pose/Trikonasana
Triangle Pose/Trikonasana (2008)
Episode 3
, 5 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Learn how to backbend while in standing poses.
Available worldwide
Cobra/Upward Facing Dog Video
Episode 4 Cobra/Upward Facing Dog
Cobra/Upward Facing Dog (2008)
Episode 4
, 6 minutes
Rodney Yee/Colleen Saidman
Begin to open the chest and lengthen the spine with two backbends performed on the floor: cobra/bhujangasana and upward facing dog/urdhva mukha svanasana.
Available worldwide

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vpaula, posted on March 7, 2015

Thanks to both of you for this series as I was having trouble getting into a full backbend so I did all of your lessons and lo and behold upward facing bow was mine :)

The use of the block and strap to open the shoulders and mid/upper back were the key for me. A little way to go still before it looks perfect but I'm very happy

sepeister, posted on January 24, 2015

Rodney and Colleen you two give excellent tutorials thanks so much

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